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  1. The status quo is well and truly gone and isn't coming back. I know what OP is saying but like you, I can't forgive them. I'm falling for the divide and conquer tatic feeling such contempt for them but I'm only human. They sicken me. I can't put myself in the shoes of such utter stupidity to even BEGIN to think like them. I wouldn't mind if they said, "well I'm well off, and I'm not going to rock the boat, I'll just go along with it all..." but like you say, some are asking for more, and seem to be enjoying it. They're living in a different reality, and it is the wrong one. I h
  2. Apparently there is a lot of this going on... Ye Man TV -------------------- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFltq1grz7wy5TUR3H-DJPQ Le Naturel -------------------- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCjF9tCSXVWl_oBcZuRFjSQ
  3. I totally agree. The problem with this mainstream lot is they won't make the jump into "conspiracy" and you're right, I've kept an eye on James slowly having to do it to make sense of anything. The guy even had the nerve to even go on and see what Charlie Fruad was all about – at least he tried.
  4. All my local stickers this week have been aggresively removed Even had someone call my a c*** in biro on one of them.
  5. They knocked today and left a leaflet saying " we haven't had your Census. Had a couple of tick boxes on it saying will you complete it today or tomorrow?" I've lost 20k this year, and they've destroyed the status quo. Knock my door threatening a £1,000 fine...
  6. These are from a Telegram group I'm on, so if they're not real or from another time, then apologies. But just wanted to tell people as gotta' be streetwise. Not on here to spoil anything.
  7. I'm seeing photos of bricks being left in roadworks in Trafalgar Square... Just sayin'. Anyway - good luck people. Probably won't even be any of you lot throwing them but if they start getting thrown then you're being played.
  8. If I was administering I'd have stuck the needle straight in a bottle of bleach and jammed it right in his fat f***ing head. Who lets themselves get that close to one of these pricks and doesn't at least try and take them out!?!? Keep thinking of the "you're a liar, you lying about the Covid-19" Chris Whitty thing. I mean, there he was, ready for the taking.
  9. "Our politicians" are no longer scared of the general public.
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