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  1. Ah, come on! The kids worked hard all night making the podiums and signs an stuff.
  2. If all of us lowly serfs know about this magical watermark, do really really think no one on team Biden was ever leaked this information over the course of the last two years? My guess is this "news" was planted by the party trolls on the Left. Muddy the waters a bit, make Trump supporters look like looney conspiracy kooks. And, of course, this story's origin is the great InfoWars website. Besides, with such an overwhelming amount of fraud on several levels, there is plenty of solid, black & white evidence, making magic watermarks almost a moot point. Remember, there's a war on for your mind, so buy some iodine, caveman bone powder and an InfoWars face mask (even though we say you should protest masks). Ah, P.T. Barnum would be proud!
  3. They left out: Dogs and cats having sex with each other.
  4. This begs the question: Why would Steve release this now? Shouldn't he have stayed quiet until Trump's side made the announcement? Seems "too good to be true", for one. Also, sounds like a plot for a made for TV movie, as well. Which, unfortunately, is just the sort of thing our dumbed down population loves. I'm not putting much stock in this story. Just more distracting side show material to amuse and entertain the serfs. We will have four years of, "not my president", regardless of who is placed in office. Which, of course, will help to further devide the Nation. For those not paying attention, 2020 was the year our globalist overlords decided to start removing their masks. And that, Alanis Morissette, is irony. Why couldn't everyone just vote for Kanye, like I did?
  5. "Why does it seem like my life only matters when I get killed by a cop. And now to show me how much I matter, the violence never stops?" - Everyone Burns -The King Kitty Band "When will we all see, the enemy's not you and me. Turn to the air waves. They want you their mental slaves."
  6. Yep, still forcing my music on an unwilling public...
  7. Looks to me like no one is wearing a mask and there is no social distancing taking place. Therefore, everyone is doomed. Fortunately, I took a plane. Oh look...the World Trade Center...
  8. I wasn't aware he condition had gotten that bad, either. Though a heavy smoker, it's thought his initial tongue cancer was a result of his habit of placing his brass or copper picks in his mouth. Thank you for asking about me, too. I had no idea anyone here was aware of my presence. I'm actually not doing very well, to be honest. One of the reasons I haven't been posting much recently nor working on my music. Thank you again for your concern, and God bless.
  9. Eddie Van Halen has passed away. God bless you, sir.
  10. The discussion is wildfires in California: Are they or are they not deliberately set by domestic terrorist groups, etc.? I suggested a point slightly counter to that of the OP. The two of us have an exchange of words and ideas. The two of us, basically, agreed to disagree, like two mature adults. The OP, I assume like myself, anticipated input from others with regards to the topic posted in this thread. Whether they agree or disagree is not the point so much as is communicating with others to gain alternative insights to how we all perceive current events taking place in our shared world. Then, you enter the scene. You call me a "never trumper" (sic), what everthefuck that means. And then, to punctuate your statement, you add a GIF from Dumb & Dumber. Now...a show of hands from all of those here who love irony.
  11. I wasn't so much disagreeing with you as I was informing you, as an unfortunate native and current resident of the Golden State, most are started by "homeless" bums who live in the canyons, freeway underpasses, etc. I'm not sure why you felt the need to make an attempt at insulting me simply because we do not see eye to eye on an issue? Seems to me like you're the one not being very Icke like. It's because I'm pretty, isn't it?
  12. "We're mad as hell, ain't gonna take it no more!" The King Kitty Band - Rise of the Sheep, Pt. 1
  13. In California, it's mainly "homeless" living in the canyons. I know, it would be so cool if it were some super evil laser beamed down from the fake moon, but it's just a bunch of drunk, drugged up bums. that, coupled with California's multitude of environmental green laws and restrictions that prohibit the removal of brush, shrubs and trees in certain areas, as well as the limits it places on other preventative measures. Not everything is a conspiracy. Sure, the vulnerability to wildfires is manipulated by greasy politicians, such as with this current rash of wildfires in California. you see, in order to get funding to repair the damage made by BurnLootMurder/mAnifags , California needs the wildfire damage to be enough to get aid from DC. Note: No, I did not watch the video. The guy looks like a douche.
  14. Funny, you would think a "super computer" would know Covid is fake. Nope, instead it simply prescribes FDA approved drugs.
  15. I've been under the impression that "FVCK BILLY G4TES" is a Trump supporter? I recall him getting upset with me for questioning Trumps sincerity. I bet I'll find out from the man himself once I post this message. I hope he insults me, then post another Alex Jones video to validate whatever claim he will be making. Ooooh! It's so exciting...the anticipation is killing me...
