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  1. Singing..."Quantum dots neuronal interface microneedle patch...if you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious..." I watched a TED Talk type video (may have even been a TED Talk?) where the women speaking, representing Microsoft fielded questions about this very technology. The majority in the audience seemed to feel uneasy about the chip/tattoo, judging by the questions and concerns being asked. The spokeswomen said, while laughing, "You guys don't like this stuff, but your kids will line up for them". It was a few years ago now, or I'd add a link...if it even still exist on YouTube?
  2. Think of all them folks who sold out for a doughnut. Hope they at least got sprinkles.
  3. They (social media sites) are used to help herd the sheep. Without them, this "pandemic" would not be as successful. Nor would have rigged elections (not just a US problem). They will get stronger, have an even wider reach. I can easily foresee a day when it will be required to join one. You'll be given choices, of course. Though, they'll all be owned by the same corporation, of course.
  4. The most disturbing aspect of all this is how THIS seems to make more sense to me than just about anything else I can think of for explaining today's world. I am not sure what I saw coming in and going out of Biden's wrist? I will say, this isn't one of those "shapeshifting" videos. That was not some video malfunction. I would agree it appears to be more along the lines of technology rather than physical entities. That said, I would not rule that out, either. Suddenly recalling a Simpson episode where both politicians (Clinton and Dole at the time) pull off their rubber mask to reveal they were actually aliens. They have been more accurate than Nostradamus.
  5. Such things are not new. Having rediscovered a few television shows from my childhood days, in particular The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres, I was curious about certain aspects of the shows. In my research I learned how those two programs, along with Petticoat Junction, Hee Haw and a few more "rural/country humor" programs were all canceled in one broad sweep, in order to bring in more "urban/minority" themed programs. "CBS at the time was under mounting pressure from sponsors to have more urban-themed programs on its schedule. To make room for the newer shows, nearly all of the rural-themed shows were cancelled, later known as the "rural purge," of which Pat Buttram said, "CBS cancelled everything with a tree – including Lassie." - from Wikipedia The odd thing was, all of the shows they canceled were still doing quite well in the ratings. Green Acres' audience was still increasing. Many of the shows which they replaced them with became classics, such as All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Yet, rewatching either of those two "classics" in today's world, I find them less funny, too obvious and too preachy. Rewatching Green Acres, especially as it got into the second season with it's sureal humor, is far more humorous and entertaining. No social justice. No lessons to be learned, other than not to eat Mrs Douglas' hotscakes. Another aspect of these "Rural Humor" shows were the family aspects they represented, along with Christian values.
  6. I believe, for many, that time is upon us. I have been thinking of this very idea quite often, as of late. I've noted how well adapted to the mask culture most around me have become. The young woman who delivered my catnip this afternoon, not only had on a nose/mouth mask, but a plastic face shield, as well. The text message to announce her ETA, suggested I wear a mask. I didn't. The young gal in the Hazmat gear didn't seem to mind. She did not show any signs of feeling odd. I waited until she left before I had a laugh at her over-the-top get up. But, then I thought, as you've questioned, how "we" have all adapted to utter insanity on a global level. I appreciate the human animal's ability to adapt to his environment. It's helped us last through a great many things. But, this is not adapting to an environment. This is some form of global mind control...at the risk of sounding overly dramatic. This is, quite literally living in The Emperor's New Clothes. A great many who are "adapting" can clearly see he is nude, but they fear admitting the obvious. Why the fear? Is peer pressure that strong for a majority of adults? Have a majority of adults, and future adults, already been dumbed down to the level near that of Idiocracy? I believe so. As a musician/songwriter, all the proof I need is in the Top 40.
  7. Male or female energy, nothing helped that Speed Racer movie. Oy! The Matrix (Original), is a modern movie classic. I believe they shot their wads, if you will excuse the expression, on that one and have not really done much else that really measures up, since. Unlike the Coen Bros, whose movies continue to get better. I don't know if having penises has anything to do with their success. Let's just hope they keep their plumbing in tact, for film history sake. As for me, I'll stick with my reruns of Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres. I no longer watch ANYTHING from Hollywoodland dated past 1984. P.S., I've a load of DVDs for sale real cheap! They make great coasters!
