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  1. Whatever is presented to me to play over...Mainly blues/rock but I have a good basic grasp of all styles. When I'm writing my own stuff I lean towards the proggy side of things. It's been said my playing style is a blend of Frank Dunnery and Gary Moore, I'll take that.
  2. Only just seen this post and it seems the perfect place to relate a very vivid dream I had the other night. As with most dreams they are hard to express, so I'll be brief and stick to the basic gist. I saw what I took to be meteors (balls of fire) exploding all around me, scary, but I felt safe and protected. As they died off, it started snowing, but on closer inspection, the "snowflakes" were tiny eyes. On seeing this I remember calling out to God and asking if this was him.. It was about as weird as dreams can get...Also, although it was alarming it certainly wasn't a nightmare...ps. I'm not a religious person...spiritual maybe.
  3. That was exactly their attitude...I asked at least five times over a period of about 15 years, same response, different doctors....Then again, they told me I couldn't reverse Type 2 Diabetes, which I did and they showed absolutely no interest in how I did it, even though they'd signed me off on it.
  4. Lol...I play a PRS..Had it since 94...Purple, don't know the official colour name.
  5. About as funny as a foreskin full of pissed off fire ants, with a mentality to match.
  6. Interesting. I've asked my doctors what blood group I was on numerous occasions, purely out of curiosity. The always seemed to fob it off and tell me they didn't have that information which always seemed odd to me, but it was their reaction to me asking that stood out more than anything..It really felt like they didn't want me to know. A few years back I manged to find out because I had to have certain blood tests and it turned out to be O pos, the commonest. Still no idea why they had a certain attitude to me asking.
  7. Firstly, you're a drummer...If you are any good you will always be in demand. Try to remember that and you are half way there. I'm a guitarist and have been round the block a few times, at the moment I have no motivation to create fuck all but I know it will pass. Sooner or later this covid bollocks will come to a head one way or another and musos will unite once again. (looking for drummer to help with a project I had before all this crap started as it happens) Chin up and realise they can't take away any skills or talent we all have, or the buzz we get from it so fuck 'em.
  8. I bookmarked this when it was occurring...The general consensus it was EJ...Not much I know, but it's from the time it was going on. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g1-i9659-k9416229-o20-British_celebs_anyone_in_USA_tell_us_who_PJS_YMA_are-Off_topic_chatter.html
  9. Forgot Alderley...We all know about that place :)......Oh, and Mobberley...And Ashley, the turn off behind the Romper pub...
  10. ....Well played to Marcus Rashford by the way...Local lad takes on the gov and wins...Proves football ain't all bad....Or like Vincent Kompany setting up a fund to eradicate homelessness in Manchester....Or the much reviled Craig Bellamy, who for years, on the quiet, has been ploughing a sizeable chunk of his earnings to finance good work in Africa, something he's sees over personally....Just saying like...I could go on, but if the tabloids can't be arsed, then neither can I...
  11. Man city fan here..The we're Not Really here and the Invisible Man go way back and are referencing a match against Millwall I think it was and they were fearing trouble, so they barred away fans..So the story goes, a few snuck in and chanted this...They still sing it..plus those banners were chosen and designed by the fans...Hence why those two in particular were very visual...As for all the other bollocks....A lot of people are getting sick of the increase of minutes silence virtually every game for anything that goes on...
  12. Something I've just realised about the area, whether there is anything in this, god knows, but I'll put it out there..I was told that Ley lines are sometimes pointed to in the names of places...This area is straddled by the areas of Timperley, Baguley, Brownley Green. and Gatley. Anyone who knows anything about ley lines would be handy. Also, there is a lot of ancient streams that have been culverted and run below the place all over it...They say spirits are attracted to water..
