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  1. Hey. Have only just noticed your response here (didn't register as a notification). It's interesting how these experiences can happen. The term "glitch in the Matrix" comes to mind. It really does feel like as though we're all tuned into certain channels on a radio, and like how when the connection messes up and you can hear the sound of another station in the background. Mr. Icke used this to describe seeing ghosts and stuff, and how that might happen. I wonder if the same applies to our experiences. Perhaps for a few moments we tune into another radio station, if you get what I mean? Astral travel is an interesting way of looking at it. And yes, waking up on my feet is a little strange. In all my research, most people "wake" up in the same position they'd been in before the experience began, but I had physically moved and my posture was identical to how it was before the experience/dream ended.
  2. Just a quick side note here... Has anyone ever heard about John Titor? He appeared in 2000-01, and claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036. Here's his wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Titor I have been very interested in the Titor story for years now, ever since I first heard about it. It is often thought of as a hoax, but these days I'm not so sure. I do believe in alternate dimensions, and sometimes wonder if Titor's reality was just very different to our, yet also similar. We didn't get the Mad Cow disease pandemic, but even so, we are living through history here with COVID-19. Most of us on here know that COVID is one big scam (however you slice it), but maybe John never realised that and was just speaking the official narrative. I'm still not sure about Titor, but I do think it's very interesting to think about.
  3. Wow. Your experience is very similar to my own (described earlier in the thread). It seems to me like it could be a past life experience, or perhaps you "leaped" into another dimension, into another version of yourself. I don't know if the psychich is correct, but it is an odd coincidence that they mentioned that. I think that's really interesting. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Another supermarket that I go to regularly (begins with As and ends with Da) also has a stupid arrow system. Not quite one-way, but you must walk down aisles from a certain direction. Mask usage is still the same here. It hasn't gone up or down recently, but I fear it's only a matter of time before the use of masks is mandatory in all supermarkets.
  5. Oh it's a nightmare. Total nightmare. Ever since this began I've only ever gone shopping when it was around 1 hour before closing time, as the queue's are almost gone then. But what really gets me isn't the queue's (I could handle that), it's the behaviour of others. It's not just the masks, but the way in which people will literally throw themselves out of your way if you're walking towards them. Every so often I'll run into someone who quietly acknowledges the madness going on by happily getting closer than two metre's to me (and sometimes they throw in an eyeroll at the behaviour of others who are acting terrified out of their minds). But unfortunatley, those people are in the minority. The vast majority run around the supermarket as though they're playing Supermarket Sweep. Haha.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread, pal. Time travel is something I have always been interested in as well. I too have often thought about what it would be like to travel to another time period (mainly the past). "Goodnight Sweetheart" is the series with Nicholas Lyndhurst, isn't it? I've seen some of that and know of it, but I've never actually watched the series. I'd be very interested to hear about your experience. I am going to bed soon, but will definitely check back tomorrow... Before I shove off, though, I'll interject my own little time travel story. Now, I've been thinking about my experience a lot lately (perhaps because I wish to escape this current reality more now than I ever did before). Even before my spiritual and mental awakening, I always believed in my heart that what happened to me really did happen... Anyway, I don't want to keep anyone in suspense. Here goes. A few years ago now, I went to bed one night...and time travelled. Well, I say time travelled, but I don't think that's what really happened... I think I crossed dimensions. Now, I am reluctant to tell the tale in truth because it probably doesn’t live up to the brief description. In truth, what happened could very easily be seen as a dream. In fact, the moment I tell you this happened when I was asleep is probably enough for you all to start doubting already. But nevertheless, here goes... Three years ago, on a seemingly normal night, I went to bed and fell asleep rather quickly. This in itself is unusual for me as I’m a bit of an insomniac. But moving on... I awoke feeling very refreshed and went to check my phone to observe the time, but it wasn’t there. In fact, I quickly noticed I wasn’t in my room at all. I was in someone else’s room. Now, this is the bit that’s