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  1. Hi - I posted a message that a bloke who is a medium psychic posted as a message from his spirit guide. As i said before, he seems to be an honest, decent bloke and I am sure he believes it is from his spirit guide. Here is another message he recently channelled: “We will impart some deep wisdom for you now but you must understand that wisdom is not always welcomed. Wisdom challenges us, it takes our beliefs and lays waste to them. Wisdom converts that which is fragile into that which is built on strength. A foundation for growth. You must read these words with an open mind and an open heart. Imagine if you will that the virus which is infecting the Earth, is not a human tragedy but a gift to humanity. If that statement makes you feel uncomfortable bitter or angry, you have a choice. To read on or to turn away. To those who have chosen to stay and listen, you know there are many theories as to what is happening and why it is happening right now but no one knows the truth. The truth is for you to find for yourself. We cannot give you the truth of all things for we are also on our journey in finding it but we can offer a helping hand. That is how things work. We share our truth and wisdom, for unlike jewels in a safe, wisdom is not meant to be kept locked away from view. You have chosen this life to be a part of the great awakening, the great freedom of humanity. It is your divine wish to see the human family return to its divine home, a home of love and compassion. All the hardships you have experienced and endured, will all become part of the greater understanding of this moment and of why you have been brought to stillness. The world you have created was not taken away by anyone or anything other than yourselves. You chose to live a life without wisdom and compassion and you cut yourselves off from the source of all love. You separated yourselves from all these things when you gave away your divine light to those who would bring deception, greed, war and love of money. You found the truth but then denied it. You all took a pathway which appeared to shine a brighter light but it was a fading light which became smothered by fear. You gave away truth and love and replaced it with fear. It may come as a surprise to some of you that your future, present and your past has been and is already written. Everything you see as news is already known and has been from the beginning of time, that is if time were to exist. If it were to be in a book, the pages would tell of how you lost your way but also of how you find it again. This wisdom was given to you to be shared but there are those who took it upon themselves to keep it hidden. Instead they wrote books which revealed only fragments of this wisdom so as to confuse and divide and control humanity but to give a sense of false hope. When you began to become disconnected from the source of all love and the truth, it was decided that you should have your own domain and to experience it would mean a return to a physical state of being. This domain was to be a place of outstanding divine beauty and it was named The Earth. You would be surrounded by beauty for all the days you trod her soil so that you may rediscover the truth through the beauty and wonder that the Earth provides. It was decided that your ability to speak with your heart was to be done by speaking with your tongues. A beautiful language was created but you corrupted it. It was decided that the creatures of the Earth would be your companions and they would tend to the needs of the Earth to allow you to find the time to seek the truth. You betrayed their trust and their love for you. You were given a never ending source of sustenance through the trees and the vegetation of the Earth but you lay waste to them and instead feed your children with food which has no soul and takes away their soul. You were given the ability to love each other, to heal each other, to look after one another but instead, you create war and weapons of immense destruction so that you can annihilate each other. You were given water to sustain all life but you poison it. You were given minds to create, art to inspire, music to feed the soul but you choose to work every hour for the want of money. It was decided that all these things should be given freely to help you find the truth. It was not a God who decided these things, it was you, Humanity who decided them! You chose a perfect world and to manifest in physical form so that you could start again, as innocent as infants, so that through living on it, you would rediscover your divine light and the pathway to the source of all love would once again become illuminated. If we were to tell you that you can move objects with your mind, speak without tongues, heal all disease, love unconditionally, create worlds of your own, be omnipotent and transcend death, would you scoff? We are not here now to berate you but merely to show you your own reflection and to remind you of how far you have become removed from the truth. We are all now with you to heal you and return you to the light but we cannot do so unless you open your hearts to us and your higher consciousness. It is you, Humanity, who has to decide which pathway to follow.”
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  3. Has anyone posted about this? https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/legalactionagainst5g/?utm_source=backer_social
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