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  1. EDIT: Just realised that I probably should have posted this in the religion section of this forum. If it's more fitting for it to be there please feel free to move this mods. Thank you. Today here in Great Britain a particular news story is circulating around the internet. It involves a school in Leeds (incidentally where I'm from) and a drawing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. You see, in Islam to show ANY kind of picture of Muhammad is an act of blasphemy. The teacher responsible for this has apologised, but it probably won't be enough. The Muslim community are calling for h
  2. Well said. I lost my job to the plandemic (amusement arcade went bust) and now am on Universal Credit. But yes, everyone is suffering and there are no real winners. And yes, I definitely try and become more enlightened. I do believe I'm slowly getting there and realises that, ultimatlely, what happens on Earth isn't the be an end all.
  3. Thank you. Yours is a brilliant post as well and it's so true, the woke brigade have infected every part of our society now. They've taken over from within. The saddest part of all is that, as you say, the seeds were planted in the education systems and that's largely why so many of the 20/30 year olds these days have woke views. I'm lucky in the fact I was home educated by my mother and never went to school. I don't have many close friends (as I said, archetype loner), but the ones I do have are older than me for this reason. I have little in common with people my own age. Hell, my favourite
  4. Okay these thoughts have been building in my mind for the past few days. It really does seem that we can't truly get even a slice of "normality", doesn't it? Here in the UK things look to be heading towards opening up again and it's about time. We have, essentially, been in lockdown for 6 months now so it's high time it ends. I'm sure restrictions will be back in October/November, but for now they're going to give us a bit of breathing room and maybe even an International holiday or two so long as we're good boys and gals and take their vaccines (I think we're all of a similar mind regarding t
  5. I'm about to make a post on here about such sentiments and the "woke" mob in general. It seems that nothing is out of reach of this powerful, wicked force. It believes itself to be a force for good (that's how the Devil gets ordinary people to do his bidding after all), but in actuality it's a force for evil. It will twist anything, even a tragic event like a murder to its own advantage... But anyway, to actually answer your question and ease your fears, we won't have a curfew for this. Just a few marches and days of preaching online. First of all, yes, I'm 99% sure this murder was
  6. That interview really does seem to rocking the whole world, doesn't it? Again something feels out of place and I don't know what to make of it. I believe that the Royal Family have long been part of the plan to change the world as we know it. Hell, we literally heard Charles talking about The Great Reset, so they're clearly not the good guys. However, I am 100% convinced that Harry and Meghan are not the good guys either. As someone who has tangled with a narcissist before, trust me, Meghan is one. She is loving this and has Harry (who I believe to be the less guilty of the two) on a string...
  7. I was "awakened" when the Covid hoax began. I didn't know if there was a novel coronavirus or not, but by the beginning of April, I think, I knew something was seriously wrong. With little but my own feelings to go on, I looked into David Icke thanks to his interview with London Real and a lot of what he said made sense. Not just about the pandemic, but about so many other things as well. Things I'd felt but could never put reason to. I still don't agree with everything David says, but without a doubt he helped to open my eyes to the forces that truly run this world. In terms of wh
  8. Oh, don't worry. I've got the whole story. I'm not saying I don't sympathise with you and the points you make, but at the end of the day I still believe those who are attacking Gareth are in the wrong. Some of the things that are been said just go way too far.
  9. Christ. What the hell is going on here? I must confess, I've only been reading bits and pieces, but are people seriously suggesting that we disconnect ourselves from Gareth and David (the Icke family altogether). Let me be clear. It's only because of David Icke that I'm a member of this forum. If the Icke's get pushed out, I'm also done. I have not been a member of this community for that long, but what I'm seeing being directed towards Gareth here is appalling. I can hardly believe my eyes. Are we seriously just going to let "them" win. Divide and rule, remember? Right now, when o
  10. Very, very interested to see where they take this. Can they really risk another shady suicide? It could all be another psyop, of course. Will be keeping my eyes firmly fixed on this one.
  11. I completely respect that and even get that. I myself have had a few strange experiences that I know most people wouldn't believe. But I still think such communications would be rare to a certain degree at least, or else everyone would have those experiences. Of course, it could be that some people are more in tune with stuff like that. Not exactly psychic, but more open to stuff like that.
  12. This. This, this and THIS. In the past few weeks/month, I have seen many people around me fall for the con. Many white people who I know (some even family members) believe that a race war is brewing, and are now looking upon basically all black people as being a threat to their...well, existence, really. And that is total BS. The VAST majority of black people don't care about what's going on. It may not seem that way when you look at the TV, or glance at the news app, or social media, etc. And do you know why that is?... Because that's what they want you to see. And that's what the
  13. True, but that's up to debate as to if that's actually happening or if it's just the human mind at work. You see, if we suppose that people can communicate with loved ones at will (via dreams), questions would then be asked as to why some people don't have those experiences. Why not? Are only some allowed? I'm not saying it can't happen in rare circumstances, but I don't believe it happens regularly, and I ABSOLUTELY do not believe it could be controlled/contained by any man made invention.
  14. Sounds like a hoax/trick/mistake to me. First of all, my own personal beliefs tell me that once you cross over, there's no coming back. No real way of communicating at all. I do believe that every once in a while, a miracle can occur, and contact can be made (usually to save someone's life, etc), but for the most part, I don't believe contact would be allowed by the Highest Authority. If such a device could work, it probably would end up invoking those spirits that are neither here nor there, and could see demons being contacted, etc. I don't know. Whole thing sounds wr
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