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  1. I'd rather live in a wooden lodge, made of logs.
  2. A lot of people don't need to worry these days.about haircuts.
  3. Angular Ugly 1970's DESIGN Southampton
  5. Because Freedoms are being eroded, Cultures and Arts are being reduced. Music has all but stopped in its tracks. Music from the past is what we now enjoy. The music died in 2000.. Does anyone know about OASIS? Don't Mean the Musical Group
  6. Yes, while we are all in Debt.. they have the people who need & have to work.
  7. Most of the Boomer One Generation probably snuffed it!! in the Supposedly COVID 19 Plandemic. This is an abomination, Lies disinformation. Grumpy Owl, a very good piece. I agree with your comments. Something is coming I can feel it, it's another EU PLAN.
  8. Palliative care workers? do you mean Qualified Nursing Staff, they have to follow instructions from a Medical Doctor, they cannot just give class A drugs willy nilly. There also needs to be medical records kept with signatories. Otherwise, it would be unethical and deemed as Murder. Morphine is often used in late-stage treatment to keep a patient comfortable and alleviates severe pain, BUT CAN depress breathing.
  9. Will, there be any NEW Legislation by the Government to stop them breaking BRITISH LAW ?? Are these French foreign immigrants from the MIDDLE EAST?
  10. Let me inform you, all PCR tests are for any Coronavirus strains, It's unlikely to be the killer Novel Coronavirus SARS COVID19. It's the coronavirus Flu strains. People are being lied to telling them that its Covid 19. 

  11. Hello everyone NEWBIE to the site, just had some information taken down on BILL Gates Facebook page, highlighting the real scam story about the Covid19,  took 'em about 3 minutes.

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