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  1. Hi Ally Instant coffee is not so good of quality ..... why do you not try drinking Italian Espresso which is roasted in a different way and more benefitical. Italian coffee is the best in the world
  2. I ´ve heared about that series....Heath Ledger was in this idea but women are not the better chess players
  3. yes of of course it is possible to live that long...but its not usual...in some parts of the earth people become 100 or more so in Limone on Lake Garda because of this delicious Olive Oil they have there I have it from the book "the Gods of Eden".....Zecharia Sitchin wrote also about the Annunaki gods
  4. This is a good post – beside of that Dementia is an Auto immune disease - which I dont think it is The Elites do infact not eat the same food as we do .... or drink the same water their food is grown in a toxic free environment - they dont take things like vaccines and are not exposed to radiation as much as we are etc..... they generally have also longer life span – therefore we get the impression that people ike Kissinger, The Queen and some Rothschilds never die. This is because they belong to the Master Race and maye of them are blue blooded - while we belong to the Slave
  5. Strummer is a member from the Original board
  6. the prices in Munich are still stable but the prices in London drop.....which is not surprising cause London is sooooo overpriced
  7. to me things like Depression was something from the land of fiction that hits industrial nations only where as it is quite unknown in countries like Tibet.....I didn´t take it quite serious - unless my neighbour killed himself some weeks ago and no one really knew why ..... I started to read about it a bit it seems a severe thing which is difficult to cure and often leads to suicide
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