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  1. I do wonder why women came out with these stories decades later
  2. well hmm it is possible that he is an esoteric distraction - I dont know which side he is on...difficult to say...he is clearly intelligent
  3. sorry sometimes I post german vids...it goes basically about the chaotic and catastrophal inner political problems that prevail in Germany recently
  4. I think he has this vibe that some women like....I can understand that
  5. Sellafield pumps 9 million liters of radioactively contaminated wastewater into the sea every day. The Irish Sea is one of the most radioactive seas in the world.
  6. this from a nation that killed approximately 100 Million people during their colonial reign.
  7. "Germany is where you can defame anyone as a "Nazi" with no consequences, but will soon be allowed to pay 10,000 euros for calling a man a man. Where you can end up in jail for not paying a broadcast license fee and an Afghan rapist is offered an exit bonus. How much ridicule can a constitutional state actually allow itself to do before it loses its legitimacy among its citizens?"
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