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  1. The communist party KPD founded in 1918 in Germany had Jewish founders such as Paul Levi, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Their Role Model was Wladimir Lenin.
  2. I adore the whole soundrack but thats my favourite piece
  3. I have not read the book but in the review I´ve read that he says in the book he was just meant to be a reserve if William needed a bone marrow transplant or kindey transplant one day. I think Buckingham Palace must be quite a sinister, dangerous place.
  4. Dr. Bertrand Dawson killed King George V - and possibly 2 other British royals and got away with it
  5. When they say in „A fish named Wanda“: „Where would your Country (England) be today without the help of USA?.....you would constantly listening to marching music and eating „sauerkraut““ - they probably didn´t mean Germany cause Germans do not eat more "Sauerkraut" than Frenchs - but maybe meant Russia and the Communism. Communism stopped at Germanys borders.
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