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  1. When like scientists have like the very same like speech pattern as like some guy at like your local cannabis dispensary, then like you probably shouldn’t like have too much like faith in their like “vaccines”.
  2. Transsexuals of the past (a phrase I never thought I'd type) never complained about such things as the new generation of transsexuals. What I find interesting is how I never hear anyone referring to Dr. Harry Benjamin (American endocrinologist and sexologist) anymore. In the 1970s he formed the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA), an association of therapists and psychologists. His work with gender dysphoria started back in the late 40's. He had very strict standards to be accepted in his program. He would not take anyone under the age of 21. would never consider such treatment, not even hormone treatments for children nor teens. Of course, the "New Normal" eventually set their sights on him for this: From britannica.com - "HBIGDA devised a set of “standards of care,” largely derived from Benjamin’s case studies, that sanctioned the criteria and diagnostic procedure for transsexuality. (In 2007 HBIGDA became the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.) Although those care standards came under fire in the early 21st century by transgender activists who saw them as creating regulatory systems of gender, they continued to be seen as legitimate guidelines for the treatment of gender dysphoria—also known as gender identity disorder—the formal psychological diagnosis for transsexual and transgender individuals."
  3. Ah! The great Eddie Hazel! The story goes that George Clinton, high on LSD at the time, told Hazel to play as if he had been told his mother had died, only to learn she, in fact, still lived.
  4. ...sorry, I couldn't resist...
  5. It's funny, you never here any cries of racism or diversity from blacks when it comes to NASA... ...but, I recall how upset they all got when not enough blacks were chosen for an Academy Award and when Saturday Night Live didn't choose any black actors to be "Not Ready for Prime-time Players". And now, it's the "Friends" TV show reunion that has black folks up in arms. Nope. Never do they get upset that their aren't enough black scientist, doctors, astronauts, engineers, etc.
  6. Doesn't surprise me any. I know a lot of folks who talk through their asses.
  7. Thanks. I feel so much better, now.
  8. I can't even laugh at this crap, anymore. I don't want to live in this world, anymore. I can't take any more of this mass insanity. There is just no escaping it. I've held out as long as I could, but now I'm broke.
  9. By whom? And the dolts they roll out for these kinds of "articles" do not count.
  10. "Use your COVID sense." {insert hysterically laughing until he throws up emoji, here}
  11. Huge Nerd Demi Lovato Will Investigate UFOs in a New Peacock Series The show will follow Lovato, her skeptical best friend Matthew, and her sister Dallas “as they attempt to uncover the truth about the UFO phenomena.” The trio will consult with leading experts and “investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports, and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots. Now, we should finally get to the bottom of this whole UFO thing. Thanks, Demi!
  12. SNL's Michael Che Responds After Show Is Accused of Cultural Appropriation From the article: "The skit, written by Michael Che, titled "Gen Z Hospital" featured Kate McKinnon, Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, Bowen Yang, and host Elon Musk using slang terms like "bestie," "no cap," "go off, king," "sis," "gang gang," and "it's the.... for me." Many of those phrases are used in African American Vernacular English (AAVE), so some viewers responded to the skit on social media saying it was cultural appropriation or improperly labeled as the language as having only to do with Gen Z teenagers. "This Gen Z hospital skit on SNL is so stupid. I'm so tired of nonblack people throwing random AAVE terms in their sentences and calling that horse s–t 'Gen Z language,'" one person tweeted." From me: African American Vernacular English? Apparently, the term Ebonics has been upgraded?
  13. We all would. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Rich folks avoid serving time. Billy is beyond rich. He won't even be served papers. This is all part of the Big Show. You don't plan global domination for decades, only to have it fall apart over diddling kids. What it all says to me is, these "vaccines" that have been so rapidly and irresponsibly doled out, will begin to do their REAL job soon. The bigger the distraction, the better.
  14. I don't believe it is off topic. Even with media suppression, more are becoming aware of the dangers of the "vaccines". Billy is being set up as a scapegoat. And who better? With his wealth, serving any amount of time for his crimes is laughable. In time, the negative contraindications of these "vaccines" will be impossible to ignore and hide by the msm. The global reaction from the sheep who've been following the rules will be detrimental to the agenda. What better way to distract the serfs than a juicy sexcapade story involving one of the world's richest man?
  15. Because this is the hand the magician wants us looking at, while the other hand is busy doing...? Remember, not too long ago, Cuomo's euthanasing of the elderly with his Convid tactics, and how quickly the press moved to distract the public with all of his sexcapades? Same thing, much larger scale. My hunch is, before the end of this year, the "vaccines" deadly side effects will be impossible to hide from the public, via msm propaganda. Little Billy diddling kids story will greatly overshadow any Convid news. His every morphing wife knew of his exploits with Epstein for quite some time. Would coming out with this info PRIOR to the onset of this great deception have made it less likely folks would have listened to either of them, let alone, trust their serum? Of course not! So, this divorce and the timing of it's announcement is all part of the big plan.
  16. He wore masks because of excessive/multiple elective surgical procedures on his nose. His nose was "disappearing", if you will. Cartilage heals differently than bones.
  17. Some days, I just hate people.
  18. 106 year old man gets second jab! I bet he even buys green bananas.
  19. He's had a few face lifts. They do work on the ears, too. Ear and nose (cartlidge) continues to grow throughout ones life. He is just real old. Cocaine and other drugs do a real number on one's appearance, as well. My guess? I'd say he is a sack of shit.
  20. I believe the "pandemic" has exposed just how ignorant most of us humans really are, rather than having made us dumberer. Initially, thinking it was my general area, but as the event proceeded forward, it became evident. But then, wasn't that all part of the Big Plan, anyway?
  21. Maybe it's like the inside back cover of the old MAD magazines? Those ones where you fold them in the center to reveal the secret image.
  22. And that is supposed to be reassuring!?! Sounds like Bill Gates is just like Jethro Bodine. "Miss Hathaway, Billy wants to be a double naught spy, now." Did I miss where the two of them went to medical school? Meteorology training? And now, he's gonna be a farmer, too!
  23. Where I reside, it's the young, hipsters types and the young, trendies who have been the biggest supporters of the mask/vax crap. Started seeing trendies/hipsters with "cool" mask before any mask mandates. Months before major retail stores required masks, Traitor Joe's had manditory masks requirements. Though the grocery store next door had no mask required (yet) and no line to get in, the 20/30-somethings lined up around the block to get in Traitor Joe's. Maybe we can all agree that people of all ages are stupid and susceptible to propaganda?
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