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  1. My last job had me working with mostly "kids" in their twenties. The Caucasian kids were, themselves, negative about white folks, often being apologetic about their race. It's all very bazaar.
  2. Ah ha! Yes, that, too! I noticed a considerable amount of shrinkage with Papa John's chicken wings, as well. I blame CERN. That damned giant donut thing of theirs screwing up everything.
  3. Meanwhile, I'm still thinkin'... I'll keep it brief. KFC no longer taste like KFC. I've not had any in years. Purchased some recently, as a result of the current grocery shortages in my area. No sir, does not taste like the Colonel Saunders Kentucky Fried Chicken I recall of my youth! <look, I even used an exclamation point. The chicken I consumed that evening wasn't bad, mind you, it just disappointed my taste buds whose memory sensors anticipated that ol' finger lickin' secret recipe. That right there, the secret recipe, aspect of it should dictate that it remains the same for generations to come. More rare than Elvis sightings are those of me entering a McDonalds. Yet, when I have all their crap taste exactly as it did back when I was a kitty King Kitty. Why was my KFC different? The cole slaw, same. Biscuits, same. Mashed 'taters, same. Heck, even had enough left over mashed to patch a few holes in the wall. So then, why the chicken? Why the star of the show? I'll tell you why. It's that damned Mandela Effect! <another exclamation point. First Dolly's braces and now our Nation's Fried Bird. Discuss...with one caveat: No lectures on the evils of fast food. That's why They did this to the Colonel's sacred recipe. People get distracted by the healthy diet issue while They go about changing all of these incredibly small and insignificant things in our lives.
  4. In our house, it was the Kato Show (Green Hornet). The great old TV series, Kung Fu, was his idea. He was to play the David Carridine role. Man, that would have been THE coolest show ever!
  5. Wow, good bit of news, there. Wonder if anything similar here in the States? I guess they could deploy troops in Hollywoodland? Starring Matt Damon.
  6. Excellent point. If a mere, humble fart can elude the vigilant protector of viral spores, Mighty Mask, what hope does it have against an evil master mind like The Corona? The Corana is cunning, always two steps ahead, always changing, morphing. The fart? Well, though it is not politically correct to say, farts are retarded. Note: If I've offended any retarded farts out there, sorry. ??
  7. This is a job for Fart Man. ...that's right. I made a fart joke.
  8. Ironically enough, I was just now listening to the DEVO song, "Patterns". Simple, but very apt lyrics regarding this and the current race issue in the US.
  9. Very well could be. Just like in all disaster movies, the black guy gets killed first. That's just happened. I live near a zoo. If the chimps start talking, I alert the other humans. Meanwhile, if you are from the Star Fleet Academy, take off your red shirt. (That one was for the nerds)
  10. You've obviously stepped foot into some strange, parallel universe whilst shopping then, sadly, you've returned to The New Normal.
  11. Still have me ol' flip phone around!
  12. It happened to me the other day. I just refreshed my browser, then things went back to normal. Old world normal...not that new one.
  13. Why do I get the feeling you typed this with rubber gloves on?
  14. Innocent blacks are most often murdered by other blacks in America on a regular basis. More than half of the innocent black babies conceived in America are aborted. Never seen a riot for either. Blacks in America have been a very useful tools used by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, black Americans' reactions/responses are very predictable, as these oft witnessed riots demonstrate. Burning and looting businesses and establishments which had zero to do with the crime being protested makes no sense. I've seen this Soros funded production too many times before. There are many things equally as bad as racism. Many things even worse. Blacks in America will have to stop playing into the victim mentality. The behaviour exhibited at these riots does zero to advance respect from their fellow Americans. Perhaps you could explain to us just how looting the local Target of wide screens is just cause for a man being murdered by a cop? How does burning down an independent local mom & pop shop help? Do you think, by having these buring and looting riots helps to advance black Americans standings in society? Will the police stop targeting blacks?
