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  1. A van going around town here with a flashing sign on the side stating RTE lying about covid, Take off your Masks etc, great stuff, hope to catch a glimpse of it when I go out todo some posters shortly
  2. My wife is from Central America and shes worried whether she will ever get back home to see her family again. She cant get off work right now, but shes tempted to try before these damn Health Passports come in
  3. Things are getting more hostile here in Ireland. Today had some cunt ahead of me in checkout complaining that I wasnt wearing mask. I shouted to him that it was none of his business and togo look up the regulations. I had promised myself that I would keep calm next time anything came up but its so difficult. Im not an aggressive person but Im not easily intimidated and I do have a temper. I no longer let my wife do any shopping. She has asthma and doesnt wear one either. Probably best togo late at night as much as possible from now on.
  4. Anyone heard of these ? freedomairway.com I cant understand how that concept would work, sent them an email but havent heard back
  5. The panic rising further still here in Ireland with the increasing "cases". Just about every time I enter a supermarket now Im approached by the manager re non mask. They are ok about it, just very tiresome
  6. Just back from putting up some posters. Just wondering if I could get more grief for sticking them up on bus stops, walls of train stations etc, any place that might be considered private property? Additionally telegraph poles, lamp posts public fences etc would also be considered belonging to electricity companies, local council etc . Maybe Im over thinking this but Im looking ahead to see where I might encounter some problems.
  7. I hear the locals are now gathering regularly in our local green to pray for divine inspiration to the grotto there. The Irish are really exceling themselves these days. I hope to catch a glimpse of them later when I go out to stick my posters up. People like me better be careful though, my town is famous for having burnt a witch at the stake back in mediaeval times
  8. Yeah I will miss concerts, started going to 3 or 4 per year upto last year. Loved my trips midweek from Ireland to places like Coventry and Salisbury, places you would never end up going to otherwise. All the groups I like will be finished or dead in next few yrs anyway. I have slowly fallen out of love with sport anyway, football in particlar, its as far away from the game I loved in the 70s and 80s now as to make it redundant
  9. started my poster campaign last night, its a good feeling to start something proactive (apart from not wearing masks etc). Mostly stuck them on to poles around town, outside shopping centres. I dont care how long they remain up as I will just keep going and put up more. I would love to goto other towns but quite tricky during lockdown here. Ideal time as its so cold during lockdown, not many about, not that I care or much people pay attention to you as you are sticking them up anyway. It will be interesting to see if theres some sort of feedback from the community as time goes on. Im looking o
  10. I am almost ready to finally start doing something more proactive. Printing some leaflets which I have made up, I will affix them to poles or anywhere else about town that looks good. Its a small town, population 25k so it will be interesting to see if I hear people commenting/complaining about them
  11. My lad is 9, he justs pretends to use sanitizers when instructed, easy to fool em, he knows its all bollocks
  12. Im hoping in next few months, to be able to take Ferry and train from Ireland to UK without masks/tests etc. That will be summit of my ambitions for holiday at the moment
  13. My sister in law tested positive so now isolating. Of course she is making an issue of the usual symptoms, no taste or is it smell etc. Additionally she is researching the symptoms of long covid, really dreading that. I got the flu early last year after visiting my Mam in hospital. I was absolutely flattened, took a big effort just to get outta bed to goto the loo. I would have thought loss of taste /smell was the least of my worries with the way I felt that week. I wonder does it ever cross the mind of any of these so called covid victims that could it actually be the flu and not covid? Far t
  14. The three of us were supposed togo to my Mams for XMas dinner today. My bro, who has a daughter recovering from skull op, wanted us all to take a test, one of those home kits. Initially I said yes, well to be honest I thought he has going to give me the tests to bring home, so could stick up dogs ass or whatever. My Mam told me my bro was probly going to do tests himself on us. I told her I give zero credibility to them anyway, she responded well your opinion doesnt count. Thats it for me, woke up today and told wife we aint going. I made excuse that my son isnt feeling well but I will let th
  15. The new strain being touted to be more dangerous to kids was oh so predictable. Obviously they dont have a lot of amunition at the moment to persuade many to vaccinate their kids, a new virulent strain that affects our kids however.........
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