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  1. I just saw that you dont require a negative test for the ferries between UK and Ireland. Can anybody let me know what its like traveling maskless on the trains in the UK? I have a doctors letter stating I have asthma and dont require a mask for here in Ireland, can flash that if needed
  2. My sister in law and husband, who live in Central America, are flying to Florida to get the jab, mostly so they can then fly to Europe and visit their relatives including us. The irony of traveling to Florida where they can see realtive normality to get the death jab. I have nothing in common with these morons, I have literally nothing to say to them if they show up here.
  3. Yes we will see by mid/late summer what the jab uptake is like in Ireland. Hard to have any faith in the Irish public. From what I can observe, we must be the most docile, compliant pathetic Western nation out there. My wife and next door neighbour, both fully awake, regularly rant their disgust with how the Irish are behaving thru all this and I cannot defend my fellow country men and women. My wife is from Costa Rica, she has a house there and we will be weighng up the decision to move there in the summer if, as expected the sheep are all jabbed and things become unbrearable here and it look
  4. I believe they get 60 Euros in Ireland
  5. 20k idiot hypochondriacs have gone to these test centres in the last few weeks apparently
  6. Dig all you want, they deserve it currently thats for sure
  7. Well judging by the numbers masked up here in Ireland Im not so sure. In my town, I can go for days without seeing another non masked person in supermarket. Doubt too many of these cowards are ready for a revolution
  8. My cousin just got the jab, she has a desk job with the HSE in Ireland. She wasnt exactly a convert but had been asking some questions at least. People just cave into the pressure so damn easily. Here they still havent got thru the 70s age group of the general population but seems if you are just a pen pusher with the health board they bump you thru as an essential worker and pressure you into the jab. Would love to know how many refuse. I reckon with the sheep laden Irish theres very few indeed that have the moral fibre or smarts to say no.
  9. (10) HealthFreedomIreland on Twitter: "Coerced consent does not constitute valid consent... but you know this @CcoHse! https://t.co/EFQwBJtrdt" / Twitter HSE running a medical tyranny now. Im a qualified physical therapist, wonder how long before they mandate the posin for our group.
  10. The Impending Financial Collapse, Crypto and Anti-Lockdown Protests - Computing Forever Archive & Sources I have been to the last two protests in Dublin and Cork, not so sure about tomorrow. I think Daves right, there will be trouble up there tomorrow. Paddys day is always messy and Dublin is best avoided in normal times on the 17th. 2,500 cops expected to be on duty too.
  11. I traveled 100 miles by bus to the demo in Cork at the weekend. Garda got on the bus neat to Cork, asked purpose of my journey. Im a health profesional so brought some small bits of equipment to "prove" I had an appointment and they were happy with that. I heard lots were turned back elsewhere though. I will be doing same next week for Dublin demo. My wife was on the bus last week, while questioning some guy they smelled some gear in his bag, searched and duly found. Poor guy was hauled off
  12. Schools in Ireland asking parents to sign a declaration form stating they have no reason to believe their child has an infectious disease such as covid 19. This is obviously the first step to get parents used to tests, health passports etc. I will be saying no to this
  13. My wife was on the bus from Dublin today, cops get on as they do now from time to time. They ask everyone a few questions, when they were questioning one poor lad, "whats that smell coming from your bag", bag searched and then they haul hom off the bus and into squad car. This is a shameful fucking police state. Lets hope the rebel county put on a good protest at the weekend. I will be there
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