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  1. While you are Social Distancing, the WHO is Social Listening


    The WHO Social Listening to Your Conversations

  2. ^This wins the internet today! I tried that though, and was just told I was being paranoid, and one of the characters saying that was a Christian Preacher! Not one friend of mine who claims to be some kind of Christian or biblical can see it. And on another side note, the Catholic people do not seem to be aware that The Pope is not longer calling himself Vicar of Christ.
  3. I try to be a lone wolf seeker of knowledge that is also a watcher for anyone who wants to know the way. Having said that, if I have one pet peeve in leaving the sheep in their blissful ignorance is that we are all going to suffer for their compliance and in many times willful ignorance and choosing to take the blue pill.
  4. I think it is ironic that most of us are just modern day institutionalized slaves, to religious dogma, political systems, wage slavery, taxes to pay, forced to attend the education indoctrination system/camps, and yet, these same slaves are out protesting slavery and tearing down statues. I mean, these are conversations we need to have. Racism and abuse of other human beings is never ok. And may be some statues could be put in museums to learn from history. But right now, it is kind of like blind people protesting blindness. Not going to change much at this point. If we do not like a film playing on a screen, you do not destroy the screen. You get to the causal factors of the film, you change it at the actual time of filming or in the editing room. People are in pain, but are taking it out on the wrong sources such as each other. Dont beat up another slave or gladiator, try to find the cause of the pain and fix it at that point.
  5. Me too by Cloudflare. I have found keep it short like one or two sentences, and instead of D a ve's name, I use DI. I hope other users do not mind, but sometimes post in 2-3 quotes instead of one long one. Not trying to spam. Using a 3 letter globalist institutions names is a trigger so try to space out letters or put zeros in place of os. It is annoying, and yet, I know DI and others are onto the real truth, so in some odd way, comforting.
  6. @Mitochondrial Eve Thank you for sharing! I understand about running out of reactions. I wish I had more, especially on days Cloudflare is blocking longer replies.
  7. Like DI, I dont care what gender or orientation one identifies with. I do care about arguments and wars being incited between the various parties. Global powers are promoting gender equality and gender neutrality. I might say gender neutered as they have a depopulation agenda and do not want people reproducing. So I might agree with what others are saying, if they do incite a gender war, or a war on certain sexual orientations, it will be simply to control both sides of the opposition and against each other. Battle of the sexes. World Economic Forum Platform https://www.weforum.org/agenda/archive/gender-parity/ https://www.un.org/en/gender-inclusive-language/guidelines.shtml A lot more could be said, but just do a google search for global organizations and their gender plans.
  8. Story Broke here: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Dollar Contact Tracing Bill with democratic Congressman Bobby Rush Six Months Before Pandemic
  9. Cloudflare disapproves...so, will start discussion and try to edit.... My blog information collection, will try to edit in more links in a bit. Gates Foundation Promoted 6666 Tracer Bill 6 Months before Pandemic
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