hard to convince you on...but at the time, this didn’t feel like a dream. I am no stranger to lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis, etc, but this was nothing like that. This felt 100% real. I remember feeling very afraid and quickly assumed I must have sleepwalked, but then realised that was practically impossible so started to think I’d been abducted for some insane reason. But then...I heard the sound of this woman's voice and the sound of a door slamming. I couldn’t make out what it was, but it seemed as though she was saying hello to a pet in the other room. And I know this part might seem soppy, but I felt instantly calmed on hearing her voice. In like a trance, I slowly sat up and then I noticed a mirror right next to the bed to my left. I looked into the mirror and saw someone who didn’t look like me. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the 90’s show “Quantum Leap”, but I honestly thought I’d leaped into another man’s body like Sam Beckett did in the show. But then when I looked closer, I realised it actually was me. I looked slightly older, my hair was darker and I had facial stubble, but it was still me. I could tell because of my eyes mostly. What I heard next confirmed it, because the woman then called my name and told me she was back from wherever it was she’d gone to. I looked towards the door, and suddenly got the feeling that something was wrong regarding my time zone. It felt as though I was in the future. There were lights around the door, and the cupboard opened itself automatically when I took a step towards it. And then the door opened by itself...and there she stood. On seeing her I felt this sudden pull. This need for her. It was an alien feeling to me. I’d never felt so drawn to a woman in all my life. She wasn’t really stunning looking, but she was very pretty and the way she looked at me (with slight bemusement mixed with tenderness) made me melt. Suddenly, everything made sense to me on some kind of strange, inner level. It was as though the other version of myself that I’d “leaped” into half came back, because I suddenly felt like I knew her. She continued to look puzzled, but I didn’t say anything. I just walked towards her and kissed her and she started to laugh. I began to trace my fingers up her back and she said “you know what that does to me” and giggled and then...well, skipping the gratuitous parts, we made love. And it just felt so real. So, so real. I know I’ve used the word before but it’s true. It was real. When the lovemaking ceased, I got up and just looked at myself in the mirror and she just laid on her back asking what had suddenly got into me. I remember asking her the time, not really knowing what to say to her without freaking her out. She said it was six thirty. I rested my head against the wall and closed my eyes...and then suddenly I felt this jolt. I opened my eyes and I was back in my own hallway, my head resting against the wall at the top of the staircase. For a while I did go through a period of denial about it, but now, with my whole world being turned upside down in the last few months... I now believe in my heart that it was real. And logic would have a hard time trying to explain otherwise to me when I really allow myself to think about it. Because trust me, I’m a master of sleep and know a lot about it, and such lucid dreams like that can only really happen in the REM stage of sleep, which is where the body is paralysed (and that’s how sleep paralysis happens), yet I had supposedly being sleepwalking. The two don’t add up. I’ve never really been a romantic. I have been in love and I do date people (I'm seeing a woman at the moment), but deep down I’m a loner who enjoys casual relationships... But the way I felt that day, and a few days that followed was like I was heartbroken. I think that's why the denial kicked in, because it was a way of dealing with the pain of knowing I’d never see her again. Right now, in this moment...I honestly do believe I crossed over to another dimension. And yes, on the bad days. On days like these, stressful times for everyone, I do find myself hoping when I close my eyes at night that I’ll wake up in her embrace. Who knows, maybe one day I will... Perchance to dream, eh?
  7. The second lockdown is coming, I'm pretty sure of that. I don't think they'd dare roll out a vaccine just yet. They'll bring in a tougher lockdown and keep us there for good, with no wriggle room at all, until eventually the majority of the population will be begging for the vaccine. That's how I've always thought this would play out. The timing is hard to call. Personally, I think September is too close for the next lockdown and "spike" in cases to occur. I think they'll place it in October and say that because the weather is getting colder, the virus is thriving again and combined with entering flu season, they'll have no choice but to lock us all down again. But yeah, September is a tad too soon, I think. I mean, it's possible, but I think it will be the mid/end of October before we enter lockdown again. We may see some slight signs in September. As I said though, it's hard to call at this point.
