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  1. I firmly believe cancer is a medical "catch-all" they use to employ all their medical toys and gadgets and load up folks with multiple prescriptions, all of which will certainly kill you quicker than "cancer". And now, back to you dead queen, who, as I understand it, is still dead.
  2. Holy crap!^^^^^^^^That's the top of me head!
  3. Psalm 44:19 Though thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons, and covered us with the shadow of death.
  4. Whether this world/perceived dimension is round, flat, a hologram or simulation, it doesn't disconnect you form your "Source". If you have a soul, you have a direct conduit to "the Source", as you put it. Your soul...or whatever label you prefer...resides in your body, which is merely a physical vessel your soul inhabits to maneuver through this perceived dimension. So, whether it is round, flat, hologram, etc., or one's belief in one or the other, you are still connected to "the Source" if you have a soul. I believe it goes something like this...Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
  5. From our latest album, "The King Kitty Band - Ignored & Ridiculed: Greatest Hits and Rarities" comes our smash hit, "Wearing Blue Suede Shoes". Thanks for listening.
  6. I seen one of these the other day, a few blocks from where I live. It was as still and steady as a painting in the sky. And, rather large, as well. Whoever was in control of it was not your average hobbyist. I was driving at the time. from 0 to 20 MPH. Was at a stop when I first saw it sitting so still in the sky I initially looked for what was holding it up. But, it was actually hovering. Looked just like the below picture and looked to be the size of the hood of my Mustang. No higher up than the highest buildings. That was the other odd thing, how it was in a dense city population, among buildings and telephone poles/lines. Ironically enough, it was in the same area where they have the street lights that listen and watch. I guess I live in a safe, protected neighborhood, now? [gulp!]
  7. They merely dusted her off, yesterday.
  8. Almost human-like, isn't it? Not even "crocodile" tears are shed. And finally, something, something...he's a reptile.
  9. I changed my mind after watching. I don't think he's gonna step down right away, if at all. You'll just have to wait for him to die before the kid gets the crown. I bet People Magazine is just as disappointed.
  10. Looks like he's about to be searched. King Chuck might reign a few months, maybe a year, then this media darling will step in and don the crown. It will be glorious! I can already see the People Magazine covers, now. He could be a potential "Anti-Christ", as well? Everyone loved his mum. He's fairly attractive. Compared to other royals, he's incredibly attractive. His has a transsexual wife...if the various threads here are correct, at least...He's circumcised. He's got that strange 666 birthmark on the back of his head. Yep, he could be your guy. Again, for those of you just joining our broadcast, I am not taking the Queen's death too seriously. She was, like, a million years old, for fucksake! I'm pissed having politicians take my money, you poor British folks have to give yours to these inbreed mutants. And now, you, and the rest of the world are to hold her in high esteem and reminisce about all the "great" things she's done throughout her life. If these were real humans who gave a shit about the world, they'd give their wealth back to the people and get real fucking jobs. But no. Now this bald, bastard child of Diana will lecture us on on our "Global Footprint" from aboard his yacht, then fly off to the palace in his private jet where he'll get pegged with the royal scepter by his wife. Meanwhile, here in the States, we still got Joe Biden & Co. We're all fucked, ain't we?
  11. Holy crap! You guys ain't gonna believe this...
  12. That would be so weird if the Queen were to die today, too. Nah, that would be silly.
  13. They hope to be photographed and filmed by the media. God help us if they break into a rendition of, "Imagine".
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