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  1. Everyone, 'cept me, of course? Come on...give us a hug!
  2. Might you be familiar with the old Art Bell radio programs? If not, look up some of his old shows. Had these guys on as guest, many times. David Adair's stories are incredible. While still in high school, he created an engine that was so powerful, the US military contacted him. Not to make one for them, but to look at one which was almost identical. The government's engine was attached to an alien spacecraft. They wanted him to reverse engineer the engine for them. His was about the size of a football. Theirs was the size of a bus. Almost identical technology to his. The ship had a "living membrane" quality. As he touched it, it changed color. Climbing on top, looking into to cabin of the vessel, he noticed how it all started to resemble how the human body functions. He realized, the pilot of the vessel controls it by being a part of the vessel, if you will. All this was at Area 51, though the government men never called it that, he said. The main hanger there is a huge elevator, of sorts. He said, very similar to it's depiction in Independence Day. Lots more to his stories. Look up the old Art Bell radio shows, kids!
  3. Mine only lasted a short time, as well. In my early twenties, at the time. Had severe, random and unexplained nose bleeds around the same time period, which also stopped after the sleep paralysis stopped. The very last episode of sleep paralysis I experienced was the scariest. From the first, I would fight the "body lock", which would result in my body convulsing severely until I would finally break from it's grip on me. The last episode, just as I was about to break from the lock on my body, I heard really weird sounds in my ears. Very difficult to describe properly. A mix of static/white noise and, what I can only describe as 1950's movie Martian talk; garbled, high pitched, etc. Nothing of that nature has every happened since, nor prior. To my knowledge, any way. I ain't ashamed to admit, I sleep with a light on and my cat beside me. He'll get them suckers!
  4. Well, they were already Photoshoping out the horns and tails.
  5. "Gut feeling" Best advice I can give anyone it to LISTEN to you "gut". Was it not the Greeks who believed we thought with our stomaches rather than our brains?
  6. Ford should at least give this guy a free hat or something. That's one hellava endorsement!
  7. Glad we are cool, now. My mother, God rest her soul, educated me on aliens and alien abduction stuff, back in my twenties. She did so after I told her of some strange experiences I was having at the time. Though her and I were close, I was not aware she had been reading a lot on the subject. I also knew a woman who actually saw a shapeshifter, when she worked in DC. Not a woman who would make up stuff like that, either. I never told her that I knew anything about them, prior to her story. And, after she told me of her encounter, I asked if she knew of David Icke. Never heard of him, nor does she get into any online stuff on the topic. My longwinded point is, I'm very open minded about these topics. I sincerely believe "they" are, and have been among us for a while. Similar to, yet not as amusing as, the Men in Black movie. I see folks I KNOW ain't human, all the time. I would like to ask: Have you ever experienced any sleep paralysis? Or, felt awake, wide awake mentally, yet your body is "locked" in sleep mode?
  8. I play guitars, bass, keyboard, drums and kazoo. Killed my YouTube Channel. Just wanted my songs to be listened to, not watched. Since I do not use any social media sites/services, I have to shamelessly plug my music in this manner. Here's a link to my new Soundcloud page: As you can see, we are very popular with at least two people. We're pretty sure they are just some sort of bots, but we'll take what we can get.
  9. Go to any Guitar Center and you'll hear a lot of grubby fingered lads who sound just like Cobain, as well.
  10. Been watching the old Columbo Murder Mysteries on Tubi. There is an episode where he goes to London. It was filmed during the Seventies. It was a different world.
  11. With his smash hit,"I aint do that much metamfetamines"
  12. I just can't bring myself to listen to anything Dave Groan/Foo Fighters. More importantly, let's not make excuses for the lead singer of The World's Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band having to "hide" the true meaning of one of his songs. Has even rock 'n roll been neutered? Ironically enough, the term "Foo Fighters" is a reference UFO sightings.