  8. In a sane world, Charles Barkley wouldn't be the voice of reason in a sane world. "Former over paid professional sports star (celebrity), now sports commentator and commercial spokes person (celebrity), states the obvious". Even when they make statements which are not utter bollocks, I still could give a flying pig what ANY celebrity has to say about ANYTHING, at this point in time. Baffling how people are unable to ween themselves off Hollywoodland's teats. The same with Facebook and all the other useless, narcissistic apps. Sorry, this rant ain't directed at you, mate. I'm just disappointed in mankind, in general. My heart is broken, my spirit crushed. We are not men. We are, in fact, Devo.
  9. For those of you just joining our programming, THIS is a text book example of "predictive programming". My main questions regarding this would be: 1) Is this the "real" birth name of this individual, or is it a stage name? 2) If a real name, was this person contacted by the program to be a contestant, or had they signed up previously? As for the Simpson's crap, we already know Matt and his writers have been part of the Big Club for a while now. Makes me a bit sad, since I enjoyed the original, early seasons of The Simpsons. Seems so odd to have TV shows like The Simpsons and The Family Guy do things which they once would have made fun of, like the craziness with their vocal actors now only voicing the "correct" skin pigmentation cartoon character. Of course, they all still make Jesus jokes!
  10. Meanwhile... Asians (in the Asian continent) smoke tobacco like it's going out of style. And, they start really young, too! They also contribute to an overwhelming majority of the world's ocean and air pollution. And you suggest we look to the East for their cleaver use of thin, fiber based nose and mouth coverings to prevent the spread of a pandemic? A pandemic which originated from Asia, mind you! The surgeons' mask are mainly to prevent an unexpected cough, sneeze, saliva and such from spreading during operating procedures. They do not prevent bacteria from entering or exiting the face. The rubber gloves, on the other hand*, do prevent germs/bacteria from the hands from exiting and prevents their entrance, as well. Now, put on of THOSE over your head, and you might be on to something. It did wonders for Howie Mandel's career. *No pun intended.
  11. All these waves, and me without a surfboard. On that note, here's the latest song by my band which, coincidentally enough, speaks on this very topic. Ladies and gentlemen, The King Kitty Band presents, "The Same Song and Dance". Thanks for listening.
  12. The masks are also symbols of oppression, submissiveness and ignorance. To suggest one hasn't any right and/or reason to be upset with those who continue to wear and support the continued use of masks is simply coddling those who choose to remain ignorant. Their ignorance, coupled with their submissiveness to "authority figures", has led to the loss of many people's basic rights, as well as the destruction of their businesses and livelihoods. Perhaps, early on, one could be forgiving of the less informed. I believe that time has long since past.
  13. The King Kitty Band presents, "The Same Song and Dance" Thanks for listening.
  14. The first one was all that was needed. Enough already!
  15. Seems to me the LAST thing anyone needs is yet another web forum, social media platform, etc. You want to be "revolutionary"? Start printing up flyers, pamphlets. Have meetings with other humans, face to face. Start groups in your local area with like-minded folks. The internet is the main reason we are in the state of affairs we are in now. Why do you think this is happening now? This Covid bullshit would not have had any legs in the days prior to the internet/cell phones. THEY could not have organized voter fraud to this extent without the aid of the internet.
  16. Update: (FWIW) I've since deleted my BitchUte account. Bleeping cesspool.
  17. Interesting enough... Time magazine publishes a story which, essentially, admits the election was rigged "for America's own good", the same time the Pillow Guy's video was published. Will Time's story change the official narrative now? Possibly. We may begin to see/hear from both sides of the aisle how it was done "for our own good". Why not? The "for your own good" is working on the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines... So, now I ask...as my pitchfork is sharpened and my torches are prime...when do we storm the castle?
  18. "It's beetles...BEETLES! Solient Green is made from BEETLES!" - fade to black...end scene...roll credits.
  19. The Sandy Hook Not Ready for Prime Time Players are still raking in money on their various websites. Robbie and that shit eatin' grin of his...
  20. Technically, you can sue anyone for anything. The trick, as Trump will tell you, is getting the courts to hear the case.
  21. The boyfriend (though pixelized) looks like Hunter Bi-Ding.
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