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  1. Number of Covid-19 tests jumps 30% week-on-week (msn.com) Does it ever dawn on the sheep here that they are complying with their own enslavement, morons. The evidence youre being scammed is right in front of you
  2. Two of my neighbours in their 30s just got the jab after sayng they wouldnt. Both of their wives are pregnant. Constant harassment from the pregnant partners (and family of partner in one case) unsurprisingly had its effect.
  3. Try being Irish at the moment
  4. Nphet warns Delta variant could infect thousands per day in August leading to a ‘peak of deaths’ - Independent.ie NPHET the doom mongers running the whole damn show in this shithole. NHPET apparently also recommending jabbed only allowed for indoor dining (whenever tht happens). Just like UK expect another extension
  5. Woman CALLS NHS and SERVES NOTICE OF LIABILITY Hugo Talks #lockdown (brandnewtube.com) Anyone know how the freedom of information requests work? Can any of us take the route the lady in the above to chase these cunts?
  6. Someone correct me if its incorrect but Ive heard the take on mandatory jabs from the Satanists point of view is let them fuck themselves up, i.e. pressure them into voluntarily damaging themselves. So from that standpoint they wont make it mandatory
  7. Molly B on Twitter: "Okay. Bullying Limerick into a potential lockdown." / Twitter Get a load of this gobshite in Limerick. Guy would cream his pants if they proposed that the non jabbed have to wear a star in public
  8. RIGHT NOW with Gareth Icke - Journalist Jacqui Deevoy has discovered state euthanasia (brandnewtube.com)
  9. My cousin got a call from doctors office today, didnt answer as he knows damn well what its about. He said the last 3 digits of the phone number were 666, what could possibly go wrong . I am wondering though, if/when they call me is it best just not to answer? I mean is there a possibility you could be marking yourself down as a refusenik and leave yourself for open to future harassment? It would be a pity not to answer though as I would like to put a few things across to them
  10. One possible avenue for them is to keep increasing property taxes so people cant afford them ( easy to put out of reach of people on UBI). Here in Ireland they announced yesterday that they are increasing property taxes on average 19pc I believe
  11. Friend of mine is in the Police, had both jabs months ago. He works with the homeless in London
  12. Are there any stats in Ireland for adverse jab reactions? My neighbour was in the A & E the other day. For the 20 mins or so he was there he counted 3 other people who had severe reactions to the jab. Before he left he asked a nurse what the story was. She said they are inundated with jab sufferers.
  13. I showed one of V Colemans vids to my Dad, was trying to convince him of the scam going on. I thought I was making progress until one day he went on a rant that Coleman was struck off and discredited. Later I guessed that my Mam checked him out on wiki
  14. More evidence spike protein is a toxin Doctor Says 'We've Made A BIG MISTAKE With Vaccine' / Hugo Talks #lockdown (brandnewtube.com)
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