  8. I'm really worried about the things I'm hearing regarding far right groups and far left groups heading to London tomorrow. I don't support far right or far left (in many ways, I don't support any form of political movement as I feel they're all manipulated). David is right 100% in what he says. The two sides are being played off against each other. I only hope what you say is true and the BLM protests are muted and that Antifa (Soros' lot) stay away, or we could see some terrible scenes tomorrow and Sunday.
  9. That sounds really cool. I'm glad your mother is clued in as to what's happening. My mother is as well to a certain degree. We also didn't care about Colston's statue getting thrown into the water. But there's a line that shouldn't be crossed, and getting rid of Churchill and Nelson's statues is a step WAY too far. I know that Chamberlain (I think that was the PM at the time) wanted to do a deal with Germany and Churchill disagreed of course when he got in power. Without a doubt, Winston was a fantastic war time PM. My thoughts on him mostly are influenced by my grandmother and her father (my great grandfather who I never knew). We come from a working class background, and my great granddad appreciated Churchill's leadership in the war, but outside of war he said that he never could have voted for him because Churchill was just too disconnected from working class voters, and I think that's why Churchill's second term as Prime Minister isn't as fondly remembered.
  10. In a sense, this is exactly the same as my experience. I didn't have an NDE, but I did come close to death (suicide), and that's when I had my first awakening, my spiritual awakening, really. I didn't know much about David's work at all. I knew of him, but like you, just heard a few things about him and just dismissed him based on that. But when this whole madness struck the world at the beginning of the year, I found myself remembering his name and being drawn to his work. It was as though a voice was telling me to seek out David Icke, and so I did. And when I actually listened to the man, I realised that the things he were saying were things that I had actually long suspected. I knew the world wasn't as straightforward as many people believe it to be, I always knew that powers existed beyond what the average person knows about. David just spoke to my soul and, in doing so, completed my awakening. But yeah, walking around in a sea of blind people is a perfect way of putting it. But I don't want to judge them too harshly, or give up hope altogether, because it wasn't so long ago that I was one of those blind people myself.
  11. I know. What you say is true... But to me, running isn't an option. I've said this before, so apologies if I sound like a broken record, but...there's nowhere to run in my mind. The world is too small now and if we all leave (some of the only free thinkers left in the world), the rest would just completely go along with it, and then they'd come for us as well. I still believe our only hope is fighting within. If things get really bad, and all seems lost, then maybe that's the time to try and go off grid, when there's literally nothing left to lose. But I still think we have time to influence others. It's hard, but a lot of my time is spent speakiing with people on the internet who are 50/50 about things. They're not sure of what's going on, they just feel as though they're being conned. I speak with them and try and nudge them in the right direction, and point most of them in David Icke's direction. It is tough, I know that, but we have to keep fighting in my opinion. It's too soon to give up and run.
  12. They didn't. I have MANY black friends on Twitter, as well as some who I know personally (including my black girlfriend). Only one of them was happy about it (and only because of recent manipulations getting to him), all the rest were pretty upset by it. The majority of black people know that Little Britain mocked everyone! I never personally found the show funny, but I don't believe it was racist at all. It's all smoke and mirrors and all to further the agenda, the narrative that's been pushed down our throats. And I don't think it's really about destroying our culture (I mean, yes, that is a part of it, but only a small part), it's mostly about fueling the division. They want white people to feel afraid and threatened. They want us to get angry and blame all black people. Even my grandmother fell for it the other day, remarking that "they were going too far now and she wanted them to leave if they weren't happy". And that's what it's all about. It's all about feeding the divisions on both sides. It's exhausting and upsetting when you can see the truth when so few can. I am just fighting tooth and nail to try and wake other people up, and keep those people who are close to me in the loop of what's really happening. Even if I don't succeed all the time, at least I'm getting the truth out there and planting the seed of truth within their minds.