  16. Sounds like a welcome change, to me. Alas, would just be another excuse to loot and pillage. Which brings up a good point: A lot has been said lately about the recent looting, but not a single headline on the pillaging?
  17. I read quite a bit about that fellow, years before anyone even heard of Trump. When I learned Trump looked to him as his mentor...well, trust me, kids, that ain't a good thing! he makes the Podestas look like Boy Scouts.
  18. He is in place, and will be for his second term, to help usher in the New World. As long as he in in office, those on the Right will remain under the illusion he is on their side. That will keep them passive throughout the first part of the change...some will begin to wake...ah, but too late! Once it is announced he is re-elected, you can expect to see a whole lotta "peaceful protest" popping up all over the US of A. So much so that the Prez will be "forced" to declare Marshall Law. Those on the Right will be okay with it, because...Trump. Those on the Left, well, they are already rioting, so who cares. And that, in a nut shell, is what y'all can look forward to for 2021. I'm willing to put my money wear my mouth is...as unsanitary as that may be...I'll bet any man here twenty American dollars that my prediction is spot on! I'm good for it, in spite of what you may have heard.
  19. Part of the design of all of these current riots..eh, I mean, protest...is to show the rest of the flock how to "properly riot", should Bad Orange Man take office for his second term. Should Trump win a second term, which I believe is also part of the design, it would seem to go without saying that there will be riots and looting unlike anything modern America has ever seen before. What choice will Trump have, but to order Marshall Law? Those on the Right won't be as concerned with a good ol' boy like Trump in charge of the Marshall Law. And the Left, well, they would already be fussin' and fightin', so who would care what they think? The New World changes would still be taking place behind the facade of Trump as the moral and patriotic leader for the first year or so, but it's already a done deal...welcome to the New world, boys and girls! For the mouth breathers, knuckle dragger and other dog faced pony boys, let me make it clear, being awake to the fact that Trump ain't the great white hope folks are holding out for, doesn't mean I support Biden or Democrats, etc. Hell, I can't believe I even have to type this on a David Icke forum, but...NONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT US...there. What? You think somehow Trump is different? Does the class need to sit through another George Carlin video with me? Now, where was I? Ah, yes, the riots. So, it's pretty much just street theater. It would make more sense to critic their performances rather than their credibility. It's like the idiots showing me stats on the Covid virus. Or telling me about secret cures. It doesn't exist. Period. You see, it's real late to be playing these games. This is it! This is the sh!t most of us at this forum have been discussing for years, some even decades. Yep, right now, these are the best of times. 2021 will be the official ushering of The New World. From where I live, it looks like about 99% of you mask wearin' m***er f***ers are all giddy about it, too. I've been recalling the various memes I've seen over the years suggesting Trump will be the last US president. I believe that is quite possible, now. Sorry to go off on a rant, kids. You know I loves ya, I'm just not doin' very well, is all. I promise I'll take you all out for ice cream sodas, later. Now, get back to your angry black folk thread...
  20. ...and now available on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/TgnQq31vZR54/
  21. Interesting thread, DannyUK. And, my thoughts and prayers over your hardship. Here in sunny Southern California, it's been very hot and very humid. And, of course, just up North of me are the various wildfires...just popping up...Hhhhm? So, yes, there very well could be some merit to your claims. As a staunch non-masker who is very isolated and surrounded by an overwhelming majority of trendy, masked faces (those black masks make them look soooo cool! ), I've been seriously considering it must be some sort of mass mind control that I'm just not synced into, like the rest. I haven't owned nor watched cable TV in over six years. I avoid current television shows and major motion pictures. I don't use any social media apps. I don't eat fast food. I avoid going to doctors' offices. So, I'm guessing it has to be one or more of those things? I am very serious about that, in fact. Summer is almost over, we are long past the cold and flu season. Enough with the masks and the social distancing crap. There is ALWAYS going to be a cold or flu bug going around. Always has been, always will be. Some are worse than others. The end of story. Are we to forever wear face diapers? Why are more people not angry about this? I recent;y pulled my own wisdom tooth out, because I refuse to wear a bloody mask. A week of intense pain, no pain killers, no numbing agents. Because I believe in not believing in the fake flu and the slave masks. Yet, as you stated above...I'm the one who is starting to look "mad" to those around me. Since I started posting my music, I've been experiencing anomalies, myself. And I'm a nobody. Again, very interesting and informative thread/posts. Thanks.
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