  13. When I was around 14, I stood waiting for my friend to finish his smooching session with his at the time girlfriend. As I stood waiting, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was ready to get off home yet then turning my head back to look down this road. There was absolutely no one about...At one point I turned my head for no more than a second and when I looked back, an old bloke was stood with a Jack Russell terrier on a grass verge no more than thirty feet away. He was dressed in an old style woolly over coat and flat cap. He just appeared from nowhere in the brief time it took me to look for my mate. I was taken aback slightly because he really did just seem to appear and he was definitely not there before....I pondered on this for short while, but I just wanted to get off, so I once again looked over my shoulder, no more than two secs, when I looked back...the old bloke was gone...there was no way he could have got out of sight that quick...He would have had to have dived over some bushes into a garden and crawled like Billy-o to get out of sight that quick. I quickly scurried to outside the house where I'd seen him and looked around...He was nowhere to be seen...Done my head in, other than the fact he appeared and disappeared the way he did, he just looked flesh and bone to me...Fast forward about 20 years later...I was reading a book about murders in someones house...I came across a story i had never heard before that had happened in that very area..It was about a nightwatchman who worked on the site when the area was being built and he was a familiar sight to everyone nearby. Apparently, he was having sexual relations with some guy from Macclesfield and was found battered to death in his porta cabin and the young lad confessed and swung for it....The old bloke fitted the description of what I saw to a T even down to his dog. Another strange twist to this is the guy who's book it was, when I mentioned the story to him, he said "Yeah, I know about that, my uncle was the one who arrested him"... For those who are interested I was stood on the junction of Garland rd looking down Longwood rd toward the woods end, this happened outside the first house on the left...I've since found out that that whole row of houses had gone through a period of weird shit happening there years ago...I think everyone could hear babies crying in the walls of the houses although nobody had young kids.
  14. Up at a friends flat one night, six of us were sat watching TV. The TV was on like a wicker stand a couple of feet from the wall behind it. The light was off and just the glow of the telly lit the room. As we watched, I noticed a tall dark shadow walk from one side of the room to the other behind the TV. It all happened in the space of about four seconds, long enough to notice it and get a good look at it. It was deffo in 3D space and not against the wall. I sat there wondering what the fuck I'd just witnessed and why was no one reacting to it...I slowly turned to see everyone was doing the same thing just looking at each other stunned..I broke the silence by saying "Did anyone else see that?"...at that point everyone started gushing about what we had just seen...Everyone described the same thing and even saw it long enough to notice it weren't a shadow cast on the wall....Martock Avenue, Peel Hall...I'll relate another experience I had just round the corner...
  15. I'm not done with my own weird shit yet, but seeing as you asked.... My mate was off on a night out with his mate and had called to his house. His mate was just about to go in the shower and told him to go and sit in the living room. His mate had about five younger siblings who were all dotted round the living room with their mum all watching early evening TV. After making polite conversation with his mum, the talking stopped and he got absorbed like everyone else with what was on the telly. After about ten minutes or so, someone dressed in what he described as like a Cavalier outfit just walked right through the living room and into the kitchen area, obviously startling him. He noticed that no one in the room paid any attention to it whatsoever which led him to assume that his mates dad was part of a re enactment society or something like The Sealed Knot. He had never met his dad before so he didn't know what he looked like. In Wythenshawe park at that time, there used to be a lot of re enactment stuff went on, so although it was weird he just brushed it off. His mate finally came down and invited him into the kitchen for a brew before they went out. As he walked into the kitchen, two things struck him...His "dad" wasn't in the kitchen and the back door was bolted....no one went in there after cavalier face, so my mate, puzzled, asked his friend if his dad was into the re enactment bit...His mate just calmly said, "Oh, you've seen the ghost then?"...Apparently, it was a regular occurrence most nights and the family were used to it to a point where they no longer bat an eye to it. So there go...My mate told me that in the early eighties and I recently caught up with him and asked him about it and he told me the exact same story. This was at a house somewhere around the Happy Man pub if anyone knows the area..