  13. Yep, completely agree on Boris. He is scared, I can see it in his eyes. And yes, for sure, the planned second wave will come in the Autumn/Fall months. I don't think they'll hit the brakes just yet. They'll give us some months of freedom, but only a pathetic version of it. I knew about the grapefruit testing positive, but was unaware that Belarus had resisted but you're right. Am just checking about it now and they even carried on playing football. It's sad to see just how many countries this cult/cabal has infected.
  14. I still do not believe that Johnson is deeply involved with any of this. I'm not saying he's not aware of it (especially the COVID scam), but I don't think he was ever involved before he became Prime Minister. I don't think the powers that be ever wanted Johnson to get in, just like they never wanted Brexit. For all his faults, I actually thought Boris was a strong man, and I actually think he would have cracked down harder on the ones who were rioting, but I think he's scared at the moment. He knows he has no power anymore and when he talks he literally seems to be reading from a script. When it comes to Churchill, I do think he was a tough man in character. I don't know that much about him, but I don't think he was a good man. He didn't care at all about those of low social status/the poor. Does that make him strong? I don't think so, not that part of his character. But no, I don't believe he would ever have allowed himself to be a pawn for anyone. I know this cult/cabal has existed for centuries now, but I don't know how long it has been present within British politics. Either way, I can't imagine Churchill ever allowing such scenes.
  15. It is and it isn't. I can empathise with them because I myself was only truly awakened when the plandemic hit. So much has changed for me in the last three months. But if I cast my mind back, I can remember that feeling of not understanding, of not truly getting it. I think this helps me when trying to wake others up, because I just imagine that I'm talking to myself pre-awakening. I say the kind of things that might have impacted old me. Ultimatley, though, deep down I always knew something was rotten in regards to the way this world works. I knew something wasn't right. I think if you're truly asleep it's no good. In that case, with those sort of people, I don't think there's much hope of waking them up. The person has to be, at the very least, open minded to the possibility of it. If they're too closed minded there's no hope for them.
  16. I imagine they did to a certain degree, yes, but I actually think it's worse for us now. In 38/39 it was clear who the enemy was, and everyone was aware of Hitler's evil and the evil of the Nazis in general. But now it's even harder because our enemy is not truly known to us. They're not a nation, they exist everywhere and have already taken over so much of this world. But ultimatley, what makes this even worse is that most people don't even realise that they're in a fight for freedom, the fight of their lives. They just think what's happening is a natural event and that the protests are about equality. So many don't see the sinister undertones, and those who do are literally shut down and "cancelled".
  17. Which word? Wrong or direction? I have suffered through addiction myself (to gambling). And yes it was an essential part of my journey. When I refer to the "wrong direction", I refer to evil. Instead of becoming better as time progresses, some people become worse. They become more cynical, more bitter, etc. They move further away from the Light. I'm sorry, but in my opinon Bill Gates does not care for humanity in his own way or otherwise. Perhaps he's been conned into thinking what he's doing is right for the sake of this planet, but I don't believe he cares for humanity at all. And no, he's certainly not working for God, he's working for the Devil if anything. Perhaps unknowingly, but that's another debate altogether. I haven't seen the Lucifer video. The video you linked to was about Thanos and Infinity War. Lucifer no longer exists, though. Lucifer hasn't existed for eons now. He is now Satan. Of course, this is merely my spiritual beliefs.
