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  1. Ladies and germs, The King Kitty Band with their smash hit, "Dancing on the Radio"... ...if I can't quit the site, I may as well exploit it with a shameless plug.
  2. The last five or so pages of this thread illustrate one of the main reasons I had decided to drop off the forum a couple of months ago. Around that time, I had noticed a great many new members to the forum appeared rather suspicious and insincere. The overall feel and tone of this forum has been changing, as a result. To me, it's quite clear who these individuals are, as well as their intentions. The solutions is to simply offer them no response. You don't even have to put them on "ignore", just simply stop responding. As for me, this is my final post on this forum. It no longer feels like a constructive use of my time. I would like to add that there are a handful of really great minds on this forum who have a lot of interesting and important information to share and I hope you all can begin to steer things in the right direction. ...and with that, I'll add one final, shameless plug for The King Kitty Band with our song dedicated to all the NHS frontline workers who, though inundated and overwhelmed with Covidmania patients, still found time to make the ever important TikTok videos.
  3. I don't like to give out too much regarding my personal life online, but I received news this morning that a relative (of whom I have very few left) has begun have heart issues. Both husband and wife, though very intelligent, educated people who did not believe the Covidmania, initially, eventually got the "vaccines" about 6 to 8 months ago. I was shocked when they told me about doing so and more horrified when they told me their two sons, their wives and kids were doing the same. When I asked him why, at the time, he said he had read up on them etc. I did not debate him, as he is the kind of man who is never wrong. As a result, I've been fearing this day since they told me of their injections. In the e-mail, I was told the issues are afib, tachycardia, brachycardia and SVT. Was in the ER for about five hours at one point. I did not respond with, "It's the "vaccines!", just my prayers and well wishes. These two are very intelligent, educated people, as I said. I just can't understand why they took them in the first place. The same with my landlord who has pre-existing health issues with blood clotting/deep vein thrombosis. He is an intelligent man, too. They make it about two years without so much as getting a cold during the Covidmania, and still decide to get the "vaccine". My relatives had no pressure from employers, as he recently retired and she doesn't work. *Brachycardia: Bradycardia (brad-e-KAHR-dee-uh) is a slower than normal heart rate. The hearts of adults at rest usually beat between 60 and 100 times a minute. If you have bradycardia, your heart beats fewer than 60 times a minute. Bradycardia can be a serious problem if the heart rate is very slow and the heart can't pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the body. If this happens, you may feel dizzy, very tired or weak, and short of breath. Sometimes bradycardia doesn't cause symptoms or complications. A slow heartbeat isn't always a concern. For example, a resting heart rate between 40 and 60 beats a minute is quite common during sleep and in some people, particularly healthy young adults and trained athletes. If bradycardia is severe, an implanted pacemaker may be needed to help the heart maintain an appropriate rate. *Tachycardia: Tachycardia (tak-ih-KAHR-dee-uh) is the medical term for a heart rate over 100 beats a minute. Many types of irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) can cause tachycardia. A fast heart rate isn't always a concern. For instance, the heart rate typically rises during exercise or as a response to stress. Tachycardia may not cause any symptoms or complications. But if left untreated, some forms of tachycardia can lead to serious health problems, including heart failure, stroke or sudden cardiac death. Treatment for tachycardia may include specific maneuvers, medication, cardioversion or surgery to control a rapid heartbeat. *Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT): SVT is as an abnormally fast or erratic heartbeat that affects the heart's upper chambers. An abnormal heartbeat is called an arrhythmia. SVT is also called paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. A normal heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. A heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute is called a tachycardia (tak-ih-KAHR-dee-uh). During an episode of SVT, your heart beats about 150 to 220 times per minute, but it can occasionally beat faster or slower. Most people with supraventricular tachycardia live healthy lives without restrictions or treatment. For others, lifestyle changes, medication and heart procedures may be needed to control or eliminate the rapid heartbeats and related symptoms. *From the Mayo Clinic website.
  4. ...St Peter don't ya call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store...
  5. "Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news." - Zbigniew Brzezinski "The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details. It will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world." - Zbigniew Brzezinski "Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society." - Zbigniew Brzezinski ...and those are quotes taken from the 70's and 80's. These bastards have had this in the agenda books for quite some time.
  6. It's called "lucid dreaming". I have had a few of them, though they are rare for me.
  7. After seeing this story, just as a goof, I thought I'd see what the world famous New York's Russian Tea Room has to say about this matter. To my surprise, I was greeted by this pop-up: Oddly enough, when I searched "New York's Russian Tea Room Covid policies" on DuckDuckGo, all I got were stories on the above post, regarding Ukraine.
  8. You are welcome. I never watched that series, but that clip will forever remain in my mind.
  9. Star Trek Voyager did an interesting episode with this in mind: Be like Janeway, folks! Pay attention to what he says at the end about her "feeding him for a long time". Meaning, if she were to have gone with him. It is said that we are here to be "mined" of our souls. I believe the human soul is something they just can not create nor recreate. But, it has to be "given", it can't be taken from us. That said, we can be tricked out of it. I see a slight parallel with the "vaccines", as well. You have to submit to them, to accept them, they can't be forced upon you.