  15. Well, there you go. You just proved your genius.
  16. I had logged off for the night. Then, I saw a commercial for this flippin' thing on my once semi-free of propaganda Buzzr channel (old game shows). The commercial starts off with the announcer blaring ALL the catch phrases in just a few seconds; in these uncertain times, the New Normal, it is no necessary to wear, it's the right thing to blah, blah, blah. Friggin' Copper Fit [email protected], the power of infused copper fibers to better protect me from...the fcuking flu?. Too many companies are pumping money into this bleeping masks trend. Enjoy https://www.getguardwell.com/?mid=11476261&amp;gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_e3V2_rX6QIVyh-tBh0HJABCEAAYASAAEgJ-BPD_BwE
  17. George Orwell's 1984 is rather accurate. Jules Verne was right about a few things. In fact, one could compile a long list of humans who have accurately predicted future events. As far as the Bibles predictions, they still haven't come to fruition, just yet. George's track record is fairing a tad better at the moment. Stayed tuned, though. It's turning into a tight race.
  18. Too many of us are aware of these stagings. Rubber dolls are no longer gonna cut it. The people demand realism. And so They gave us realism.
  19. For some reason, we puny humans are needed on this planet/ perceived dimension. If not, we'd been done away with long ago...and for good. So, to that end I'd have to conclude that we will still be here (as long as there is a 'here') in the future. I can see the merging of humans and AI via androids which will be taken (purchased) as mates. We have all already read of laws being drafted for giving "human right" to AI/ robots. You and your robo-mate which for a few Duracells you can call your own? Your DNA info is processed through to the baby generating data base. Two-day shipping from Amazon will have your perfectly functional baby. "Ah, just like we designed her online, honey." The goal of merging the human mind/soul within a machine/AI, if ever obtained, would be for the very, very few. God help the rest of us should that ever happen. No human could handle that type of power without going full blown mad. I don't believe it can be done. I think that's our Ace in the hole, our genuine power that we just haven't been able to properly, fully operate. I genuinely believe it would be akin to Neo's revelation at the end of the movie ( the first one...don't even get me started on the sequels...yes, I own them all on DVD, Animatrix, too...it's bad enough I've found myself referring to the Matrix in the first place...feels so cliched...still, those sequels are just terrible...don't get me started ) Folks generally think of the Matrix movie from the vitual reality aspect. It's more about that inner power and tapping into it. What ever we humans are, we are needed...or perhaps we are actually feared. Maybe we are reincarnated because, after we've died and gone back to home base, we are aware of our mission to "wake up" as humans, back on planet Earth. Like soldiers, "Get back in there and get the job done, kid!" "Sir, yes sir!" Then, schhhoooop! Blerp. Start all over again as a baby. Will you be the baby Neo? It's documented that babies up to about two or three years old, some older, having very clear recollections of their immediate, previous life. (Look 'em up on YT if you ain't seen any yet. Will freak you out, dude!? The "Second Coming" of Christ could be just that, the inner God in us being fully tapped. This should be our world, free of aggressions, free from toiling and slaving for any man...or thing. Outside of that happening, I can't conceive any other future outcome that has a optimistic slant. Watch the movie version of 1984 to get a good idea of the very immediate future. Then we'll merge into a Blade Runner/Running Man world, followed by the Road Warrior (or Water World, if ManBearPig was actual on to something). All the AI/robot stuff would be for the few elite, living like in those Hungry Huntress movies I've obviously never seen. By the way...and I promise I'm just about through...I tried rewatching 1984 recently, after having not seen it in a few decades. Hokey smokes, kids! I couldn't make it more than about twenty minutes before having to abort. Too damned real, now. So, there you go, my challenge to you: How far can you get through 1984 (the movie) before freaking out, having an anxiety attack or vomiting. The winner will get a free The King Kitty Band t-shirt and beer koozie. Good luck!
  20. Seems to be fitting the times.
  21. Yep. That seems to be another good possibility. Just as folks are getting back out...everyone very tense, disoriented from being stuck indoors AND facing an odd world of masks and plastic barriers. Covid, right hook...pow!...race riots, left hook...bam! Look for a kick to the nuts real soon!
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