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  1. I like to look for the hidden and real story behind what is happening, and currently find humanity lying on their bellies, almost like the cursed snake, fascinating. It is like humanity has all been put under arrest, or may be arrested development. This takes Game of Thrones concept of Bending the Knee a step farther. If memory serves correctly the UK was trying to do Take a Knee on your door step Wednesdays? Check out this gallery as you think about this: 'I can't breathe': Hundreds lie down in protest
  2. This issue is still happening today. I was just making a small edit to my profile and was blocked when I tried to save it. When I tried to post here, it did the same thing again. Here goes some screenshots and hope for the best not blocked again. Part of their rational is using certain trigger words or phrases. I think the name DI in and of itself is enough. I would love to participate more, but for now will continue to lurk and read. Keep up the Great Work One and All!
  3. Humanity is playing a hidden game they currently cannot win unless they wake up to the hidden occult forces playing them.  

    What often comes to mind when the word occult is used is evil, Satanism, supernatural events and beliefs, magical beliefs and practices, and other mystical phenomena.

    However, the simple definition of occult is hidden


    Read more at my Marooned One blog here:

    Occult: Hidden


  4. Thanks everyone for your input. It happened several times to me, wasnt sure if it was just me being a newb or more serious external censorship going on. If I see it again, will try to take a screen shot to show what is happening. I reiterate I never meant to imply the mods or this forum was doing it. I concur that hyperlinks and images are triggers. I have just been lurking again the last few days. Will try again soon to get more involved. This place resonates with me on many levels.
  5. See my other reply to you in this discussion. Sorry not good at this forum usage yet.
  6. "They" meaning the powers to be. Sorry, not you guys, I should have clarified better. I am new to this forum and do not do much with social media. I follow David Icke's work and have read many of his books, and had many of his youtube videos bookmarked until they booted him. I was able to post my topic a second time, but with much editing. It was about David mentioning the concept of a cytokine storm killing people not the virus in one of the early videos that got censored, I think it was with Brian Rose. He had also mentioned the five geee connection with the cytokine storm. Now the W E F says the same thing about the virus and cytokine storm which I posted in my next post. It was this topic that was block from the forum and cloudflare told me my IP was blocked by the David Icke forum and to contact an administrator. I knew it was bunk because I could access everything else. bahahaha. Sure Sure. Actually, if someone has access to David and his crew, they might be interested in this W E F article that just came out today on the topic: Cell death and cytokine storms: how your body's innate immune response is crucial to battling COVID-19
  7. One of the topics that may have gotten one of DI's early videos banned was c o v i d and five gee and cyto kine storm symptoms. New article dated today from W E F: Cell death and cytokine storms: how your body's innate immune response is crucial to battling COVID-19
  8. Anybody else having tech difficulties posting to the forum? Cloudflare is trying to block my IP and my participation in the forum. Editing here, since this did post. I guess they did not like my topic. Will try again later.
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