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  1. I first got to know Byron Katie's work a few months ago. What a coincidence(or perhaps not). I believe it also says that the only business I can change is my own's?
  2. Recently, I have been doing a course "Unlimited Futures - Tapping Your Inner Wisdom". It dawned on me that the principles taught explains the Covid-19 situation - why the scam is still going on and the way out. The course indicates that to achieve our dreams, we simply have to focus our attention on our desired future and not the problem. When we focus on the problem, we give away our energy to feed the problem which becomes bigger. When opposing fans boo Cristiano Ronaldo, he becomes more motivated. What happens when we focus on our dreams? The problem is denied its energy source
  3. I experienced first-hand how medical nonsense played out during the Zika hoax of 2016. It made me realise that doctors are conditioned to only look for a bacterial or viral cause and how the world can be pushed into action without looking at the basic medical details. Medicine is an industry that is more religion than science. Microscopic images - What are these artifacts depicted in the photos? Do they belong to viruses? Common symptoms - There ain't any. The list of symptoms associated with Covid-19 gets longer by the day. "A new virus" is a common strategy deplo
  4. The full workings of the coronavirus are yet to be understood if you believe the virus exists. Once you dig up the original scientific papers, you will discover that they have never proven its existence and all the medical "mysteries" clear up. Masks do not stop a fictitious virus.
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