  16. It was something to do with the graffiti thing. The baying mob were the parents of the kids who went to the school.
  17. Wow...Can't wait to hear them...I've long been wanting to write a book on Wythy's spooks I've heard some really freaky tales from people I know and trust..I mentioned my cousin who lives on the new estate where poundswick lower was, he recently had an extension built and has had some weird shit happening since. Around the back of the old school a friend of mine had one of the weirdest ghost experiences I've ever heard. My gran used to lived in the flats opposite the day centre, there was always Robin Reliants parked outside..
  18. I suppose it comes under the weird shit banner...vaguely...The person in question died a while back so it's safe to assume I can put it out there. I was good friends, and still am with my ex's brother. When his mum was out, we used to have a smoke in his house. On this occasion there was four of us...We'd just had a sesh on the hot knives and were off our tits giggling...The next thing you know, we could hear the sound of heavy footsteps and a baying mob chanting...we all looked at each other wondering what the fuck it was..Next thing, we hears it getting louder and footsteps so heavy you could feel it through the floorboards..It was someone coming up the path..we stood up and looked through the window...The moment we stood up, a massive bright light shone on through the window off the top of a van and all we could see was a huge crowd of people carrying placards and banners and a couple of them marching towards the door...Just imagine, we were off our heads in a local councillors house...Next..Bang on the door...My mate goes and answers the door with a spliff hanging out of his mouth confronted by a gaggle of mouthy banshees demanding a word with his mum, to which he replied- "tough shit, she ain't in...".....The light was some TV company setting up and the press on the path clicking away...Fuck knows what it was about, but god... it was funny...
  19. My ex mother in law was right in the middle of the graffiti shit episode. She was the local councillor...I could tell you a mad funny story about that sometime, you'll piss yourself. i didn't know it was called Poundwick juniors by the way, I knew it weren't the willows till very recently.
  20. Fuck knows mate. I can only go off what we saw. I left out one or two things like she never made a sound even though she was no more than about 8 feet from us and the hedges were at waist level in those days so we got a good look at her. There was deffo something strange about the way she looked, ie- she was almost translucent, but we got the impression she interacted with us because the way she looked at us and she seemed very aware of us, so although it was weird, we didn't for one minute think she was a ghost. Like I said, we bumped into a copper and told him to go and have a look. Those guys who saw her, saw her at least ten years after and described exactly the same thing in the same place, only difference being she faded right in front of them. I can still picture the scene as clear as a bell.
  21. Actually, come to think of it Kj35...are you getting mixed up? Poundwick was a high school which was two schools, higher and lower..The lower school was off Portway facing the CA youthclub. It was knocked down years ago. It's a housing estate now, my cousin lives on there. The higher is still there although it has been revamped, that's on the corner of Greenwood rd and Simonsway. It's now called the Manchester Enterprise Academy. The willows was called St Peters or something not long back.
  22. Wow...small world eh? I went to Benchill and Sharston...Same two schools as Harry H Corbett of Steptoe fame...lol
  23. If you mean the school, the only thing I remember hearing was off a guy who lived on Tayfield rd. He said that staff wont go to certain areas of the school alone. I think he said things get thrown or something. I also once worked with a girl who liived opposite the caretakers house and she told me some stuff she had heard too, but I can't remember the details..I know one of the local paranormal groups and have given them a few leads, I'm pretty sure this was one of them. Not sure if they followed it up though..
  24. If you want to google earth it, it was the caretakers garden on Stoneacre rd Woodhouse Park Wythenshawe. The school is The Willows primary school. If you do, where it says Stoneacre rd, we saw her in the garden to the right of the r and d. The Sherringham place I have no idea of the address, but my other experiences were at 113 Benchill rd Wythenshawe. I've since heard some very spooky shit about the house four doors to the right....When I lived down there I hated walking past that house and always walked on the opposite side of the road, just never liked the vibe of it. Didn't hear about the spooky stuff till years later.
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