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  1. I only just learned today that he got encephalitis which destroyed a lot of his memory and he didn't realize April was gone and his wife had to explain it to him... at least some of it. She said she didn't have the heart to go into details because his heart was broken. That family has gone from being a happy one to a devastated one. You know, when I first read about it and learned that Mark Bridger and his dad used to live at the Royal Palace and that his dad worked for the Royals, then about these like secret caves in the area of Machynlleth where the Druids used to g
  2. Matcha, please keep your photos in the thread you've already created for the topic, Real Photo of Tall Grey. What you claim is there is not exactly obvious, and you're doing an awful lot of rambling on and photo bombing. I identify with you insofar as I use to absolutely love picture analysis and used to try and pick out the anomalous in photos which sometimes was clear and sometimes not so much but that's as far as it goes. No two things are just alike.
  3. They sound very sincere. I didn't like the way the man was questioning. He was forcing narratives which weren't really there to begin with imo and the child had to think through his terms/question which he formed out of nothing.
  4. And another old note. I noted these things a very long time ago! The title: 3 favorites The post: Those were three threads made by those members that I really admired. I'm sure there are and were many more magnificent thread topics but I'm not one for reading it all, but I did get in these and I was impressed.
  5. zhiba not zhiva sorry, typo.
  6. Which is exactly what I did today. I remember mikeymikey coming back to (the old DI) in a new name (which I'd promptly forgotten long ago). He revealed himself to me and he also told me about the previous identity of zhiva or themightyzhiva. I don't know what happened to that character, maybe in yet another new identity, but, here's the note I found. I'd titled the (hidden) thread "DI returnees". Inside was written (entire post): Just for your amusement or confusement, haha.
  7. Sorry, duplicate post. My bad.
  8. Sorry double post (first two tries didn't seem to post but I guess caught up later)
  9. Hello Matcha, what do you see in this pic?
  10. How pitiful are those titles. What, is that the Inquirer? That is so unreal, how can you post that as news?
  11. I think it's on a new server now which was the goal. The categories will come after. Not so difficult, I think some of the staff will be assigned to creating the categories. It should be simple enough. I mean, if what I read of the issue hasn't changed since I read it (which is always possible).
  12. Actually, I'm not the first lol. There were people here 3, 4 hours ago posting and starting threads. I don't know why I didn't see it before. haha
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