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  1. I am there every year but yes it is far from the center and it´s not so easy to find cause Venice is like a Labyrinth
  2. it was common to be Antisemitic in the past in some sense National Socialism broke this many people do not know that Jewish people were more secure in Germany than in the rest of Europe before WW2
  3. Winifred Wagner was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler I once saw an Interview with her and she said - that after the War - they had a secret code when talking about Hitler.....it was USA......which meant "Unser seliger Adolf" in english "Our blessed Adolf" Wagner himself was an Anti Semit whereas King Ludwig 2 - who was an admirer of Wagner - was not known as Anti Semitic
  4. in a history of killing their daugthers it wouldn´t surprise me people should avoid to buy products made in China
  5. “Austria’s greatest achievements have been to convince the world that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Viennese.” when Mozart lived, Salzburg belonged to Bavaria - so he was German to that time
  6. the most shocking thread on the David Icke forum was the "Chinese Baby soup" Google it its said that the Chinese eat soups of stillborn babies
  7. I talked with Truthspoon on the phone...he is in the Golf Region
  8. its always a problem when you give such extensive decisions to people that can not oversee the consequences
  9. Bullying is so last century be friendly where ever you can and help people.....its good for your Karma
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