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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the insight. I had a lung op about 5 years ago. I considered myself lucky that my op went very well, looking around the ward you could see the various Dr's names over beds, safe to say some patients fared better than others depending who they got! I often remember a strange consultation with my surgeon. He told me to keep away from Drs. He was a bit of a joker, but I sensed he was being serious, which unsettled me at the time. Subsequently I had cause to see Drs during a distressing time for my own poor health and whilst helping my Mum with her cancer treatment last year. I have during this time lost faith in conventional medicine and look towards alternatives, ditching pills and altering diet etc. If I could, I'd never see another Dr. I have met lovely medical staff during this time, (not all!) but a lot of the treatment seems to cause more harm than good and never gets to the root cause, ever. I said as much at my last hospital appointment. The medic didn't disagree. Even more unsettlingly.
  2. Thanks for the info. I recently swapped to some more eco friendly cleaning products and some of my toothpastes and deodorants, due to fears about cancer and other autoimmune health issues. I've never used talc for this reason. I have more products to research such as makeup, suncreams etc! It's a psychological retraining, as you get used to using brand names from childhood and associating them with cleanliness.
  3. My first time in a shop in a while, I did bring a mask for first time as I was worried about being refused access, and put it on as I entered. I have bullous lung disease, it was literally impossible to breathe. I stood in line, immediately removed my mask, no one said a word or looked unhappy though they saw, though they were all masked. I did explain to cashier out of politeness as I was at post office and needed to talk about a few items, she was lovely. I noticed she struggled to understand people talking behind masks, was probably happier I didn't have one! Used the shop in there, different cashier not phased at all, neither of us mentioned it. Our local shops are great! I think they know it is a load of rubbish. I'll go tomorrow without the mask, I'm not wearing one again, it made me feel ill. I will refuse when I'm back at work too. If I need one for hairdressers, I guess I'll have to go from short hair to long hair!
  4. Hi, I joined a few months ago, when site a bit up and down, but been reading for a while. I have general interest in questioning what we are told by elites and MSM, but recent politics and Covid brought me to joining the site to comment. I can't remember my pre-Covid preoccupations though! Seems a lifetime ago! Sharing experience and supporting each other appeals. I stockpiled a bit months before the pandemic, as I didn't like where things were going and I have family to think of. Family laughed at the time, but they are inclined to listen now! I have been directed to other resources on here, like Vernon Coleman, who I find makes great sense about the Covid scam, face masks, forced compliance, loss of liberties etc. We can st least educate ourselves and challenge others to think and question also. Many thanks for everything so far. Best wishes, Mags.
  5. Congratulations on quitting! I have quit, I was nursing my Mum through cancer and then she passed away, so I felt I needed something to take edge off the panic. I stayed low dose 50mg, which did help, but dr tried to whack up the dose to 200mg when it was a couple of months after and I cried mentioning Mum, which I think is natural grief stage. I bartered down to 100mg, but never took the higher dose. I then cut tablets in half, then half again etc, gradual decrease. Saved me money too! Had bad couple of weeks about 2 weeks ago, flashbacks and anger actually, but getting stronger emotionally now! Off completely about a week, very tired this week though. I want to get off other medication for ulcers, trying through diet. I read a lot of anti cancer literature looking after my Mum, so I have been educating myself. I think milk was a big problem for acid reflux so on soya now. Drs don't get to the root of the problems so I had to trial and error myself. Working from home gave me time to come off whilst dealing with the symptoms, if I was working normally I would not have felt confident to do it. Good luck to all on your journey to health!
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