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  1. I will say one last thing on this subject and then let it go lol. Alot of people are concerned atm about vaccines causing infertility, which is real for sure. But im surprised that no-one has mentioned on here that veganism is one of the biggest threats to fertility rates. And it is actively being pushed by large food companies and promoted as being healthy for all stages of life which is completely untrue. Its not just the crap thats in our food, its our attitudes towards food that is being attacked.
  2. Like you say it depends on what research you do, it also depend upon your life experiences. We can search for as much studies as we like but for me anecdotal evidence is more valuable sometimes. I know myself that my body did not heal until I started eating haem iron again. If I could live healthy as vegan I would do it as I would feel lessguilty. But I dont have much reserves in my liver from being plant based from young age. So I tried to return to veganism 2 years ago and only lasted three months due to deficiencies starting, and my cycle stopping again. That to me is a major flag! If the body does not want to put energy into the womans cycle then something is wrong, its basically starvation mode! When it gets to that point you dont care anymore and its almost like the body overrides our moral feelings about meat eating. Which is interesting as I had zero cravings for 15 years. I could have ignored the fact it had stopped as some vegan women do but Im sure you would agree that would not have been a wise thing to do lol. I think more awareness is needed on this subject. I found online stories from ex-vegan women who experienced the same thing. Im know there are exceptions tho who manage to survive on it for years and years, although I believe that many of these do refuel once a year on a binge and then forget about it. lol I dont think we should be scared of cholesterol, it is something our bodies make to help us. Hormones are made out of cholesterol so is the brain for that matter! I eat plenty eggs now to make sure I get enough cholesterol. And when I do eat meat I get the fattiest bits going as I know they are what my body needs. All I will say is I lasted a long time pretty much all plant based seemingly healthy until suddenly I wasnt anymore, and when you become low iron it is hard to get out of it. What I have noticed tho is that veganism is growing, it is being pushed and the biggest worry is the number of children being fed this diet from a young age, this is disastrous to their health, hormones can not develop correctly. But in the UK a doctor will not say anything if a kid is being fed vegan, the eat well plate here is pretty much all plant based, they are reducing the meat and fat content that we are supposed to eat and promoting grains and plants which is not what kids need. It may beneficial for a person to eat this way after years of meat consumption to 'detox' but a kids need fat and protein. Thing is I know where you are coming from as Ive probably looked at all the same stuff as you. Undoing the vegan brainwashing I done to myself was hard and there are months when I will revert back to old habits and have to remind myself to go buy some meat. If it works for you great I just wanted to make aware that its no a solution for everyone and can cause big issues.
  3. yeah makes sense. Ibuprofen inhibits healing as far as I can tell, it stops the natural inflammation that brings different cells to the injury. Overtime it does you no good. At the same time tho an inflammatory diet is gonna cause issues too. Sugar is the worst thing for immune system, it physically prevents the neutrophil white blood cells from working properly for up to five hours after a sugar binge so must have an effect on your ability to deal with virus's and creates acidity. redbull lol nasty stuff Ive never tried tumeric but hear it helps
  4. I just cant be myself as I self censor everything for other peoples comfort and to avoid awkwardness or distress haha. But it gets tiring as I want to scream - can you not see what is happening here and are you just going to pretend its all ok??? so much easier to avoid
  5. Im at the point where if I feel like they are not on my wave length I would rather be alone as cant be bothered with the fake talk
  6. yea, no I cant get on either. Its probably part of the hype
  7. because people love the drama and HYPE. ...some do anyway its an event
  8. And I accept yours. Im still learning about virus's and how they affect us, its been an eye opening 5 months. Perhaps this doctors treatment just supports the immune system through its exposure to the virus? How do we know that any medicine is needed at all? What if its all placebo? what if this doctors confidence and belief, reassurance and positivity played apart in her patients recoveries? What if fact that she didnt impair their systems with sedatives and use invasive methods such a ventilators, causing trauma and stress to the body and allowed it to sort itself out? Maybe these patients just needed an oxygen mask and some reassurance. Anxiety and fear can not be underestimated in this as media has convinced some of the public that if they get covid they are a dead. I have worked in the veterinary industry and know for a fact that vets will give out drugs to animals while they are sick and a lot of the time the animals get better DESPITE the drugs. They normally just need fluids, and support, for certain illnesses. I dont know much about malaria and and ant viral drugs but im sceptical as I was always told that a virus has to just go through the system. So I suppose actually you are right, maybe we should be a little sceptical of this doctors claims about an anti viral, but at least her methods are non invasive and fairly respectful of the bodies ability to heal.
  9. cheers just listening to these now, i love old ram stuff
  10. haha bad company of course
  11. But..........were are the dnb heads at
  12. My sleep is bit messed up but then my work situation is also messed up. I have been waking at five and having serious life thoughts etc. I had my first 'covid' dream last week. Ive noticed it normally takes me about three months in a new job or new house before I begin to have dreams about it. So thats probably about right then for a new situation like this. Not much happened but social distancing and masks were in the dream, not a nightmare just normal stuff which is kind of worse really...
  13. haha yea, tbh I cant see it happening anyway, so many ways to get out of it. Bet their all stressing at the station over it all
  14. Does anyone know of anyone being fined in UK yet for going maskless? just wondering as im not on social medias
  15. I know, its scary to think how weak and unhealthy these kids could be in the future, they have so much stacked against them now. The behavioural side of it is so worrying.
  16. Another point is that endometriosis is theorised by some to be triggered by trauma. Trauma/ your demons? kinda similar
  17. She is religious and believes in demons. That does not discredit her at all imo. Im beginning to think that demons do live in peoples bedrooms. Something about her that I trust
  18. I can see it getting to the point where we have kids that only feel safe with a mask on. Sat in psychologists office explaining why they cant take their mask off ever.
  19. I think the most important thing kids can learn in schools is how to socialise, be normal, make friends, develop empathy, sense of humour, and feel comfortable around each other. The rest isnt that important imo. And these are the things being stopped right now.
  20. Yea they know how to chat. Some people cant see through it which bothers me even more, and makes you think you are losing the plot. More awareness is needed. They are usually very charming and draw people in.
  21. Ye its no worries Im not squeemish anymore so you wont damage me haha. I was vegan/vegetarian as a kid growing up all into adulthood for over 15 years watched every animal abuse vid going out there, brainwashed myself to never eat eat animals. Horrified by the industry and still am underneath it all but I do eat red meat twice monthly now. I ended up with very low iron and other many issues from lack of vitamins even tho I took the supplements suggested. So its a subject I think is tough but I do object to men telling women that they can live off a vegan diet as well as bleed monthly (hope you are not squeemish). It is impossible to survive longterm without haem iron, women suffer faster. The reserves last longer in men for obvious reasons. Haem iron is not found in plants. Going vegan and plant based later in life may be easier to sustain for longer as you have built up years of reserves in you liver. Haem iron can also be found in raw milk. Which is why I believe strongly in raw milk as its nutrients have not been destroyed. Im sure I will get a lot of hate for posting this as everyone is vegan these days but I would say to them - get back to me in 15 years time and tell me how you feel! Also going through certain developmental stages as vegan is bad news. Check out Greta Thunberg. As for the alkaline diet, I agree that you are right, it is what our bodies need, you will be super detoxed and healthy! But you may need to refuel on certain animal nutrients from time to time, cholesterol, iron, B12. This is from my own and others experiences.
  22. soz didnt see this. errrrr not sure! The point I took from vid is that if what makes us human, a soul, empathy and connection with others is missing then are we human at all? I think its on a spectrum and we all show traits from time to time.
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