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  1. Whatever is presented to me to play over...Mainly blues/rock but I have a good basic grasp of all styles. When I'm writing my own stuff I lean towards the proggy side of things. It's been said my playing style is a blend of Frank Dunnery and Gary Moore, I'll take that.
  2. Only just seen this post and it seems the perfect place to relate a very vivid dream I had the other night. As with most dreams they are hard to express, so I'll be brief and stick to the basic gist. I saw what I took to be meteors (balls of fire) exploding all around me, scary, but I felt safe and protected. As they died off, it started snowing, but on closer inspection, the "snowflakes" were tiny eyes. On seeing this I remember calling out to God and asking if this was him.. It was about as weird as dreams can get...Also, although it was alarming it certainly wasn't a nightmare...ps. I'm not
  3. That was exactly their attitude...I asked at least five times over a period of about 15 years, same response, different doctors....Then again, they told me I couldn't reverse Type 2 Diabetes, which I did and they showed absolutely no interest in how I did it, even though they'd signed me off on it.
  4. Lol...I play a PRS..Had it since 94...Purple, don't know the official colour name.
  5. About as funny as a foreskin full of pissed off fire ants, with a mentality to match.
  6. Interesting. I've asked my doctors what blood group I was on numerous occasions, purely out of curiosity. The always seemed to fob it off and tell me they didn't have that information which always seemed odd to me, but it was their reaction to me asking that stood out more than anything..It really felt like they didn't want me to know. A few years back I manged to find out because I had to have certain blood tests and it turned out to be O pos, the commonest. Still no idea why they had a certain attitude to me asking.
  7. Firstly, you're a drummer...If you are any good you will always be in demand. Try to remember that and you are half way there. I'm a guitarist and have been round the block a few times, at the moment I have no motivation to create fuck all but I know it will pass. Sooner or later this covid bollocks will come to a head one way or another and musos will unite once again. (looking for drummer to help with a project I had before all this crap started as it happens) Chin up and realise they can't take away any skills or talent we all have, or the buzz we get from it so fuck 'em.
  8. I bookmarked this when it was occurring...The general consensus it was EJ...Not much I know, but it's from the time it was going on. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g1-i9659-k9416229-o20-British_celebs_anyone_in_USA_tell_us_who_PJS_YMA_are-Off_topic_chatter.html
  9. Forgot Alderley...We all know about that place :)......Oh, and Mobberley...And Ashley, the turn off behind the Romper pub...
  10. ....Well played to Marcus Rashford by the way...Local lad takes on the gov and wins...Proves football ain't all bad....Or like Vincent Kompany setting up a fund to eradicate homelessness in Manchester....Or the much reviled Craig Bellamy, who for years, on the quiet, has been ploughing a sizeable chunk of his earnings to finance good work in Africa, something he's sees over personally....Just saying like...I could go on, but if the tabloids can't be arsed, then neither can I...
  11. Man city fan here..The we're Not Really here and the Invisible Man go way back and are referencing a match against Millwall I think it was and they were fearing trouble, so they barred away fans..So the story goes, a few snuck in and chanted this...They still sing it..plus those banners were chosen and designed by the fans...Hence why those two in particular were very visual...As for all the other bollocks....A lot of people are getting sick of the increase of minutes silence virtually every game for anything that goes on...
  12. Something I've just realised about the area, whether there is anything in this, god knows, but I'll put it out there..I was told that Ley lines are sometimes pointed to in the names of places...This area is straddled by the areas of Timperley, Baguley, Brownley Green. and Gatley. Anyone who knows anything about ley lines would be handy. Also, there is a lot of ancient streams that have been culverted and run below the place all over it...They say spirits are attracted to water..
  13. When I was around 14, I stood waiting for my friend to finish his smooching session with his at the time girlfriend. As I stood waiting, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was ready to get off home yet then turning my head back to look down this road. There was absolutely no one about...At one point I turned my head for no more than a second and when I looked back, an old bloke was stood with a Jack Russell terrier on a grass verge no more than thirty feet away. He was dressed in an old style woolly over coat and flat cap. He just appeared from nowhere in the brief time it took me to
  14. Up at a friends flat one night, six of us were sat watching TV. The TV was on like a wicker stand a couple of feet from the wall behind it. The light was off and just the glow of the telly lit the room. As we watched, I noticed a tall dark shadow walk from one side of the room to the other behind the TV. It all happened in the space of about four seconds, long enough to notice it and get a good look at it. It was deffo in 3D space and not against the wall. I sat there wondering what the fuck I'd just witnessed and why was no one reacting to it...I slowly turned to see everyone was doing the sa
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