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  1. https://www.dw.com/en/face-mask-killing-sparks-radicalization-fears-in-germany/a-59252877
  2. In Germany someone killed a 20 year old guy who worked in a gas station because he asked him to wear a mask in the shop
  3. I liked Monument Valley - it was so M.C. Escher inspired
  4. of course artists like Leonardo da Vinci knew about this and they always placed the important things into the golden point where the eye looks first
  5. what we describe as beautiful has most of the time to do with sacred geometry - which all nature is created from the more a human face is in the golden ratio - the more "beautiful the impression from it is sacred geometryyy is also healing to watch
  6. https://nypost.com/2021/08/18/havana-syndrome-reported-by-americans-stationed-in-germany/
  7. Truthspoon was Edelweiss Pirate - thats one of the coolest usernames I read a book about them which is quite heartbreaking it was tough being a kid during the Nazi regime
  8. that´s my Ex BF....its from his official FB account so I can post it here he is not a murderer nor is he aggressive you must always differ not everyone is a murderer....and as rude as some white guys are - I can understand that some women tend to go with a black guys the United States lived with blacks since ever and are still not mixed well because most people go with their own "race" I think there is reason that people dont show here and it´s not just because of their anonymity I come from Social Media accounts where everyone shows and people don´t chat with each other on a daily basis like here......strange
  9. never seen such a sign here... its Propaganda
  10. Merlin Cove is not here anymore there are just 5 or 6 from us from the Original forum left
  11. .... the Fridge in the Office
  12. I can post again I dont like militant Vegans and I dont like Veganism...the only thing we can do is to say that we can not take Vaccines because of Allergies and Anaphylaxie in Germany they will make it mandatory soon
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