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  1. Yes, I joined the David Icke forums around 2008 or so. Met some really good people who I'll remember dearly. I'm nobody's puppet dear and I think for myself.
  2. Then look up other citations. There are other search results which amount to the same thing. I pretty much said so in my post and your selective hearing/registering is predictable. Nothing new in these days and times (mindset).
  3. Yeah, no thanks, I'll take a hard pass on clicking on that website. https://www.brightcloud.com/tools/url-ip-lookup.php https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/cantcensortruth.com/
  4. Oh, also meant to comment that as for sex, I think that is with every administration, I seriously do. Back in the earlier 2000's when I was a member of Godlike Productions, I posted a thread call "Let's Face IT". It was a long series of articles. For instance there was an Internet technician of some sort who had to do some sort of work at the White House (or Capitol I don't remember which) when George Bush was President. He said he found so much porn, bestiality, and can't remember what all he detailed. It was from all those lawmakers/politicians. I'd have to go to glp and ret
  5. Being a conspiracy theorist that sees something and can find something in everything that doesn't agree with your pov I can understand your statement. I meant to comment on the pictures of Biden with the ladies and say yes, he does look a bit frisky and if I could read that teen's mind she might be saying "Ewww, gross, don't get so close to me old man!". However, I was by time it was posted in "read mode only". I'm a old woman, in my 60's, and man, when it's time to sleep I can't sort my thoughts to put simple words though I can think them. Meant to do it later, so he
  6. Did Trump Say, ‘I Love the Poorly Educated’? https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-love-poorly-educated/ Just within the last couple weeks I saw someone comment that Trump said this, and I had to look it up. There were plenty of results but Snopes lays out the details nicely.
  7. Yeah, if you're talking about the crazy pastor yeah, he's full of shit, but people gobble that stuff up. But to recognize that he and people are doing it, and being an active part of it, is quite another. There are people though, with bad intentions who do believe this stuff and who want to take an active part. There were soldiers, cops, lawyers, lawmakers, teachers, at least one fireman, that all got outed from the insurrection at the Capitol. There are dangerous people with guns... who believe... that Trump is some saint that is doing a wonderful thing for the country... who b
  8. It wasn't overkill. It was appropriate. I suppose you haven't seen the stirrings not to mention what occurred on the 6th. Well, here's an example. It's lucky I found this because the one I first saw has been removed by youtube. The comments on that one were ridiculous. They may be ridiculous on this one if I read down far enough but I can't be arsed.
  9. So, what's your evidence that Joe is a pedo folks?
  10. I definitely don't believe that I was being sarcastic.
  11. I reckon you should count your blessings that there are no pedophiles in your royalty or politicians. Anyways, until I saw the picture in this thread, I didn't see any troops clad in black. Every picture I saw showed National Guardsmen dressed in camo, or some police dressed normally. I was up at the crack of dawn, watched the inauguration live, glanced many articles (saw pictures whether I opted to open and read or not).
  12. Or, let's just make up shit as we go. It's easy to twist things and kind of fun. Once you get started it's hard to stop.
  13. This news made me sad. It didn't match with the talk of "love" by the one speaker at the inauguration. The homeless were not mentioned at all. DC has a huge homeless population and for two weeks it's been very hard to access any kind of assistance thanks to the security lockdown
  14. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/donald-and-ivanka-trump-moments-that-totally-weird-us-out.html/ https://www.therichest.com/shocking/15-photos-ivanka-trump-doesnt-want-the-world-to-see/ https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2016/10/trump-bragged-about-ivankas-body-inspecting-naked-women.html I think people should refrain from worshiping the man and assuming he's some kind of angel. Instead, do some digging and soul searching.
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