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  1. That's nothing. You should see what his wife's vagina can do.
  2. We have a better illusion of freedom, here in the States. The "riots" you've referred to are orchestrated events, not genuine, natural protest. Do not romanticize our "freedom", my friend. Our cells may look nicer, but we are all in the same prison.
  3. Yes. Where they is!?! I'd like to know, as well!
  4. Sorry, we ran out of t-shirts.
  5. ...on BitChute now, too. Since YouTube is still subtracting views from my videos. https://www.bitchute.com/video/woQRMO8e2JY1/
  6. Sorry...had to update/replace original video. Here is the new link:
  7. Were you to throw a theme party, and the theme was the 1950's. Everyone would know how to come dressed in their 50's costumes. The same can be said for a 60's, 70's and 80's themed party. That's where it stops. Were you on a city bus, dressed up in a 1990's costume, no one would take notice. For over thirty years there has been no major changes in Western culture/pop culture. From music to fashion, televison and movies, nothing new. Just reusing, rearranging and renaming of everything that has come before. Just stream a few seasons from some old television s
  8. Only proves I'm a human and not some AI. That's right folks, I occasionally make mistakes. Nonetheless, the point is the same. And thanks for correcting me. I'll be sending you a band t-shirt in the mail.
  9. Sure, THIS will make everyone finally admit that Covid was a fraud all along. [insert eye rolling emoji here]
  10. The message played backwards sounds like, "Are you ready for Hillary Clinton?" to me. Most others think it says, "Are you ready for Christmas?"
  11. The alleged bomber's name was: Anthony Quinn Warner. Anthony Quinn was a famous actor, Warner is a movie/TV studio. "All the world's a stage..."
  12. A lot of expectations for Trump. I don't believe he is setting anyone up for any kind of sting. He has to offer up a vaccine, for those who believe in such things, or his detractors will accuse him of "killing people" by withholding a vaccine. Hillary never went to jail. The Swamp was never drained. US lock downs continue and everyone is wearing masks like never before. Trump has been put in place to keep conservatives passive. He has done just enough to build the trust and support of his followers, and nothing more. Politicians are not going to
  13. The internet's "telephone game" had this aspect slightly skewed. Here's the straight poop on the watermark twist: Official ballots have a watermark. Copies were made of the official ballots, causing the copied versions to print the watermarks darker. Try it at home with your printers/scanners. Watermarks will show as more opaque in the printed copies.
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