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  1. Hi all awake people! I don´t like to try and convince people what to do or not to do but this guy Wim Hof from the Netherlands is in my opinion worth a look. He is all about making the mind and body stronger. Some of you may already know about his breathing method, but i thought i would post about it anyway. Well it´s not just about breathing but also putting the body through cold stress and more. He has actually done alot of scientific testing on himself by doctors and scientists, and he also have somthing like 26 worldrecords in various diciplines (mostly related to putting the body through prolonged cold stress). Check him out on youtube or his homepage, just search for Wim Hof Method on duckduckgo or such. I have actually tried the breathing method daily for about 2 veeks and for me it really helped me to get focused and incredibly positive and relaxed. Thought it could be interesting for some people to try it out. Peace!
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