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  1. EDIT: Just realised that I probably should have posted this in the religion section of this forum. If it's more fitting for it to be there please feel free to move this mods. Thank you. Today here in Great Britain a particular news story is circulating around the internet. It involves a school in Leeds (incidentally where I'm from) and a drawing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. You see, in Islam to show ANY kind of picture of Muhammad is an act of blasphemy. The teacher responsible for this has apologised, but it probably won't be enough. The Muslim community are calling for his resignation or firing. If neither happens, who knows, maybe he will be killed by a radical Muslim (I recall something similar happened in France last year and the teacher was beheaded)... In my opinion this is far from a random, disconnected event. Perhaps initially it was, but now its snowballing into a proper news story I have to ask that one question we should all ask... "Why?" In my time on this forum I have come across many different people of different faiths (or lack of faith). I myself am a lapsed Catholic but I do 100% believe in Jesus Christ and His message. However, I have complete respect for all faiths, and while I do acknowledge a problem within the Muslim community that can lead to radicalisation, I am personally friends with quite a few people of Islamic faith, so I am in no way shape or form an Islamaphobe. I merely recognise the problem within Islam that is definitely there... However, I believe this is being used (along with various other forms of manipulation) to drive an atheistic message. Like the war on our freedoms with the plandemic, and the war against our minds with the rise of AI, this war is probably the most important of them all, as it is a battle for our very souls. I understand how sensitive the topic of faith is, so let me just say here and now, in my personal belief system I don't think belief in God matters that much when it comes to eternal life. In my opinion, when Christ told us that only through Him could we reach the Father, He was meaning to behave like He did and to love unconditionally. Religion plays a strong part in keeping us grounded, humble and provides guidance and comfort to those in need. The rise of atheism to such a degree whereas religion itself is outlawed (which I believe will one day happen) is the work of Satan in my mind. Just like all the rest of the worlds ills, from the NWO to The Great Reset to Build Back Better, it's all connected. I feel I've said enough here. I'd be interested to hear some other people's thoughts on this. Do you believe that the war against religion is real? I believe the goal is to slowly wipe out Christianity and then finally get rid of Islam and all other religions as well, as they will be seen as being justified in doing so (because in the end, the only factions of Islam that will be left are the most radical ones). We can already see today how the Chinese government treats Muslims, and we all know that our governments are slowly adopting a China model now, so it's only a matter of time, in my opinion (probably within the next 50/100 years this will really start to bite). EDIT: For the record, I do believe in the end all this darkness will pass. Religion will never, ever be completely destroyed, but it will be driven into dangerously low numbers (we're talking Book of Eli type stuff here, where there is literally only one copy of the Bible in English left).
  2. Well said. I lost my job to the plandemic (amusement arcade went bust) and now am on Universal Credit. But yes, everyone is suffering and there are no real winners. And yes, I definitely try and become more enlightened. I do believe I'm slowly getting there and realises that, ultimatlely, what happens on Earth isn't the be an end all.
  3. Thank you. Yours is a brilliant post as well and it's so true, the woke brigade have infected every part of our society now. They've taken over from within. The saddest part of all is that, as you say, the seeds were planted in the education systems and that's largely why so many of the 20/30 year olds these days have woke views. I'm lucky in the fact I was home educated by my mother and never went to school. I don't have many close friends (as I said, archetype loner), but the ones I do have are older than me for this reason. I have little in common with people my own age. Hell, my favourite TV shows are from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Haha. They will eventually come for everyone, yes, but for now they are attacking the white, straight, male. And it's sad because they're literally trying to turn people into racists. They're stoking up flames in the black communities and the white communities. If I couldn't see through almost every manipulation I probably would have fell by now. This last year has really rocked the world and I just thank God the plandemic and David helped to open my eyes. The saddest thing of all for me is again it's the subversion of goodness. The woke mob on Twitter seem really hate-filled, but in their mind they're doing it for good. They truly believe that. That's how evil wins, by manipulating goodness and turning it into evil without the individual realising. Evil doesn't have the power to create anything. It can only subvert goodness. As for women, well, again, I'm a bit of a loner. I will say this, though. The only woman I ever loved was a black woman. We dated for only a year but it was such an intense relationship that ultimately fell apart because of her controlling behaviour and my addictions (to gambling and partially to alcohol). But I did love her and she is a good person deep down... But the saddest thing of all is, if I met her today, the relationship would probably never happen. I would probably still behave the same. My behaviour towards people will not change because of the woke mob. But I have to make a conscious effort to fight it. On an unconscious level perhaps I would have steered clear from her, in fear of perhaps it coming across as though I was "fetishising" her as a black woman, or in fear of saying something even the slightest, tiniest bit racist. She would probably have similar thoughts towards me as a white man and that would be that. That beautiful relationship would never have happened. All because of psychological manipulation on the part of "them"... Above all else, that angers me. That it now has the power to even reach the inner workings of our minds. That I won't allow and that's why I make a conscious effort to resist. But the rest of the population who have no idea what's going on are helpless and are at the mercy of the woke agenda. It's just so tragic when you think about it. EDIT: Just seen your edit now. I'm guessing the woke loon had more upvotes, didn't she? Whole world is out of shape. It just feels sick. I look at the TV and just feel it in my gut that there's something seriously wrong with the powers that be in this world. I am astonished that more people can't see it. On the plus side, I do think the Covid situation did open quite a few people's eyes (including mine). Just nowhere near enough.
