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  1. I'm going to have to catch up with reading David's later books. I'm not an avid reader, I only tend to read a couple of books a year but they're all important ones. Was Human Race Get Off Your Knees your introduction to David's work? My introduction came through watching a channel 4 documentary called Secret Rulers of the Universe. Immediately I borrowed every book of David's available from the local library. I read Love Changes Everything, In the Light of Experience and Truth Vibrations. It was through reading these books I first became cognizant of unsustainable economic growth.
  2. Freemasonry has a teleological purpose for humanity and if you don't fit into this 'great work of ages' you are worthless. Lower degree Freemasons beneath their charitable work for favoured causes are the most aggressive and territorial humans one could meet. They are typical self-made men or self-made thugs as I prefer to call them, who are pillars of the community. They will use their secretive connections in local communities to sabotage the lives of anyone they take an irrational dislike toward or who do not fit into their perfectly ordered community.
  3. It makes sense that someone from a Masonic background, who has always fitted perfectly into a community would interpret an original metaphysical experience as being a threat to themselves and their territory. Those who have never been part of a society or parish committee are ready for eternity.
  4. I look forward to the new refined fora. It'll be good to turn a new leaf and I don't think threads from the previous forum should be reinstated. The essential information pertaining to coronavirus can be reassembled in new threads.
  5. It's the only principle which matters and anyone who doesn't understand this is not as spiritually advanced as they like to think they are. Christianity accomadates the warped morality of human beings. It allows them to relinquish moral responsibility for their own actions and still be saved. It condemns all killing, except when its 'Just War', which it always is when Christian interests are at stake. It doesn't surprise me you have respect for Jewish law because you worship the same warlord. Christianity is the more hypocritical of the two religions.
  6. Stupid colloquial accents aren't going to get you very far in eternity.
  7. There isn't one. Nature is amoral and so are human beings. In an amoral environment, immoral actions will have an advantage. This is why unscrupulous humans tend to be successful. Religions which absolve human nature become widespread but religions without salvific consolation for moral relinquishment, struggle to survive and have comparatively few adherents.
  8. The demiurge derives from the artisan who fashioned the physical world in Plato's Timaeus.
  9. Well the UK has a one-upmanship mindset and always has to go the unnecessary extra mile. I'll bet in years to come, if international football tournaments resume, English football hooligans abroad will be chanting to rival supporters, 'Our lockdown was longer than yours!'.
  10. I didn't realize you were being that serious. I hope you're not thinking of doing anything silly?
  11. Yes, it's generally known as dying.
  12. You sound like the sort of person who has a photograph of bomber Harris on the mantlepeice and a scale model version of Dresden after the firestorm. Still well done, you've somehow managed over 670 little gems like the one above.
  13. I'm more worried about Truthspoon, he hasn't logged on for seventeen hours. What a shame if he's been driven away by the court Jewess and an international clique who have opinions so mild and comfortably middle-class they wouldn't be out of place on the BBC Politics show. This clique resents people like Truthspoon who have a natural profundity, so the best they can do is accuse his passion of being, 'anger' or 'hate' and then use this to shut him down and marginalize him. This place won't be the same without him.
  14. Every Christian I've ever personally met has been a rabid Zionist. I know this is not representative of every Christian but I assume those who are exceptions must be rare. Christianity, whether you like it or not, is inextricably linked with Judaism.
  15. I had no idea Deborah Lipstadt posted here.
  16. Truthspoon's posts are one of the highlights of reading this forum. I think there is a Jewess led clique constantly trying to sabotage the forceful points he often makes and which need to be made! By the way I got a checking browser message when I logged in, is that normal? Wouldn't surprise if a few of the Jews who moonlight on here are Mossad.
  17. I've also read sleep paralysis could be spiritual warfare, ill-feelings another harbours toward you, psychically directed against your dreaming self. The woman could have been trying to tell you something important.
  18. Have you experienced sleep paralysis yourself?
  19. If only a modern underground pacifist-spiritual movement could be founded, akin to the Albigensians in medieval France or the Ājīvikas in fifth century BCE India. This pacifist movement would collapse the miserable pack of lies human culture is built upon and herald a nonviolent revolution in human consciousness. The emergence of a new pacifist religious movement would be denounced in polemics by war-mongering academics, who distort history to fit into their war-authenticating historical narratives. For this reason the new spiritual revival will be feared and hate
  20. I've experienced a vivid dream which felt more real than wakefulness. The sky was azure and I felt compelled to start running from some exhilaration. Astral projection is an extension of dreaming? Sleep paralysis is definitely a gateway of some sort.
  21. Sunspot activity is correlated to mass human excitability and violent outbursts during solar maximums. I haven't read anything about 2046 and a CME of such magnitude but I've always hoped a natural event of such cataclysmic proportion would happen but I doubt I'll be around to see it.
  22. Even in modern children's television, violence is normalized and everything has to be sexualized. I notice, the children's television programmes I grew up watching, such as The Animals of Farthing Wood, had a truthfulness about them that is lacking not just in modern children's television but modern culture in general, which is so base and panders to the lowest appetites of human beings. This has been done intentionally and has led to a generation of spiritually retarded young people who question the right to exist of anyone who doesn't fit into the narrow confines of t
  23. Perhaps they should start preemptively arresting single white men for the safety of women and children in the local community? I'm sure if it had of been a non-white man to peck this poor traumatised woman on the cheek it would have been quickly covered-up.
  24. Humans have already been cloned in 1995 by James Robl and Jose Cibelli, but the scientists destroyed it when it reached the 32 cell division stage. When I was growing in the nineties, I always thought the twenty-first century would be the age of genetic engineering. This was the decade that brought us Dolly the sheep and everyone was talking about genes. It was also the decade of hereditary controversies ignited by the publication of The Bell Curve. Since that time and the underwhelming results of the human genome project, we've had to rethink ideas of genetic determini
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