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  1. 1 hour ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Give the sleepy ones a copy of the "Book of Revelations". Tell them to read it. Tell them "You are sleeping through the Apocalypse, buddy!"

    ^This wins the internet today!  


    I tried that though, and was just told I was being paranoid, and one of the characters saying that was a Christian Preacher!   Not one friend of mine who claims to be some kind of Christian or biblical can see it.  And on another side note, the Catholic people do not seem to be aware that The Pope is not longer calling himself Vicar of Christ. 


  2. I try to be a lone wolf seeker of knowledge that is also a watcher for anyone who wants to know the way.  


    Having said that, if I have one pet peeve in leaving the sheep in their blissful ignorance is that we are all going to suffer for their compliance and in many times willful ignorance and choosing to take the blue pill.  

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  3. I think it is ironic that most of us are just modern day institutionalized slaves, to religious dogma, political systems, wage slavery, taxes to pay, forced to attend the education indoctrination system/camps, and yet, these same slaves are out protesting slavery and tearing down statues.  


    I mean, these are conversations we need to have.  Racism and abuse of other human beings is never ok.  And may be some statues could be put in museums to learn from history.  


    But right now, it is kind of like blind people protesting blindness.  Not going to change much at this point.  


    If we do not like a film playing on a screen, you do not destroy the screen.  You get to the causal factors of the film, you change it at the actual time of filming or in the editing room.  People are in pain, but are taking it out on the wrong sources such as each other.  Dont beat up another slave or gladiator, try to find the cause of the pain and fix it at that point.  

  4. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

    I keep getting blocked from making a thread.





    Me too by Cloudflare.  I have found keep it short like one or two sentences, and instead of D a ve's name, I use DI.  I hope other users do not mind, but sometimes post in 2-3 quotes instead of one long one.  Not trying to spam. Using a 3 letter globalist institutions names is a trigger so try to space out letters or put zeros in place of os.  It is annoying, and yet, I know DI and others are onto the real truth, so in some odd way, comforting.  

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  5. 20 hours ago, Jack said:

    This protesting could get very interesting.


    Started off with Rowling, stoking the flames.


    Could we see Trannies on the street next, for the next instalment.


    Will they join forces with BLM?

    Like DI, I dont care what gender or orientation one identifies with.  I do care about arguments and wars being incited between the various parties.  


    Global powers are promoting gender equality and gender neutrality.  I might say gender neutered as they have a depopulation agenda and do not want people reproducing.  


    So I might agree with what others are saying, if they do incite a gender war, or a war on certain sexual orientations, it will be simply to control both sides of the opposition and against each other.  Battle of the sexes.  


    World Economic Forum Platform





    A lot more could be said, but just do a google search for global organizations and their gender plans.  

  6. On 5/21/2020 at 5:15 AM, QuodHumana said:

    I listened to a spiritual person last night, and the person mentioned the reason why the Cabal always show us what they are doing and hiding things in plain sight, is because they want their plans to manifest. According to black magic (ritual) law, things must be put in the open for it to manifest.


    It makes sense.

    I agree with what you said up to and including society in mass rituals.  

    I would like to add the concept of Natural Law Karmic Consequences.  They know they cannot just come and take our rights away, that is theft.  However, if there is an offer and an acceptance, there is no theft or wrong doing.  So yes, we can find the bread crumbs in their literature going back decades, centuries, even millennia. 


    Sometimes it is literally hidden in plain site though and one has to be patient and read and study and dig it out like a gold mine operation.  Sometimes, based on research, I know they are up to something, but not 100% what until the plan manifests.  Then it clicks.  

  7. On 6/8/2020 at 4:02 AM, Kat Bottom said:

    Forget changing the system. The system, as is obvious to people on this forum, is specifically designed to be a tyranny. Making minor changes via activism is like trying to convert a house into a flying saucer; the house is designed for the precise opposite function! It was great, for example, when women got the vote through activism but the joke is that 'democracy' does not exist anyway! We can't keep doing things through minor changes like so.


    Let's not bite the hand that feeds. While we are dependant on the system; unable to live without supermarket food, transportation, internet and their sewerage system, we cannot do much to stop our inevitable fate.



    The Bigger point of people moving off grid, most of my friends and aquaintainces, and communities I observed for a while tried, and failed over the last 2 decades or so.  Only one has a successful corporate chicken farm, but that is franchised Monsanto level of cooperation, not his own.  


    I agree and might add that trying to change the system with the system, or changing the system from within is redundant.  