  4. Okay these thoughts have been building in my mind for the past few days. It really does seem that we can't truly get even a slice of "normality", doesn't it? Here in the UK things look to be heading towards opening up again and it's about time. We have, essentially, been in lockdown for 6 months now so it's high time it ends. I'm sure restrictions will be back in October/November, but for now they're going to give us a bit of breathing room and maybe even an International holiday or two so long as we're good boys and gals and take their vaccines (I think we're all of a similar mind regarding this one)... Anyway, this post is truly in response to the Harry and Meghan interview, Piers Morgan leaving GMB and now Sarah Everard's murder... All of these are connected and speak to a larger problem. Allow me to explain my thoughts. First of all, let me just tell you that part of my feelings been so strong about this stem from the fact that this time last year I was still asleep to the true nature of this world. The plandemic changed everything for me. I always knew that the woke agenda was a nuisance, but that's all I thought it was... But now it has the power to truly change the world. In the wake of this year we've seen the BLM agenda (which has nothing to do with race and the little it does have to do with race is merely to stoke racial divisions) rise, the end of right wing politics in America (Trump's strange defeat) because of it (along with Covid), cancel culture running rampant (from Disney/Star Wars actors like Gina Carano to people in the media like Piers Morgan) and now the demonisation of anyone who dares to disagree with them. I'm so shocked and worried about the future in Britain in particular because of what's happened here recently. For those not in the know, Piers Morgan dared to suggest that Meghan Markle was lying in her interview to Oprah. Personally, I don't dislike Meghan a great deal. I do believe she's lying and perhaps suffers from NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), but I certainly have no love for the Royal Family (who are completely behind The Great Reset), so I don't care about the interview. What bothers me is the reaction Piers got for speaking his mind. He got over 40,000 Ofcom complaints. So what? Who cares? ITV normally love it when he gets these headlines. But not this time. Meghan herself complained to get him removed, and now he's gone. GMB has turned fully woke because of this and it worries me. I don't care about Piers. He is a bully and was completely supportive of lockdowns while exhibiting hypocrtical behaviour himself (he jetted off to Antigua for Christmas while telling the rest of us to stay away from our own families). But for him to get fired over this signals to me that freedom of speech is dying... Even more worringly, even celebs who speak out in support of Piers are being lambasted. People who actually know him like Gary Lineker and Sharon Osbourne are speaking up in defence of him and are nearly getting cancelled for it (I'm sure Sharon will be gone from her show in America within days). Now even the murder of young women is being used to push agendas. The murder of poor Sarah Everard is being used to make men feel guilty of crimes which they haven't committed. But if you say as much online, if you say that not all men are rapists or support them you will be called a woman-hater for it. And if you criticise any person of colour you're a racist. In the past (even just a few years ago), these views were just ordinary opinions on the internet held by nobodies. But now they have the ability to move mountains and shape this world. The woke mob is growing out of control with its power. Ultimately, this is just a small cog in the machine which is inching us ever closer towards a true, horrific dystopian society. And as a 26 year old man I do worry for my future. I feel like I'm a man out of time. A man trapped in a world that doesn't make sense to him... I guess I see everything now that's coming in the distance and I only have so many options. Allow me to paint a picture for you. Imagine you're in a nice house, surrounded by a nice garden. This is your safe zone. This is your current personal world. But it cannot remain your home forever. You will be forced to move each year to another house that has another garden, and each house is further away from the one you're in now... You look out of the window and see in the distance a small fire (this is how I used to see it). This fire cannot be put out easily. It's the fire of change, the fire of evil, and it's being created deliberetly by an arsonist... But it can't hurt you. Not now, and you'd be very unlucky indeed to move next to that fire... But then one day you look and see that the fire isn't just spreading, it's absolutelly spread everywhere. That little problem is now a blazing inferno, and it's burning everything in the distance and is even moving towards you. The fire is only just touching your garden at the moment, it's only affecting your current world slightly. However, you know in the future you will have to move further forward towards the flames, and the flames will come closer to you as well... You suddenly realise that at some point it will consume you, and destroy the beauty of your many gardens and homes... You only have 3 options. 