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  1. Have made this up in the style of NHS propaganda. Should stay up a bit longer before people realise. I think some shops might even take them off you without reading properly and stick them up ;-) Hopefully some of you will find a nice place for it over some of the shit going up in your local area. Reckon it will trick plenty of people before they realise. Link To PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lBk4Mqg6ha8gELinkto PDFvf0D4HARNCgviX_RVzW/view?usp=sharing Image So You Can See It
  2. Something is going to surprise the fuck out of everyone in the next month you can feel it... Whatever it is it's not going to be good. There're too many variables and while we've got a good idea on here there's a big chunk of what's going on that none of us have got a clue about. One thing's for sure, if nothing does happen and this just trundles on then this time next year we'll be in ruins. I blame the sheep for 90% of it, not the 1%.
  3. There's no way that's going to happen. It's just impossible, even if they tried it's just wouldn't be done in 24hrs. I haven't once believed that's the plan.
  4. I can confirm this isn't a joke too, as the missus just updated her First Aid for children. The lady taking the course explained what the changes were and said if it was for adults that you had to do the above now. You can't make it up. If you're young and this is the the first time you do first aid...
  5. I like him but he thinks there's a virus and it just puts me off of people. If you're believing there's a COVID-19 you're falling for part of the scam. I think it's all getting to him a bit lately too he's seemed very depressed recently and he clearly struggles (not that I don't).
  6. Not been on the site for a while. Business started up a few weeks ago so been sorting that not that I'm on here much anyway. I won't wear a muzzle, and haven't done. At this point I'll just never be able to do it, it will kill me if I submit. Where I live Tesco isn't too bad, there's quite a few not wearing them, but when I take my mum shopping (Stevenage), we're the only two in there not wearing masks, and it's true true zombie town, totally different to where I live. I had a woman skip past me once, it was pathetic. An really old bloke try and stare me out
  7. I've seen it being bandied about quite a bit lately. Isle of Wight is a Freemason town... Nothing seems to ever happen to him. I think it comes with gaining a bit more popularity recently myself. You can't win can you.
  8. Some just aren't going to wake up. It is changing but we'll never be in the majority. They are literally walking zombies.
  9. I never though of that! I couldn't believe it when I saw the glory hole thing the other day though, unbelievable. On a plus note though, it's the absurdity of some of this stuff that is giving me hope that there is so much more going on we're not seeing...
  10. I don't think those things ever made us free, and have definitely been used to manipulate us to a larger extent than any of us would care to admit to or realise. If losing films, TV and music makes us feel we've had our freedom taken away we were sort of a bit lost anyway. I do know what you mean though, I love older films and rock music but for me streaming had killed films for me, and the iPod did take something away from music. Many films have become nothing but propaganda depending on what you've been watching, and it's been so obvious with Netflix for a number of y
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