    I have to live in the system for now, but look at things as tools.  My job is a tool used to earn enough money to buy food.  I can still control what kind of food I buy and what kind of healthy habits I will engage in.  


    I personally cannot make a move off grid now, but I do see a small window of opportunity for those who can, but that window is closing fast.  


    With the Covid-19 drama, we have observed many police departments and communities around the world policing public and rural areas with drones.  May be unarmed for now, but time will tell how they will use that technology in the future.  


    UN Agenda 2030 and the concept of Regionalism 2050 means that they are doing what is called Wilderness Reclamation.  They are driving poor farmers off their lands and into cities and either corporate farms take over, or, they are letting these lands become wild lands.  This is happening globally.


    Many countries are involved in planting trees, there is a 1 Trillion Tree campaign UN and World eCON F0rum supported to plant hardwoods around the world.  Evergreen trees that may not provide much in nutritional benefits to humans.  


    Long story short, I love DI's saying of they have waked into the room and the door has clicked behind them.  Unfortunately, that door is already shut for many of us who do not have the health, money, or means to get off grid.  


    Good luck to you and hope it works out. 

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  8. Interested in following this thread as I am learning about "Green Language" or the Language of the Birds that Mystery School and Occult Initiates learn. Common examples might be the Islamic interpretation of Kings David and Solomon talking to the Birds, but was it really birds, or may be a language they and their advisors understood.  


    It goes along with Exoteric, the knowledge that common people are given like religious ritual, and Esoteric, the meanings that the Priest Class might understand, although in most cases even they do not understand, but what the real meanings behind religious teachings and rituals actually are. 




    This is a topic I want to learn more about along with symbolism, modern day hieroglyphics.  The Cult definitely knows this language and speaks it and will use it when writing books, in advertising, movies, and sending messages to the hypnotized masses on what action to take next.  


    Another person who is a great Natural Law teacher, and gets a little bit into symbolism is Mark Passio and his website is What on Earth is Happening .com  Follow his podcasts starting from 1 through the end.  It is more like a class on Natural Law than the usual radio/youtube rants people do.  Not saying he never rants and he does have a tough love approach, but the podcasts are sequential. 



    Edit Here, Mark Passio's Youtube, scroll down to end and watch the What On Earth is Happening Series to get started, but others are great too like Streetwise Spirituality and De-Mystifying the Occult:


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  9. These are concepts I struggle with almost every waking hour of the day.  


    Most of the Cult do follow the Occult Teachings of Natural Law, even if they do it by inverse.  So they know to avoid bad karma, there has to be an offer and an acceptance. In theory, they could offer to kill us, and if we accept, no bad karma.   


    So yes, for the last decades, even centuries, they have written books, released publications, and posted information on websites on what they are going to do.  They do accept our silences as acceptance. 


    That leads me to the idea of Controlled Opposition. Some may even call people like Alex Jones controlled opposition.  I do not know for sure, or what his sources of information are sometimes, but like DI, he has often been right.  If he is controlled opposition, they know they have to tell us.  Most people in the USA and many in Western Society have heard of Alex Jones, and many were responsible for his own censorship and platforming.  DI, although well known, may be a lesser known figure, but has gone through similar persecution. 


    I have researched some religious esoteric meanings on what the anti/ante christ will be, and one teaching is all was have to do is have a conversation or say the word No.  We may not have to have a war or come to physical violence with them.  


    Having said that, humanity has been to quiet for to long and to compliant, and while as DI is saying, they have walked into the room and the door has clicked behind them, so to are we stuck on the spider web they have built for us.  


    I know many of us have been 'awake" and researching for years, and even if we presented a mountain of evidence and proof, we were called conspiracy theorist in the insulting meaning of it, mentally ill, recommended to get our meds checked and so on.  It is frustrating that many of us who know are going to suffer the same consequences as those who refused to know and took the blue pill.  Forget about those who are asleep and never got the blue/red pill memo.  


    What i grapple with is if it is to late.  Most of humanity is walking around in a somnambulistic state under some kind of hypnosis and a sleep walking state, they will also do what they are told, taking commands from the media, attending protests and riots before thinking it through on what is happening.  Humanity is in essence the Walking Dead. 


    While humanity sleeps, they have created a Matrix around us of integrated machinery.  They have already picked what companies, NGOs, entities, and persons like Bill Gates they will support.  They own the computer systems, internet, and data centers.  We are pretty much at the point of getting Immunity Passports leading to  Real ID 2020 Global IDS, and coupled with 5G to 6G technology, we will not be able to work, buy, eat, or sell without it.  Again, I know the argument, whats wrong with it?  It might help with fraud and things like that, I say it is wrong because they are already weaponizing it.  Ask DI who recently lost his Paypal account. 