  13. As I've come to understand, he lyrics are mocking "conspiracy theorists", not supporting their views. I've been a fan of The Rolling Stones music since I was a wee kitten. In particular, the late Sixties, through the Seventies, and the Mick Taylor years. I don't pay much attention to anything from them since. Dave Groan and his Foo Fighters have always been just another corporate "rock band". As usual, it's basically Mick being an asshole. Even Keith, who loves Mick like a brother, admits Mick is an asshole, a lot of the time. Keith Richards is the true barometer to know when we are REALLY [email protected]&ked. When you see this guy sporting a face mask and promoting vaccines, you know the end is near!
  14. No, I was sincere. My bad humor aside, I see nothing for you to get up about. Your experience, as discribed, is very similar to the core belief of Scientologists. In a nutshell: Us humans are just host bodies for alien life forms, or their "soul", essentially. Part of their "thing" is to embrace this, if you will. They believe a lot of our (humans) psychological and emotional problems, as well as other issues, are related to this duality. No negativity was directed at you, nor the subject matter from me. If my attempt at lightheartedness offended you, don't let it. If you genuinely research what I've just stated, you'll find I'm correct (regarding Scientology). If my comparison of them with you was taken as a put down or a shot at you, it wasnt. There is, indeed, a similarity. Now, you on the other hand, have out right insulted me, my intelligence and my mental health. But, I'm a real cool cat. I hold no ill feelings towards you. You simply misunderstood me.
  15. Hmm? Your post on his death, being the first official mention of it in this thread...hold on, kids...PAGE NUMBER 33. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.
  16. No one in their right mind would believe wearing a face mask could protect them from a "global pandemic". Nor would any right minded person take an untested "vaccine" to combat a "virus" which has a 99% survival rate. Never underestimate stupid, my friends.
  17. But seriously, folks... I would wager on aliens (or whatever) having genetically altered us, rather than doing the horizontal bop with us smelly, naked apes. Remember, we did not look like Cary Grant and Lana Turner back in our caveman days. There is that big jump in our evolutionary progress which all mighty science has yet to understand or explain.
  18. Sounds like Scientology to me. And, who the hell is Armond?
  19. And my quack doctor said it was only hemorrhoids.
  20. Almost makes a person want to go out and kill just thirty-two people.
  21. And why is this not the top story of every fake, 24 hour news station? Not in any of the "trending" news on YouTube, either.
  22. Gosh, these tech companies keep thinking up more cool ways for me to spend the money I no longer have since losing my job to a robot.
  23. Folks older than myself, seem to be more of the "cognitive dissonance" types, I've found. That's understandable. It's simply a form of shock. Not as fancy to say they are in shock, though. Well, shock and denial. But, the denial is more from disbelief. Some of us wacko conspiracy types have had some prior knowledge to some of this insanity. For a large majority, this is their first time experience. Hate to refer to the Matrix, but similar to Neo first getting unplugged then awakening on the ship. The younger folks, I've been thinking about recently. For many of them, this is their Elvis, Beatles, Woodstock, Hippies, Punk Rockers, etc. Quite a few generations have past without there really being anything solid to define it's generation of young folk. "Hipsters" are mere conglomerations of all things past. No major music revolutions or innovations. No real fashion trends that specifically identifies any generations after the 80's. In an odd way, this is our current teen/twenty-somethings generation's "thing". I would wager that a great many of them, secretly, love this sh!t because of it being "their thing". Without even thinking of it in that way. Rather, they feel a sense of unity with their peers. Covering half of your face can be a cool and intimidating look, as well. Think of how many video games feature similarly masks characters. I recall seeing far more younger folks adapting to masks in my area PRIOR to any of the mandatory masks requirements. Myself? I knew these days were coming, I only assumed I would be in my eighties, or so, by the time it began. Still, it's unbelievable and frightening. I am not optimistic, either. THEY are getting done what THEY want done, no matter what, at this time.
  24. Future man will have no eyebrows, for one. Secondly, future man will have any place in time he could go to in order to get out of future world... ...so he comes to 2021? Bastard probably brought this damned fake virus with him, too.
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