1. Try and do your bit to put the massive fire out. It will take a massive collective effort and currently seems hopeless. One man can't really make a difference. He can, however, encourage others to act. Maybe if enough people stand up the fire can be fought back, but it is a longshot. We're talking hail mary time. 2. Try and adapt and plan ahead. Get yourself a fireproof suit and cover your houses in non combustable cladding and hope for the best. You will tough it out with a thick skin and will resist the flames as best as you can. Perhaps even plot your course carefully as well, by choosing future houses as far away from the flames as possible. 3. Cross your fingers and toes and hope for the best. Trust in luck, in God and everything else that right will win in the end. In the meantime, just fly by the seat of your pants and hope you don't get consumed by the out-of-control fire. I think my choice is definitely 2 with a sprinkling of 3 (faith in God). I am the archetype loner and can fly under the radar if I need to. But I am gonna need a fireproof suit. We all will. Because trust me, that fire is coming. And very soon it will take over every single aspect of our lives.
  5. I'm about to make a post on here about such sentiments and the "woke" mob in general. It seems that nothing is out of reach of this powerful, wicked force. It believes itself to be a force for good (that's how the Devil gets ordinary people to do his bidding after all), but in actuality it's a force for evil. It will twist anything, even a tragic event like a murder to its own advantage... But anyway, to actually answer your question and ease your fears, we won't have a curfew for this. Just a few marches and days of preaching online. First of all, yes, I'm 99% sure this murder was a random event and the cop is guilty. But it can be useful to "them" (cult/cabal) in order to push woke, anti-men sentiments. Why is this happening? To further batter the psyche of the average person who doesn't want to get involved in all this. I don't believe for a second there will be a 6pm curfew for men. Lol. That is just hyperbole. That's not even how "they" work. They never go too far or else people would twig that something was really out of place. That's what made the pandemic very strange. That's what forced the cult to enter the room, as they had to push the plandemic and forced people to change behaviour overnight. For some reason (I don't know why), they felt they had to make that bold move which has, sadly, for the most part paid off for them... But on the whole they don't work like that. In a big sense nothing will change. This time in two weeks I don't think people will be talking about poor Sarah. So to answer your question, this is being done to make the average man out there who is not a wannabe rapist (men like myself) feel more uncomfortable and awkward around women. It's to make us second guess our behaviour and so we will go above and beyond not to offend women. It's not the fault of women at all, of course, and they are more vulnerable to rape attacks and sexual assault attacks. But the things going on on Twitter now, for instance, just basically saying all men are guilty and all men on a certain level have assaulted a woman in some way, that's been done to attack men. The women who disagree are called out too. This whole thing is still in its psychological war phase and will be for a few more years yet, I think, before we reach the endgame (that year 2030 seems to be the next big goal for the cult).
  6. That interview really does seem to rocking the whole world, doesn't it? Again something feels out of place and I don't know what to make of it. I believe that the Royal Family have long been part of the plan to change the world as we know it. Hell, we literally heard Charles talking about The Great Reset, so they're clearly not the good guys. However, I am 100% convinced that Harry and Meghan are not the good guys either. As someone who has tangled with a narcissist before, trust me, Meghan is one. She is loving this and has Harry (who I believe to be the less guilty of the two) on a string... So where does that leave us? I get the feeling that this is meant to be just another step in the long road towards the end of the monarchy in Britain, as we inch closer and closer towards that unrecognisable world (a communist, A.I. controlled dystopia is how I see it). Meghan and Harry are pushing the woke, lefist agenda, but why? I must admit I am confused as I do believe that the Royal Family are a part of this global conspiracy, so why would they want to see the end of the monarchy (or at the very least, the trashing of it?). So yeah, that's all I've got. Both sides are equally bad, in my opinion, yet I also know that this entire thing is staged (especially so on Meghan's part as she was practically just acting yesterday). I would be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this one.
