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  1. 1 hour ago, Tetragrammaton said:

    Hows everyone holding up?


    Bulletins have been posted on reddit & voat to let everyone know whats happening now.


    High probability this is either 77th Brigade or 33 Unit based in Edinburgh behind this nonsense. Its not a coincidence this has happened just after all the CCDH psyops.


    We're on the map now boys. 

    Me too , i logged on for a quick look this morning and thought I'd been banned aswell. Something funny did happen with my screen though last week on the heated debate link when someone mentioned tracking , dont know if thats any good to you guys ( mods etc ) because i am certainly no computer geek . Thats meant with respect by the way. A

  2. 1 hour ago, Fluke said:

    They are triggered. Not only do we have decent conversation we like to have fun. They don't like it being discussed in public so we discuss on our own platforms and then they are still not satisfied


    Bad analogy but they remind me of a person who can't get laid so they break up the orgy. We all get our own rooms and they are jealous so they come knocking on our door to break it up. Miserable humourless creatures ?

    I like the analogy actually , very Scandinavian of you . X

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