    In essence, I take DI quote further, THEY have walked into the room and the door has clicked shut behind all of us.  


    HOpefully I am just being to pessimistic, but I am hoping for the best, mentally ready for the worst.  


    Either way, my spirit is here for the adventure, and observing things in the world as an objective observer and a seeker of knowledge.  I am a Lone Wolf of sorts.  I am continuously doing research, warning people where I can, and just going with the flow of the rest of it.  


    To Get you started on the spider web idea, follow the World e CON omic F o rum and D a V0s:


    yes its my blog, nothing special, just a place to collect information I have been researching:

    World Economic Forum Globalist Spider Web

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  10. 1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Info in the next post.

    Thank you for sharing this, and yes, a gov insider told me that W  E  F and D  a v 0s activitiies should be closely monitored.  On the day the news broke, I wrote about it on my own private blog.  Nothing to write home about, but here goes:


    WEF: The Great Reset and Technocracy


    I have written other posts too about the W E F if you wish to scroll through.  


    Edit here to add another W E F take I did recently:

    World Economic Forum Globalist Spider Web

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  11. On 6/4/2020 at 4:47 AM, Student said:

    Having same loves is better than same race , Do you agree?

    if I understand correctly, then yes.   Any family, which by virtue of the spiritual advancement of its members becomes free from the action of sleep, is in truth converted into a divine family. The family nucleus should be solidly united, not by oneiric force or blood ties, but by an authentic spiritual communion.  LIke the Biblical Jesus and his disciples, if family  or those from your own race are destructive to your growth and work, then find those who are supportive.  


    I would recommend a case by case basis.  I will not abandon my own family or race for another, but keep an open mind that sometimes our real family is our spiritual family.  After all, as DI might imply, we are all part of a One Divine Consciousness.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, Rachel Underhill said:

    Clap = (on a Thursday

    Dance = ( nurses told to dance for camera

    Kneel = ( support black deaths


    Before all that wear a gag = to stop conversation = puppets don't speak.   We may as well be attatched to strings.



    What's next?

    I like to look for the hidden and real story behind what is happening, and currently find humanity lying on their bellies, almost like the cursed snake, fascinating.  It is like humanity has all been put under arrest, or may be arrested development.  This takes Game of Thrones concept of Bending the Knee a step farther.  If memory serves correctly the UK was trying to do Take a Knee on your door step Wednesdays?  


    Check out this gallery as you think about this:


    'I can't breathe': Hundreds lie down in protest

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  13. On 6/2/2020 at 5:08 PM, screamingeagle said:

    who didn't like it?

    This issue is still happening today.  I was just making a small edit to my profile and was blocked when I tried to save it. When I tried to post here, it did the same thing again.  Here goes some screenshots and hope for the best not blocked again.    Part of their rational is using certain trigger words or phrases.  I think the name DI in and of itself is enough.  I would love to participate more, but for now will continue to lurk and read.  Keep up the Great Work One and All!  




  14. Thanks everyone for your input. It happened several times to me, wasnt sure if it was just me being a newb or more serious external censorship going on. If I see it again, will try to take a screen shot to show what is happening. I reiterate I never meant to imply the mods or this forum was doing it.  I concur that hyperlinks and images are triggers.  I have just been lurking again the last few days.  Will try again soon to get more involved.  This place resonates with me on many levels.   

  15. "They"  meaning the powers to be.  Sorry, not you guys, I should have clarified better. 

    I am new to this forum and do not do much with social media. I follow David Icke's work and have read many of his books, and had many of his youtube videos bookmarked until they booted him.  


    I was able to post my topic a second time, but with much editing.  It was about David mentioning the concept of a cytokine storm killing people not the virus in one of the early videos that got censored, I think it was with Brian Rose.  He had also mentioned the five geee connection with the cytokine storm. 

    Now the W  E F says the same thing about the virus and cytokine storm which I posted in my next post.  

    It was this topic that was block from the forum and cloudflare told me my IP was blocked by the David Icke forum and to contact an administrator. I knew it was bunk because I could access everything else. bahahaha.  Sure Sure.  


    Actually, if someone has access to David and his crew, they might be interested in this W E F article that just came out today on the topic:


    Cell death and cytokine storms: how your body's innate immune response is crucial to battling COVID-19

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