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  1. Attack on Krampus parade: 30 migrants attack participants "Serious riots at a Krampus run in Naturns in South Tyrol. There, 30 migrants who had traveled there attacked the procession, even throwing blocks of ice at the Krampus and injuring a police officer. Only the intervention of the law enforcement officers prevented anything worse from happening...." https://exxpress.at/ueberfall-auf-krampusumzug-30-migranten-attackieren-teilnehmer/
  2. most Christmas symbols have Pagan origins
  3. same happened in Munich - one of these "protesters" rolled out his little carpet to pray in the street - they have 0 gratitude for the countries that let them in - off with them all as soon as possible and the rest of clueless western protesters with them, we will see how far they come with their civil rights ins arab ruled countries
  4. fact is that the US founded many of these terror organisations
  5. what will you have more to fear - some millions Jews in the world or some Billion - radicalized Muslims? Answer that for yourself. Muslims give a damn about their own people - they just want to overtake other religions. We are currently in a dangerous situation in Europe until our gouvernments kick them out - which will be difficult cause their own countrys dont want them back and many have thrown away their passports. They should never been allowed to demonstrate here in the first place. remember they had water cannons against their own people on anti Covid demos and where are police and water cannons now?
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