  18. I can't know the TRUTH, no. I only know part of it. I believe all of existence is a journey. I agree with Mr. Icke on this particularly. I believe that who I am now is merely just an experience. Just an experience in a much larger journey. However, I do believe that I am more plugged into the true nature of this world than most. I think the same thing can be said for almost everyone on this forum. I believe that, to a certain degree, we're all plugged into the truth on here (at least in regards to the true nature of this world). I can't imagine being stuck at today's standards (as you put it) for the rest of my life, no. I don't believe that anyone is. Progress always occurs. The trouble is, some people progress in the wrong direction. Either through bitterness or simple wickedness, some people do go backwards and towards the dark powers. I watched some of the video you linked to, and I did get some of it. I understand the connection the man in the video is making (Thanos, overpopulation, etc), however I do think you're wrong in thinking that Bill Gates believes that he's in the right. I know Bill is just a front of this cabal, but I believe he's a die hard supporter of it. I don't see any humanity whatsoever in his eyes... And on the question of God, I do believe He cares. I believe that He is the Light Incarnate. Of course people can disagree on this, but I personally won't be swayed into thinking otherwise. Does that suggest weakness on my part? A lack of being able to challange myself and my views? Of course not, no. That sort of talk is just a manipulation tactic in my view. I often challange myself, but in this regard I don't see my opinion ever changing, because to me it is a universal truth. It is often the way that change comes about at our lowest points. Some believe that's because the human mind will look for something, anything to keep existing, to make the pain bareable. So of course people will question whether or not the revelation/epiphany is true... But these are often dark forces. Knowingly or unknowingly, it makes no difference. Those very same people will often suggest that those who believe in "conspiracy theories" are often just using the conspiracy to reject the true nature of this world, that there is no rhyme or reason to anything. They will say that we believe that COVID-19 is a huge con just as a way of comforting ourselves... But again, that's what they want us to believe, and the majority. And why? Because it makes people less likely to listen to us. In truth, I know that COVID-19 is one huge scam. And I know the difference between seeking comfort in the arms of a conspiracy and in seeking the truth. In this case, it is the absolute truth. COVID-19 is a sham. I know that. Just as I know that I was saved for a reason, and that a Higher, purely benevolent Power out there is watching over all of us, whether we know it or not. EDIT: And for the record...no. I would rather know the true nature of the world (however dark it may be) than to remain ignorant.
  19. My first awakening is what I refer to as my "soul" awakening. My awakening in the mind only came about recently. But my awakening of the soul was perhaps even more important. My epiphany came when I was at my lowest point, and I believe that I was saved for a reason. I think that reason is largely because of the good I can do now. It may seem as though fighting back with fire (fire with fire, etc) is the way, but I still believe that reason is the better choice. You get more attention fighting with fire, but you can't truly awaken others that way. I have not been doing "nothing" since this whole thing started. I have been waking others up slowly but surely. I know you only have my word for it, but I know the truth, and many people (mostly on Reddit) are listening to what I have to say and are at least questioning things now. Good and evil have been battling for eons, since time began. That won't change. But it is my fundamental belief that the power of evil is inferior to the power of love (hence why evil usually corrupts). Evil itself can't create anything, it can only destory, corrupt and manipulate. That's all it can literally do. I don't believe that turning good people into evil people is an after effect at all. I think that's ulimatley the whole game plan, as I believe the battle for human souls is all that matters to evil incarnate. That's what it's all about. The enslaving of Mankind would just be a way of pushing more people towards evil. In my heart, I know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad and love and evil. To be gay is not a choice, and it is not evil. Not at all in my opinion. I don't think the Higher Power I believe in cares about that, as it is merely just an extension of love. Pedophilia is among the most evil crimes in existence, and has no loving element at all. It's just disgusting and wrong. To compare the two is not fair at all. So no, I know I don't have all the answers, but in terms of right and wrong, good and bad and love and evil, I believe I do have all the answers, for I believe I was gifted them all those years ago when I reached my lowest point. That was the moment when I realised I was living life wrong in living only for myself. And I know to fight with love and words is ultimatley always the answer, and the thing that prevents evil from ever being able to truly corrupt us.
  20. I often think (as others do), that some of the time they will do things on purpose to give people clues, as it were. It's similar to a serial killer who leaves behind hints as to their real identity. Perhaps as a way of taunting those who are already onto them (hubris plays a part here), but also as a way of spicing things up and keeping "the game" interesting. In this case, the overt mocking of Christianity (comparing Boris to Jesus) may also have appealed to them, but that's just my own personal thoughts on the matter.
