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  1. I'm wondering if the fake vaccinated with an immune system close to ZERO will survive this "harmless" virus or will need to have another 2 boosters for it ...
  2. Should we prepare for the next lockdown ? New "vaccines" ? New mass hysteria ? We got 20 cases I'm the UK ..but I'm getting worried because of the Media coverage over it , we got the same "script" before the Covid ... I'm having a bit of "Deja Vu" ...I'm having really bad "vibes" over this "monkeypox " - it's been around for God knows how long in Africa so why freaking now is spreading over the US , Canada ... UK ... anyone? - some bloody scientific answer / opinion for this hoax ?
  3. Yes. We just passed 100K. We must use "what we have " and everything we have. I made 60 people sign in person , 47 views here... if 2 signed that's already a win for today. You underestimate the power of "community" ...maybe start doing something for it.
  4. Stop the WHO ! Please sign the petition ! Sign here : https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/614335
  5. What ? I got the proof of my vaccination - not the actual vaccine. That's what im trying to explain.
  6. Hi everyone. I got "vaccinated" last week ... well not really - but in my home country there's no such a thing as impossible . The important thing is that they already emailed my proof of vaccination , I choose the J&J - as only one dose is enough to be considered "vaccinated" , accepted in UK and im ready to travel in 10 days without paying for pcr tests and other bullshits. I feel like I spit myself in the face and buried my morals but financially I wouldn't be able to survive this year otherwise. For family reasons I have to travel at least 5 times this year and that would have costed me close to £2.000 in pcr tests ( travelling between 3 countries ) plus 50 days of quarantine ... well in my case that would be around 5 to 8k net loss in wages ... so when someone told me that his gp does it remotely i called and ordered it without thinking much...Do the same if you have the chance , though I'm not sure how it works here. What I know that positive/negative pcr ' s cost around £250 in West London, my cousin needed a positive one to skip job ... though I'm not sure how much they chargeing now with the Omicron. That was with the Delta season. Anyway - I'm sure its possible - just need a bit of research. If there's a solution. .. than this one.
  7. a) I was advised by my employer to get vaccinated , self-test twice a week - or get a new job. I guess that's answers your question. b) Not flu, common cold ... whatever. Just a lab - modified coronavirus with a carefully removed spike protein from the spiral which allowed animal = human infection from the beginning without the virus needed to be naturally evolved. The Omicron is the first variant that is ... now naturally evolved and naturally capable of human = human infections. The information comes from a Hungarian Dr. / micro - nanobiologist who also fights for our rights by exposing the big pharma - and the vaccinations while coronavirus could be treated with ... a tea / super cheap food suppliments that are already available and have no side effects .
  8. They want that booster so bad.... I just "recovered" from "Covid" , tested positive over 8 days - total loss of smell and taste + runny nose. No cough - shortness of breath ... whatever. In my case was really mild. I think is more to do with mentality and people's approach to the "virus" .
  9. Flu - like..... something. My brother had covid 8 months ago, his sense of smell and taste still didn't return since. He's been to many doctors since... no one knows the cause. He doesn't have any type of ongoing infection. I had covid myself ...finally tested negative yesterday ...I've been trough cold and flu many times ...but nothing like this ... unlike a flu / cold - covid comes with a TOTAL loss of smell and taste which slowly coming back now (in my case ). We can call it a flu ... if is.. than it was modified on some way.
  10. Well ... something does exist ....but far not as dangerous as "advertised" . Covid is just a tool , a magic trick to cover up something greater going on that worth loosing 20-40% of global GDP . I knew from the beginning that is a scam - but still couldn't figure out the real purpose behind it.
  11. There is something , with common cold / flu you won't test positive for Covid. (Tried it a few times ) Had flu last week , I was negative (tested 2x a day ) then I got better, then suddenly my taste / smell was gone in a matter of minutes - tested positive. Testing positive since then.
  12. Tested positive for Covid. I'm not vaccinated . ( Well and alive , only symptoms : light headache ,total loss of taste and smell ,blocked / runny nose (( 4th day )) ) Any ideas ? Tricks to try ?
  13. With English Subtitles ! He's constantly pushing the limits with interesting topics to wake the blind. He's the leader of the " Mi Hazank " ( Our Home/ Our Country ) Political Party - while gaining more and more followers - is still unlikely that they will win an election anytime soon. https://youtu.be/wkPOeNZbUEI
  14. I need more information about the Roscrea Convent - in County Tipperary , Ireland run by the " Sisters of sacred hearths of Jesus and Mary " . I'm wondering if someone could help me out with the names of sisters and "staff" that used to work there. I have located a few ( staff and nuns ) , currently housed in Greater London - but I'm going to need more information to compare the data. I'm looking to " upgrade the story " which will include their activity in the Philippines and Afrika. I have an insider - which is working for the " organisation " but her contribution is almost worthless - as she have no access to the care home where some of the nuns are housed at the moment. ( some still "active" with brilliant mental capacities - aged between 80 and 90 - and immigrated to uk from the Roscrea facility - time is running out) Anyone welcome who's interested in the story .
  15. Everybody knows what's going on in India ? The "new" variant is literally breathtaking. According to government funded propaganda sources every second person tested in India is positive. People are desperate for oxygen. Should we expect a similar crisis in UK? Anything to do with the 5G - or is an upgraded biological weapon ?
  16. It is possible that the war have already started? What's behind covid? Something is on the way.Alien invasion or the antichrist?
  17. I can't wait for the second wave. I'm going to be trading with custom printed masks, fake sanitizers made from water - gelatine and menthol flavouring.I have a large stock of fancy-small glass medical containers that I'm going to fill up with aspirin and sell each for £50 - With free next day delivery!
  18. They promised us some test kits to buy from Amazon - and Boots. (2 months ago) I'm still waiting for them to appear, hopefully at a low price so I can buy a few and have some fun. (first I would test the tap water-then my "seeds" )
  19. I few sources? There are plenty of other articles as well predicting apocalypse and nuke wars every month.Don't take it serious. It won't happen anytime soon,but when it will, the USA (NATO countries included) is going to loose against Russia - China - and the few European countries supporting them (like: Ukraine (won't have a choice), Romania, Hungary, Serbia,Croatia) Im sure that the USA is going to press the nuke button first as they underestimating every other. With Trump on power slowly killing all the international relations,I not sure if the United Kingdom is going to help them out in a case of war.
  20. Not stupid at all, smarter then the "american average", and combineing that with his worth and acting skills is more than enough to be re-elected. Not only that he owns a part of the "media" but also a larger and better paid team than the BBC have in their London studio.His success with the BLM its just amazing.
  21. "are you dump, stupid or dump' he?" Should be fuc*ed until turning white.
  22. Missouri's Castle Doctrine allows residents to use lethal force to get people off of private property. "There's no right to protest on those streets," Walker explained. "The protesters thought they had a right to protest, but as a technical matter, they were not allowed to be there." He added: "It's essentially a private estate. If anyone was violating the law, it was the protesters. In fact, if [the McCloskeys] have photos of the protesters, they could go after them for trespassing."
  23. Why would someone attend a protest with an auto. rifle? In my point of view that is a RISK-whatever he's black white or blue especially in hate / adrenaline fueld "protest"
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