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  1. Moonlight

    Red heads

    I contribute something to the red heads tread Im sure the person who has the most pictures of things they once followed so I found quite some pictures from Lily Cole who played along with Heath Ledger in Dr. Parnassus - where the whole crew also let stitch the same tattoo after Heath died during filming.... Lily Cole is quite extra ... I think in England there are a lot of red heads - or gingers
  2. I dont have a TV I watched the Oscars just one time when Heath Ledger was nominated for The Joker I remember it was hours long and the good things came at least
  3. ....when things just overwhelm your brainpower
  4. I watched the funeral yesterday - because Im so anglophil Princess Diana liked Prince Philip....according to her the Queen Mum was the most evil in this "family"
  5. I posted a picture from a littly boy with a Hitler beard and an empty glass of orange juice that said "I eliminated all the juice".....it was just visible for me but within an hour or so facebook took it out and I became a warning that what I have posted was against the rules if you still think that the Germans were the bad guys in WW2, digg a little bit deeper for example - in Munich before WW2 - the Jewish population was just about 2%.....whereas they held almost all positions of power like in art, culture, finances and trading etc...
  6. there are not many things that can be nastier than public toilets Im outside the whole day , I have to use them......I can relate
  7. one of the conspiracy theories I find funniest is the "Bielefeld Conspiracy" Bielefeld is a city somewhere in Germany – yet no one knows someone who ever was there or knows someome from there .......so the theory says that all pictures from Bielefeld are faked and it does not exist on the map
  8. Best Hooper hooping is soo difficult
  9. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis: savior of mothers "The merit of the obstetrician is to have developed an effective prevention of puerperal fever. That's just the way it is, nothing can be done about it ”- with this reason obstetricians came to terms with childbed fever and its enormous mortality for a long time. Surgeons also found that many of their patients died every day. As long as surgery was a little respected craft that ranked well below internal medicine, the public had got used to it. That only changed when anesthesia was discovered in the mid-19th century. As the number of inte
  10. The reason for mulitresistant germs in hospital is the overuse of Antibiotics and that they will have maybe no effect anymore which will be a problem cause people will die from a simple pneumonia The greatest weapons in Medicine were the find of Penicillin and Cortison
  11. The reason why the flu declines is cause we wear these masks and keep distance – thats why. Im in the train daily for 3 hours. They are often late or come as a short train and we are packed in there like sardines. People are pigs.....they dont wash their hands and cough around without holding their hands before their mouth etc..... so Im regulary ill several times in a year - and sometimes over weeks. For the nanoparticles......hmmm – I work on a 4 lane street where there is traffic 24 hours a day – there are more nanoparticles in the air than you breath in with a mask I think.
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