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  1. while I do not believe all that is written on this forum...I do believe most things I was in Würzburg because of my work for a few days and I watched a bit TV in the Hotel.......I found it quite obnoxious how they push this mix race agenda in German adverts and also I saw in series that the white guys are now obviously the bad guys and black people are the good guys. I visited a little church in Würzburg named "Marienkapelle" built in 1377 - which became famous cause it was built over a former Synagoge after a Jewish Pogrom in which the Jews were accused for bringing the Plague over the City......the word in German was "Brunnenvergifter" - hmmmm
  2. outrageous....we expected a Statement from our Government it was a misunderstanding
  3. Yesterday Poland wanted to give the US their MiG-29 Jets - but wanted to station and start them on Ramstein Airbase which is US territory in the middle of Germany.....thats nice.....they dont want to it risk it themselves instead they wanted to strike from German soil thanksfully the US government gave a no for the moment - while some of our damn Politicians were for it
  4. he maybe laughs but he knows that he stands no chance when the Americans shoot while you dont have to send a soldier in the fields with unmanded drones nowadays - Putins fights like in middle ages.... very very dangerous for Europe anyways
  5. Remember the Plane Crash. "On April 7, 2010, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk met near the village of Katyn for a joint memorial service, surprisingly proposed by Putin in February 2010....."
  6. The fear of possible dangers from vaccines would be childs game infront of the dangers of an again nuclear incident in Europe. As far as there is no safe amount of radiation ever.....the Nothern Hemsiphere is already contaminated. Dr Helen Caldicott sets no foot on European soil cause she says it is already nuclear wasted and also the whole food chain there...so she would never eat dried Turkish apricots for example
  7. from mRNA we do not yet know...but from Radiation we do know its one of the most dagerous things
  8. yes I would indeed....I know this is not a popular opinion on this forum
  9. to say the situation is not scary would be a lie - the Ukraine has 15 powerplants Sayonara...I´ll move to Australia
  10. hahahaha the British are crazzyy ...when they have the time to do that
  11. this is a Netflix Series but its based on real Events.....I think its the "Münchner Abkommen" https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Münchner_Abkommen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_Agreement
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