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  1. No. Like I've said elsewhere, I have severe heart failure; heart disease and, apart from usual coughs and colds, I've been fine. My sister and a few of her family were 'diagnosed' as having it but never tested. They are also fine now.
  2. I live in a house with my wife, my daughter and her fiancé. Of all of us I am the least concerned about Covid-19 (even though I have severe heart failure and am a 'high risk'). I often disagree with my family although - deep down - they also think that this is all some kind of a 'con'. Covid-19 has divided people just as Brexit did before it. I think fear is a major factor and, let's be honest, the MSM has been working overtime to convince people that their lives are in imminent danger. Looking at my family; reading what (so called) friends write on 'FAkebook' and talking to people in the street leaves me worrying for the future. The biggest 'bone of contention' in my household concerns my decision to not accept ANY vaccine or RFID implant. Even though most of my family agree with my rationale, they have more or less admitted that - when push comes to shove - they will feel compelled to reluctantly go along with everything. I know there are millions of us who will stand firm against this oppression but, ultimately, I think we need some kind of miracle if we are going to win this war.
  3. I only joined this site a few weeks ago after DI was banned from pretty much everywhere else. The fact that this site has been hacked, I think, just supports the views of most of us that we would be crazy to accept a RFID chip implanted in our bodies. Imagine just how much worse it would be if the chip in your hand had been hacked! We should be using examples like this as a way to remind people just how flawed and insecure the technology still is, and why they should never be chipped.
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