  21. I know that in some cases we must fight back. But that isn't the same as doing evil. I don't think acting in self defence and killing someone to defend your family, for instance, is evil. Not at all. That's why some wars are just in my mind and some are not. But that isn't the same as allowing yourself to become filled with hatred and trying to strike out in pure violence (killing those you oppose and those who oppose you, or the killing of any inoccent no matter the circumstances (even if killing said individual would bring about great change, as that individual is being weaponsied by the cult), etc). All it takes for the triumph of evil is for a good man to do nothing. But what is nothing? Just that. Nothing. But rather than strike out in violence, I believe in fighting back with words, reason and using and utilising the force of love to my advantage. That's why my whole gameplan relies on waking other people up to what's happening. The ironic thing is, we are heading close towards a future where we (free thinking individuals) will become oppressed by those who supposedly stand against such oppression. We will be the minority big time, and we will be pushed to the brink. The question then becomes, how do you fight back? For those who are fans of the X-Men series (like I am), it's a case of choosing between Xavier's way of fighting back (similar to Martin Luther King Jr) or Magneto's (Malcolm X). I personally prefer the Xavier/MLK/Ghandi/Jesus Christ kind of fighting back. Completely peaceful. The dark forces that truly, truly run this world (yes, they even control the 1% in my opinion) love nothing more than transforming good people into evil people. And very often, all it takes is a nudge before you find yourself consumed by evil, and that's why I believe that in almost all cases, violence is never the answer.
  22. We have, collectively speaking, been puppets for many, MANY years now. This is all about the powers that be figuring out just how many of us are puppets in waiting, and what percentage of us remains free thinking. That's what this is all about. With every new wave of lies and manipulations, more puppets emerge. We just have to hope and pray that a significant percentage of humanity remains awake to the manipulations (even if its on an unconscious level, that's still fine). They need around 90% to outright win this "game" (in this case, the other 10% could be brought to heel by force), and I don't think they have enough numbers yet and I doubt they ever will.
  23. You can't prevent evil by doing evil. You can't overthrow evil by doing evil. That just leads to inner corruption and loss of true self. I don't have all the answers, no, but violence (especially in this case) is not the answer. The only defence we have is to align ourselves with the force of love and hang on to the fact that, when push comes to shove, it is still vastly superior to the force of evil. And the 1% know that. That's why they have to weaponise good people to further their own evil, demonic agenda. I think we're heading towards some dark, horrible, scary times. The worst is still yet to come for sure. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But I don't believe the ending of this story is a bad one. Even if it's bad for us, and our children, and our childrens children, I KNOW that the ending isn't a bad one. You see, the force of Good/Love isn't sitting this one out guys, It's just playing it subtle for now. ?
  24. This is just the beginning, I'm afraid to say. This morning, I understand that Gone with the Wind was removed from HBO altogether because it was deemed to be racist. Within the next few weeks/months, we will see the loss of MANY old shows and movies that are deemed to be inappropriate in today's world. The destruction of the past has always been a key part of the plan, as well as programmed behaviour. You see, it seems to me that, in the real world as well as in the world of movies, etc, it is no longer about trying to avoid saying the wrong thing, it's about actually saying and doing the right things. What I mean is, until you said something wrong or racist, etc, no one would come after you. But now that isn't enough. Now you need to actively behave the way "they" want you to in order to be allowed to go about your business. Nintendo are a prime example. They tried to stay silent and say nothing about BLM, but were being killed because of it, so were eventually forced to back down and say the "right" things. Things are going so very fast now. I have the feeling that the next few months will bring about many changes. I still stand by the fact that all is not lost. The powers that be are still using and weaponising good people towards their cause because, as in all cases, the force of evil needs to lean upon the force of good to press its advantage. On its own, evil still has little to no power.
  25. I don't think Boris was in on it at the beginning, and I do not believe (for all his faults) that he is in favour of what's happening at all. I think he's been scared into it. Of course this is just a feeling that I have.
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