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  1. Everybody knows what's going on in India ? The "new" variant is literally breathtaking. According to government funded propaganda sources every second person tested in India is positive. People are desperate for oxygen. Should we expect a similar crisis in UK? Anything to do with the 5G - or is an upgraded biological weapon ?
  2. It is possible that the war have already started? What's behind covid? Something is on the way.Alien invasion or the antichrist?
  3. I few sources? There are plenty of other articles as well predicting apocalypse and nuke wars every month.Don't take it serious. It won't happen anytime soon,but when it will, the USA (NATO countries included) is going to loose against Russia - China - and the few European countries supporting them (like: Ukraine (won't have a choice), Romania, Hungary, Serbia,Croatia) Im sure that the USA is going to press the nuke button first as they underestimating every other. With Trump on power slowly killing all the international relations,I not sure if the United Kingdom is going to help them ou
  4. "are you dump, stupid or dump' he?" Should be fuc*ed until turning white.
  5. Missouri's Castle Doctrine allows residents to use lethal force to get people off of private property. "There's no right to protest on those streets," Walker explained. "The protesters thought they had a right to protest, but as a technical matter, they were not allowed to be there." He added: "It's essentially a private estate. If anyone was violating the law, it was the protesters. In fact, if [the McCloskeys] have photos of the protesters, they could go after them for trespassing."
  6. Why would someone attend a protest with an auto. rifle? In my point of view that is a RISK-whatever he's black white or blue especially in hate / adrenaline fueld "protest"
  7. FUNDRAISING website GoFundMe has axed the campaign to raise money for Burnley fan Jake Hepple. The 24-year-old has been sacked from his jobafter he came forward as the man behind the "White Lives Matter" banner that flew over the Etihad.
  8. My skin is extremely white, usually got comments like: "you're f*cking white mate, you look like a light bulb.." etc Should I consider it rasist? No, I'm fucking proud of it. They should do the same.
  9. This idiots doesn't realise that they are used to secure Mr. Trump's place in Parliament. And I bet my balls that will work, again! Once Mexico, now the Black-you can't go wrong with this-on the other side is pretty smart! Can't wait to see their faces when Trump wins his second term. ???
  10. A black person kneeling for white person would be considered rasist and unacceptable. Aren't we *Equal*?
  11. Yes, silence is violance! We must speak out.
  12. I can be called a rasist. Officially, from the beginning of the BLM
  13. https://www.britainfirst.online/tags/shop#!/White-Lives-Matter-Unisex-T-Shirt/p/206767401/category=0
  14. How come there are only 2 pall bearers at a black persons funeral?Because there are only 2 handles on a trash can.
  15. This BLM fuc*ers passed my limits a long time ago. I guess it's all linked to the upcoming Trump re-election Campaign. More you hate the black, more you want that "Trump". Or may be a social experiment.... no idea
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