  10. I had sold an item on eBay, a few years ago, which PayPal had informed me they would be holding the funds I received for the item I sold for a month, maybe more. Basically, an indefinite period of time. I canceled the sell through eBay and sold it to the same buyer for the same price elsewhere and haven't sold on eBay since. Though, I understand they don't make you use PayPal, as they did back when I sold on eBay. And PayPal,I had that account closed...which they make a pain in the @$$ to close, on purpose.
  11. From the Gateway Pundit: California Man Died Screaming “I Can’t Breathe!” as Police Restrained Him on Ground — For Some Reason No Cities Were Burned to the Ground by Leftists Following His Death? From the article: A newly released video shows a California man who died two years ago screaming “I can’t breathe” while being restrained by authorities, ABC affiliate KXTV reported. A California judge ordered the video of Edward Bronstein’s death to be released to the public on Tuesday. In the nearly 18-minute video, Bronstein, 38, is seen refusing an order from California Highway Patrol officers to take a blood test, according to the ABC affiliate. Five CHP officers continue to hold Bronstein down, with some putting their knees on his back as he shouted “ll do it! I’ll do it! I promise!” the ABC affiliate reported. “It’s too late,” one officer replied. Bronstein began to shout “I can’t breathe!” and “I can’t!” as authorities continued to restrain, according to the video. “Stop yelling!” one CHP officer said to Bronstein. A medical professional took his blood as he appeared unresponsive. For some reason, leftist activists did not burn down any cities following the death of Edward Bronstein. And there were no mass protests across the country following Bronstein’s death. From King Kitty: WARNING! You will see police officers kill a man as it happens in this video.
  12. As previously posted, chemtrails are a regular feature of the skies above my home. Just a few minutes ago I stepped outside to go to the laundry room. Had a bit of a laugh as I saw overhead, two massively long chemtrails above my home form a giant "X" in the sky. What made me laugh was how my home appears to be dead center with the center of the "X". Like "X" marks the spot. Heading up to the roof after I post this so I can "shoot it the moon".
  13. I've seen jets fly near other jets, with one leaving a long, non dispersing chemical trail in it's wake, while the other had the more traditional condensation trail. Both jets at the same altitude, same wind conditions. The condensation trail dispersed rather rapidly, while the chemical trail remained for the remainder of the day. Even actual clouds, of varying classification, would drift past with the wind currents, but the chemtrails remained. For a few years, I worked just a few miles from the actual Top Gun military flight school and Air Force base. Many of the jets fly out from there on a daily basis. Just about everyday, the skies over my home look like many of the examples in this thread. I live near a major domestic airport and I am familiar with their flight patterns. These chemtrail jets break all flight patterns. If they are simply water vapors, then what would the point of the erratic flight patterns be? Military jets do not practice over large, metropolitan cities, nor do domestic flights. And, if all of these jets are leaving such massive vapor trails, wouldn't that indicate some sort of mechanical issue which should be addressed? Jets/planes are not allowed to fly if they are experiencing potential mechanical issues.
  14. They hear there's a lot of work in television commercials for "Ukrainians", these days.
  15. The look on that top bloke's face is priceless.
  16. I was just ribbing you, mate. I had hoped the box of Quisp was a giveaway.
  17. One of these guys battle a city, being attacked by missiles and jets...I can see it. I've been into the catnip today, too, if that makes any difference?
  18. You totally missed ET's head (from the movie ET), just to the screen right of your "I heart U". Seriously, it's ET with his mouth open: I'm not goofin' on you, dude. Who else sees the movie ET guy's face?
  19. I love you, my friend, but apparently you never saw the FOX TV special on the Alien Autopsy? You're gonna tell me they faked giving an alien an autopsy? Why would they do that? You're gonna tell me this is fake!?! And what about this artifact: Proof you want? How about rock solid proof of ancient aliens: Yes, they are here and have been living among us for many, many years: You ignorance comes out of fear. Don't be afraid of the aliens. They are only interested in Nielsen ratings and sugary breakfast cereals.
  20. I don't know, they seem legit. Let's take a look inside the Vatican church.. ...but, surely it's just some strange fluke that it looks like a giant serpent's head? Just an isolated bit of architecture. Let's keep looking... Before I get accused of derailing this thread, you got to admit, that's some alien a$$ sh!t, right there, babies!
  21. Oh, by the way, I took the Hitler test. I failed. Turns out, I'm not Hitler.
  22. The media doesn't tell anyone anything of importance. There are a great many people who have long been aware of the importance of storing food goods. Fortunately, it's many of the same people who knew better than to trust a government shot. Panic over potential food shortages can be a problem, as well. That is why there is a lot of propaganda right now about food shortages. There is still a lot of food being produced, it's being held up and/or prevented from deliveries. Even the most thick headed individual can grow a tomato plant in an old coffee can. Smart people will learn they don't need much room to grow their own food. I could grow basic vegetables and raise rabbits in my apartment, here in the city, if need be. That's right, rabbits. Go ahead and laugh, but when there are food shortages, I'll have all the Easter eggs I can eat.
  23. For God's sake, no one tell here about the used panty vending machines in Japan!
  24. ...up next, President Zelenskyy will eat a bowl of Lucky Charms on live TV. Happy St Paddy Day, bitches.
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