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  1. I’ve moved from the north east of England where there was total compliance, everyone was masked. To South Wales, where I’ve found some resistance. A few people are blatantly against it and are unmasked in shops which i hadn’t seen up north. The area your in makes a big difference I think.
  2. Well I’m sure other health issues cause purple toes such as Raynaud’s disease. But my family members that had the covid toes do not have a history of raynauds or of poor circulation. They had flu symptoms plus chill blains, both in their twenties and pretty healthy.. so something going on there
  3. Hello, does this also explain the covid toes? I’m still trying to find the cause of this and I know it’s not a made up symptom as I saw the toes of family who supposedly had Covid and they where purple/red and looked like they had frost bite for two weeks. Lack of iron in blood cells, circulation issues, could that cause chill blain like symptoms in the extremities? For me this is the biggest mystery. Why would a virus make that happen to your toes unless it’s not a virus?
  4. Great baseline, chopped up Dub vocals, atmosphere, depth, girls gasping,,,, what more could you want? Lol
  5. There seems to be an air of learned helplessness amongst many. This is what I’ve gathered from recent interactions. This attitude of oh yes we know it’s not right but what can we do? Just get on with it as we can’t change it. There is no anger or indignation, nothing. No fight.
  6. Yeah these are great ‘My friends’ is a good one also, more chilled out. ‘Easy’ was always my fave of theirs as well as ‘superstylin’ of course
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