  7. I was "awakened" when the Covid hoax began. I didn't know if there was a novel coronavirus or not, but by the beginning of April, I think, I knew something was seriously wrong. With little but my own feelings to go on, I looked into David Icke thanks to his interview with London Real and a lot of what he said made sense. Not just about the pandemic, but about so many other things as well. Things I'd felt but could never put reason to. I still don't agree with everything David says, but without a doubt he helped to open my eyes to the forces that truly run this world. In terms of whether or not a demon visited Icke, no, no I don't believe that. I believe that may have happened before in the past (demonic entities pretending to be beings of wisdom and light), but with David I do believe it was an angelic encounter, not a demonic one. The self-fulfilling prophecy is a common trope, but I do not believe that we control anything outside of our own perspectives. We didn't will the NWO into existence, it's always been there in the shadows, David is just bringing a spotlight towards it.
  8. Oh, don't worry. I've got the whole story. I'm not saying I don't sympathise with you and the points you make, but at the end of the day I still believe those who are attacking Gareth are in the wrong. Some of the things that are been said just go way too far.
  9. Christ. What the hell is going on here? I must confess, I've only been reading bits and pieces, but are people seriously suggesting that we disconnect ourselves from Gareth and David (the Icke family altogether). Let me be clear. It's only because of David Icke that I'm a member of this forum. If the Icke's get pushed out, I'm also done. I have not been a member of this community for that long, but what I'm seeing being directed towards Gareth here is appalling. I can hardly believe my eyes. Are we seriously just going to let "them" win. Divide and rule, remember? Right now, when our freedoms are being stripped and assaulted is when we're choosing to fight amongst ourselves? You know what, if that's the way it's going to be I'm done here as well. To be perfectly honest, I see nothing wrong with this forum at all and have never understood why so many have been demanding a new one. Right now we're involved in the fight of our lives, and we shouldn't be squabbling about new forums and old content being restored. It's just petty.
  10. Very, very interested to see where they take this. Can they really risk another shady suicide? It could all be another psyop, of course. Will be keeping my eyes firmly fixed on this one.
  11. I completely respect that and even get that. I myself have had a few strange experiences that I know most people wouldn't believe. But I still think such communications would be rare to a certain degree at least, or else everyone would have those experiences. Of course, it could be that some people are more in tune with stuff like that. Not exactly psychic, but more open to stuff like that.
  12. This. This, this and THIS. In the past few weeks/month, I have seen many people around me fall for the con. Many white people who I know (some even family members) believe that a race war is brewing, and are now looking upon basically all black people as being a threat to their...well, existence, really. And that is total BS. The VAST majority of black people don't care about what's going on. It may not seem that way when you look at the TV, or glance at the news app, or social media, etc. And do you know why that is?... Because that's what they want you to see. And that's what they want you to think. A narrative is being created/crafted. White vs black. And those who will not "submit", those who will not "give ground", etc (on either side, really)...they are looked upon as being the enemy. On either side that goes against the narrative. Just take a look at the Twitter profile of Inaya Folarin Iman (former Brexit party candidate). Can't post a link to her Twitter (keep getting blocked). But just look her up. Some of the responses she's getting are vile. She's a black woman who can see through the BS, and so the woke brigade, the Soros brigade are ripping her to shreds. So many are being played for fools and they don't realise it. They want to create feelings of fear within the white community, they want them to run into the arms of Far-Right groups. It's all part of the plan.
  13. True, but that's up to debate as to if that's actually happening or if it's just the human mind at work. You see, if we suppose that people can communicate with loved ones at will (via dreams), questions would then be asked as to why some people don't have those experiences. Why not? Are only some allowed? I'm not saying it can't happen in rare circumstances, but I don't believe it happens regularly, and I ABSOLUTELY do not believe it could be controlled/contained by any man made invention.
  14. Sounds like a hoax/trick/mistake to me. First of all, my own personal beliefs tell me that once you cross over, there's no coming back. No real way of communicating at all. I do believe that every once in a while, a miracle can occur, and contact can be made (usually to save someone's life, etc), but for the most part, I don't believe contact would be allowed by the Highest Authority. If such a device could work, it probably would end up invoking those spirits that are neither here nor there, and could see demons being contacted, etc. I don't know. Whole thing sounds wrong. I don't know if anyone here has seen the movie White Noise with Michael Keaton, but that film is about a man trying to contact his dead wife with similar means and it ends badly for him. Lol. I know it's just a movie, but that's honestly how I believe things could play out if you start messing with things like that.
