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  1. no problem the virus will not care if we believe in it or not
  2. "Virus" is at least just a word for an effect that is caused by something and you can of course question everything fact is some things are just hard for the body to withstand in Germany there was a bet from someone named Dr. Lanka that the Measles Virus does not exist and it has gone to the highest court the Doctor won his argument but he is a fraud himself
  3. a virus needs a host viruses and bacterias are among the most dangerous things....they are also often the reason for cancers
  4. well dont worry it will go into the football Akasha Chronicles how 3 teenagers lost the football EM 2021 against Italy
  5. The Italian team looked like if they would have never seen a Gym from the inside and won nevertheless without retentious attitude it was just a football game but the British fans left Londons streets in a mess, beat Italian fans in the stadium.... they are too busy with themselves so that they didnt realise that they got bad press all over Europe
  6. well I think - and from what I´ve seen - its not so much the footballers but their fans putting laserpointers on the opponent players and buhhing out when their national anthem is sang is not very sportsy in Germany there is a saying: "Man soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben" which means - you should not praise the day before evening the British did as if the win would already have been theres - and now its not so it was a deserved win for Italy
  7. you can learn a lot from the Asterix Comics there I like Comics
  8. "Das Frankenreich" developed after the fall of the Roman Empire - I do think that Frenchs are mixed with Romans and Germanics it was the time where the Merowingians and Carolingians reigned - which is also interesting cause they are said to be linked to the Jesus Bloodline (the Merowingians) Bavarians are mixed with the French cause they were occupied under Napoleons reign - and also with Romans (Latins) cause the Romans came until Ingolstadt and some of them did not make their way back home when they were defeated from the Germanics (Goths) as the Roman Empire sank
  9. DNA reacts on experiences and environment is not a fix thing
  10. depression his wife said he left a note for all family members....including his kids
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