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  1. While you are Social Distancing, the WHO is Social Listening


    The WHO Social Listening to Your Conversations

  2. We all may be familiar with one aspect of Natural Law, that is the law of gravity.  Gravity exists, and we are subject to its laws whether we believe in it or not. There are not only the scientific aspects of Natural Law that we can observe and measure with the Scientific Method, but there are other lesser known aspects of Natural Law too.  Exoteric, external teachings regarding aspects of Natural Law are taught via religion and other community outreach.  This includes following The Golden Rule and Do No Harm.  There are esoteric, or inside teachings, which are occulted and hidden from the masses of humanity.  This is a crash course on the occulted meanings.
  3. Humanity is playing a hidden game they currently cannot win unless they wake up to the hidden occult forces playing them.  

    What often comes to mind when the word occult is used is evil, Satanism, supernatural events and beliefs, magical beliefs and practices, and other mystical phenomena.

    However, the simple definition of occult is hidden


    Read more at my Marooned One blog here:

    Occult: Hidden


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