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  1. May be there is something, that you'd like to know? The mysterious Russian soul! Reptilians, your brains are just breaking! Another Russian priest of magi Alexey Trehlebov says that THEY reptilians OPENLY show our future in the film Battlefield Earth. Saga 3000.

  2. 5 hours ago, TheMessiah said:

    It’s been a while, but the other night I saw another UFO signal at 10:04...


    i did the math then sent the responses... Here they are...




    It’s so cool... I often get telepathic messages and “visions” of elements of the signal sequences as we play...


    like this time I kept getting ideas to send Pi as a signal to send, then having 162/161/183 iq and also getting visions of them waving at me from the sky. All things that appeared in the sequence


    its a really game!


  3. On 2/14/2022 at 5:14 PM, Origin said:

    Is there even one single thought that you have found out for yourself? What comes from the underworld? Aliens/Angels/Dragons/elves/mystical creatures? Every possible name given by humans? The intelligence says no..:classic_smile:

    Reptilians live in the underworld. You sometimes can see them going for a walk in the underground. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Fool Me Once said:

    The entities may be aliens or demons or something which we cannot fathom,but one thing seems certain:that they are not Human - unless a deeply psychopathic subspecies with the hubris to play gods and destroy anything of goodness.


    There seems to be a buildup in Events towards the complete subjugation of any survivors left when they annihilate the World Economy;after sabotaging the food supply chain and creating the pandemic nonsense to inject their poisonous venom into everyone but their own clique.


    One such 911esque Event would be an Earthquake/Meteor Impact which could impact La Palma and send a Mega Tsunami to devastate the US,magnified with DEW and/or Nukes.


    The following images are taken from Ruger4life yt channel's latest videos.He has 20+ examples of predictive programming which are very insightful and are reminiscent of all the 911 pre programming.


    Adele concert with Tsunami imagery behind her.VideoCapture_20211211-112943.jpg.dfaa2edccd0bb340c9e6a02c4da5fb08.jpg


    Boxing (Day?) Gloves with thumbs shaped like La Palma and impact waves.VideoCapture_20211211-113939.jpg.702af22aab462cb640e89a11d865856d.jpg


    He shows that the Economist magazine has a plethora of subliminal imagery,and his videos are certainly of interest to the mind of the Critical Thinker.





  5. On 12/5/2021 at 9:47 PM, Gluoniel said:

    What do you think? What have you read about this theory? What are some good sources?


    Of course, Satan is referred as a dragon or serpent of old, so he sounds like a reptilian. Maybe it was him the first reptilian who entered our 3rd dimension? Or he was and is the most powerful and knowledgeable reptilian with the highest rank.


    I have also read the theory that Cain was Satan and Eve's son and that the sexual relationship between Satan and Eve was the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden. Was this the beginning of the reptilian Illuminati bloodline?



  6. On 9/11/2021 at 7:58 PM, Unity8 said:


    I forget where I found this.  600 = brotherly love,  60 = stolen fire from heaven (Hebrew: Barak Obama),  6 = brotherly love for one's own benefit (service to self/Satan)

    Also, COVID = Certificate of Virtual Identity.   The introduction of the mRNA material into the person irreversibly alters the dna to a hybrid alien dna.  Many christians and spiritualists have claimed to have been told by Christ Jesus that the "vaxxine" will create a separation from him so that the human soul cannot "connect" or communicate with him (the Divine).  This is the real intent of this technology, nothing to do with even making people "superhuman" through a connection to the "internet of things".  Total bullshit from the agencies.  The real universe and the real human exist separate and apart from any manmade technological nightmare.  Becoming part of this electronic matrix not only limits you to a material reality TOTALLY controlled by whatever/whoevier is at the center of the web, but you lose you own volitional will.  AI is continually redirecting your consciousness to align with it's thinking.  People really, really need to wake up in a big way.  This is far worse than they're supposing, thinking that it's a bunch of "conspiracy theory".   All the psychopaths have to do is get people to allow the needle in their arms, after that, they're done.



  7. 16 hours ago, Seeker said:

    I was curious to hear people’s thoughts on if they believe in God or not. If God is listening to our prayers, or if it is simply a reference to the idea of a one consciousness, the highest form of loving consciousness, etc


    On this forum, we have a cool variety of people with different brilliant knowledge, meaning we will all have different conclusions, I’d like to hear your conclusion on this. 


    My thinking was that the people who rule the world, worship the devil, or some sort of evil god. Now in my mind, if the devil is real, there is an opposite, perhaps we are tricked into worshiping the wrong god, I’ve no idea. As they say, the greatest trick the devil performed was convincing the world he wasn’t real... I interpret that as his greatest trick because if people don’t think the devil is real, then they are less likely to believe in God. 


    Perhaps for me theres an an element of hopium, hoping that something great is on our side, especially during these dark times. What are people’s thoughts, I’d be curious to hear. 

    I belive in the Creator. He is in everything. Everything is part of the Creator. 

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