  15. It isn't the spiritual way, no, you're 100% right about that and about Christ. I myself am a lapsed Catholic (who still believes but doesn't go to Church much), and know in my heart that violence is never really the answer. The problem is...we are constrained by our bodies. We are constrained by our perception. You must remember that in the eyes of Jesus Christ, death means nothing. Nothing at all. Life and death don't matter when you know with absolute certainty that Paradise/Heaven exists. In resisting evil altogether, we do gain rewards in Heaven, in my opinion. But it isn't easy to live that way because it makes us appear weak (even to ourselves). In truth, to stand back and do absolutely nothing is all it takes for evil to triumph, and so a paradox is created within our minds. But I believe that there are many other ways of fighting back rather than resorting to violence. Of course, in defence of our families we would all fight, and I'm sure Christ would understand that. But His message was so important, because if we did all resort to anger quite quickly, we would be failing to walk the correct path. Of course, this is just my opinion on the matter.
  16. I really like this idea, by the way. I confess, I posted my first response before reading this idea of yours but I do really like it. Again, as I stated before, awakening others is the only real hope in my view, and I do believe that religion can play a HUGE part in that. Divisions are rife, and they're used to the cabals advantage. The only problem I can see with this idea is that it does largely rely on the individual religious leader. And also, for people like myself (who are religious but don't regularly attend a place of worship), I doubt my local priest would listen to me. Some random man walking in off the street talking about what is, in their mind at least, a conspiracy theory... I think this would only really work if the person reading this knows their local religious leader well in order to be able to convince them. I'm not saying I couldn't plant the seed of truth, I could. So maybe it's worth a shot. I just don't know if I'd be given the time of day.
  17. Ultimatley, there is only ever one way out... Awakening. Seeing through the bullshit. In a sense, we are already out of the mess by realising it. The problem is, as a collective whole, so many are still asleep. So then we have two choices. Only two choices, in my opinion. 1. Cut and run. Flee from society, reject it. Try and thrive with like-minded people and build a community away from the powers that be. This may sound drastic, but if I'm right about what's coming in the next few months/year, this may become a very real, attractive possibility. However, I do believe it has a fatal, devastating flaw... It doesn't grant true freedom. It only grants the illusion of freedom. Whenever they want to bring you to heel (by force if needed), they will. And they have the numbers to do so. 2. Awaken others. Since my most recent re-watch of The Matrix, I can't help but draw parallels between ourselves and those who form the resistance in that universe. I am like Neo at the moment (a recent person who has been awakened and has had his mind blown by the real truth about this world), but now it's my job to be more akin to Morpheus (one who awakens others). It is a much harder option than option number one, because so many people won't listen. However, I still believe that people are more open to listening these days because of the speed that everything has unfolded in recent months. I'm living proof of that. It pains me to admit it, but me last year would have dismissed you all as being half mad and David as being deluded. Yes, I always had a feeling deep down that there was more to this world and the way it's run, but I never would have believed that they had the ability to do so much in so little time (from a pandemic to inciting global riots). I was a sheep myself back then. It's only because they alerted my inner mind/my unconscious by rolling out this pandemic that the awakening process really kicked off. So if I could be fully awakened, others could too. Perhaps not everyone, but all those who at least have the capability to awaken. And I think that's actually a fairly significant portion of the population. So there you have it. The two options. I prefer option two, but I understand those who prefer option one as it is very attractive... However, I still believe that our only, real hope lies in people seeing through the BS. They don't even have to see it all, they just have to realise that the virus isn't anything like as dangerous as it's supposed to be. The moment the majority are convinced that there's been an overreaction (with the lockdowns, social distancing, etc) is the moment the game changes.
