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  1. yes that would be of help, debating friend of mine who maintains no excess deaths worldwide
  2. Anyone have a link to excess deaths figures worldwide ? tks
  3. Well its happening here in Ireland now, the govt are now contacting people who marked down their extra bedrooms they have to spare on their census form. I know about one elderly woman who lives alone, has 4 bedrooms and was asked to take in refugees. I have to say it is giving me immense satisfaction in saying I told you so to people here. The Irish would want to wake the fuck up very quickly
  4. Can anyone send me any published evidence of increased heart attacks/conditions anywhere since jab rollout, need to shoq to leftie friend of mine, thanks
  5. Home | Cristian TERHEŞ | MEPs | European Parliament (europa.eu) Think its him
  6. I know someone who wants to test positive so they can get the immunity cert (un fucking believable joke it all is). Can anyone give them any tips how they can improve their chances
  7. Well today my cousin and best friend breaks to me that hes now double jabbed thru family coercion. His Mam was diagnosed with cancer (since passed) last month. His sister (nurse ) told him he wouldnt be allow to see his Mam in her final weeks unless he got the jab. Unreal the stupidity of the woman. Hes a vulnerable guy anyway to be honest and now hes distraught over this. We already had a suicide in the family just months ago. If anyone can pass on any links that can help mitigate the effects of the jab, supplements etc that would be great. I told him theres probably a decent chance that he got the saline version, who knows
  8. Im just recovering from the worst virus of my life this last 11 days. No temperature, just achy bones initially then no energy, helpless. Luckily my wife stayed home to care care of me otherwise I dont know what I would have done. My wife and son were both sick also but not nearly as bad as me. Only when I started on penicillin in the last 2 days did I feel recovery coming on. My wife took a test which was negative. Shes on board with the nonsense, being a teacher she kinda felt she had to. I never have and never will take one. Im 56 but very fit and strong for my age, dunno how I woulda coped if I wasnt. Like many, I have little enough social interaction these days, so presume maybe its a virus my son brought home from school. I dont know what this virus is but I have never experienced anything like this before. It would surely kill many an elderly or less healthy person. God help anyone who lives alone trying to cope with something like this.
  9. Just back from the funeral home, friends Mam passed. I have no problem not wearing the face nappy anywhere but funeral homes are always the toughest. Im sure many think its disrespectful, especially as funeral homes always full of old folk but it has to be done
  10. Latest from Grand Torino, just past the 60 min mark an update on that nurse who collapsed last year "It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us" 18-10-21 (odysee.com)
  11. GPs in Ireland receive an average of 88k Euros p.a. from the HSE to compensate them for not seeing patients face to face
  12. Thomas Sheridan saying in recent video he came across what appeared to be Lithuanian troops at a petrol station in Ireland at 5 am. Specualting they may be here on training exercises
  13. Watching some videos with Mark Windows lately, like his analysis re Communitarism, corruption of local govt etc. Dont know if he views David as a shill like Anna Brees, Brandt etc but he does state hes as good as counter intelligence, controlled opposition etc. Anyone got a view on this?
  14. The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast - Clif High (google.com) Pretty interesting podcast, had never heard of this guy beforehand I must confess
  15. Wife just got a job teaching in Dublin. The bastards will make her wear a mask despite the fact she has asthma and a doctors exemption letter. She insists she will be fine, will put holes in her mask. Im happy for her as I know how much she wants to work but hard for me to be thrilled letting them away with it
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