  18. "Ignorance is bliss"... Yes, in many ways this is true... However, I would just like to give my thoughts on the matter. Whilst I completely understand what you mean regarding the pain that being "awake" brings (as I also feel depressed most days, when I can see through so many of the lies, manipulations, etc, when so few others can), I also believe that we're blessed in a strange sort of way. For those of you who may have seen The Matrix (1999 film), you will be already aware of what I'm about to talk about. But whether you've seen it or not doesn't really matter, as I'm sure that most of you will have heard of it either way. Anyway, I'll hurry up and get to my point. In the film...reality itself is a lie. The world around us a dreamworld, a mental projection. In reality, the real world is an apocalyptic nightmare, completely controlled and dominated by AI/machines. Neo (the main protagonist) is awakened to the true nature of the world (this is where the term red pill/blue pill comes from, the red pill being the one that opens your eyes), and it's up to him to save the day, as it were... And yes, while I have seen the film quite a few times, my most recent rewatch really resonated with me...because in a way, I feel like Neo did. Of course, his revelation was even larger, but my own awakening with this pandemic hoax is similar in some ways. The world is a lie in so many ways, and there is pain in knowing that. Now, in the movie, not everyone is as noble and heroic as Neo (he is The One, after all). The character Cypher is referred to as being a villain. And yes, his actions make him villainious, but in many ways I did sympathise with him. Upon awakening, Cypher's existence was horrible. He hated it and wanted it to end. He wanted nothing more than to go back to "sleep" and awaken within The Matrix, within the lie, and with no knowledge of the truth he had learned. He even literally says the words..."ignorance is bliss". He knows that and accepts that within his mind, and will do anything to become ignorant again... Unfortunatley, in a selfish haze, he goes WAY too far. He resorts to the ultimate betrayal, and kills some of his friends in order to free himself from the true nature of the world... While I do sympathise with Cypher (just as I sympathise with all of us on this forum, all of us who are awake to the true nature of the world)...I do still believe that we are blessed, whether we know it or not. You see, the ending of The Matrix defines how I feel about the world. You see, I believe that in one way or another, we are prisoners. If not to the system or the powers that be, then to ourselves. We fear so many things, so many things that actually have no power over us... And in the end, Neo realises that The Matrix no longer has any control over him. He realises that his own mind is so free to such an extent, not only could The Matrix no longer control him, he could control IT. And in a strange sort of way, we have the same chance. In knowing the truth, we can commit to waking others up and making this world a better place. Indeed, that's what Neo says he intends to do at the end of the film. I know that sequels were made, but for me, that should have been the end of it. The ending of that movie is just so perfect, and exemplifies just how powerful an individual can be. Is ignorance bliss? Yes, in many ways this is true... But in the end, I'd choose the red pill every time, for so many different reasons.
  19. I really don't know much about Muir, as I'd only be on this forum a week or so before the attack happened. But maybe it just became too much for him. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to...I don't know, deal with the madness of the world while knowing what's it's truly like out there. The week before the lockdown happened was like my Neo moment in the first Matrix film. My mind just kept getting blown by all this new information I was getting. It was as though all of a sudden I could see the true nature of the world, and it horrified me. If I'd been putting up with those feelings for years, I may well have grown tired of it and just want to escape/disconnect. Maybe the attack was the straw that broke the camel's back for Muir. Of course I'm just speculating. But if that is truly the case, I don't blame the guy at all. Sometimes I get the urge to just cut myself from everything/everyone.
  20. Well, I don't want to be overly critical as I know that keeping this forum protected from another attack is absolutely vital. But yes, at the same time, the blocked message is seriously annoying me now. I have lost so many posts due to it happening.
  21. I tried to edit my comment but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Keep getting blocked. Will send you a private message.
  22. Thanks for sharing the video. I've read about this guy before. I can really empathise with you in a way. I'm only 26 years old, but I love old TV shows and movies. I don't feel a need or even a pull to time travel, but I think I would like to experience it.
  23. Yep, just like Sliding Doors. I've never actually seen that film, but I know about it. I did watch an episode of Frasier once (I really like Frasier) that was based on it. It was a very clever episode. It showed two different outcomes for Frasier all based on whether or not he wore a sweater. Something as small as that can make a ripple. If this is the truth, and every action determines/creates an alternate universe, it would mean that there would be literally infinite realities out there... It really does start to boggle the mind when you think about it. I mentioned John Titor in a previous post. Titor was an alleged time traveler who gained fame in 2000/01. He claimed to be from the future and convinced many people. Even today (when his predictions didn't work out), some people still believe because Titor suggested that the events of his reality may not occur in our reality, as he claimed that there were many, MANY different realities (not infinite realities, though). These days I often lean towards this theory being true (although I'm 50/50 on whether or not Titor was legit).
  24. I think it's intresting how this has happened to you repeatedly. It could be various different experiences (past life experiences mixed with dimension hopping/time travelling). But I think they're all connected, and does suggest that you might have a predeliction for experiencing these kind of phenomena. Both of these experiences sound interesting, but I think the pre Roman invasion one sounds really beautiful. Just the way you described feeling, and I can believe that people back then used to experience a level of happiness, a kind of happiness that few of us could understand today. They lived simple lives, yes, but I imagine because of that they were more content. Our world is so disconnected from that way of living. That's why I can empathise with posters on here who desire to break away and create a new community, away from the madness of this world.
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