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  1. Appears to be masonic - the tree of life, the black sun, a split between the light and the shadow... as above so below. Not sure exactly what it is but from what I know of occult symbology it's something like that.
  2. Absolutely. The word "theory" is very important as it implies there is absolutely no basis in fact for the ideas. I remember reading it first got used widely in media after the JFK shooting, but I'm not sure maybe that's a "conspiracy theory"
  3. Yeah it frustrates me too. Its only because there's been such brilliant propaganda since the 60s that if you believe in real, obvious and documented criminal collusion within government you are mentally ill. But look, I think we still have to give talk radio some credit, they at least have the balls to state the blindingly obvious unlike others such as the Beeb. They're doing something positive even if they aren't going all the way.
  4. The guy is fucking Emperor Palpatine in real life. UNLIMITED POWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEERRRRRR
  5. Yes I think so. We don't need 100% of people to be awake to affect the change we need, even 20% would be enough, because between the totally awake and fast asleep there is a vast number of people who just think its all a bit weird and unfortunate and still don't really have a clue what's going on. By having enough of us on the streets and in the professional/scientific world exposing the truth those are the people we can win over.
  6. Even though there are a large number of psychopaths in the police force there must be a few who know what is happening is wrong and that they will be as subject to the suffering that is coming as anyone else, and the more messy things get the more likely it is that there'll be uprisings and insurgencies within the ranks. It seems like they are relying on everything to keep going as planned in all countries, it only takes a couple going rogue to possibly cause a snowball effect. But total chaos and military/police coups, although it be seem better than the Great Reset, is another ca
  7. Listened to his podcast with James Delingpole, great stuff. That man is a formidable intellectual, I could see him as a potential leader of a resistance group of academics. There's more and more of them coming forward now, its time they got together and united under one banner.
  8. Yeah, I think the reality is that most people do not look beyond the very mainstream narratives and took it in good faith that we need to be ultra cautious of this deadly virus going around. It worked well. But we need to remember the other projects of these groups: social justice, globalism, jacked up carbon taxes, all deeply unpopular with the majority and the direct cause of the Trump election and Brexit, which were protest votes against this crap more than anything. The Great Reset is in the same vein.
  9. Indeed. I am hopeful because the mask wearing/lockdowns etc were accepted out of a mixture of fear and misguided goodwill, an effort to help the hospitals and protect vulnerable people. In some ways it was an easy sell despite the drastic consequences. However what they are trying to do here is sell the idea of a "better world" involving loss of all freedom, constant surveillance and a communist dictatorship. It is quite easy to manipulate the people through fear of an immediate threat, less so in the name of some vague "progress" that is a very obvious trojan horse for
  10. Agreed, one thing I always come up against when talking about this with people is they say "ah no I think that's a bit much, I'm not seeing any immunity passports or great reset, but if that does come in I'll be upset". Well, it's on the cover of Time fucking magazine now. We're moving into act 2 now, where they try and drum up support for this as a way out of Covid. Clearly though from reactions and comment sections nobody is liking or buying this, which gives me hope. I believe the likes of Schwab are actually so far out of touch with regular humanity that they concoct statements
  11. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I don't believe in flat earth either because I've heard the arguments and they're very easy to disprove if you have even a basic knowledge of physics. Still, there's very little reason to believe anything you have no first hand knowledge of and have done no research on, apart from that you trust "the experts", and if Covid has taught us anything it's how dangerous that way of thinking is. Mainstream history for example is full of holes and half-truths or outright fabrications, and the theory of evolution is just that, a theory. It's likely that th
  12. A good antidote to the likes of the NHS clapping nonsense
  13. Just remember that the easily led will always follow the crowd, but this goes in both directions. The more inspiring and passionate leaders we have on our side, the more the slightly less "big thinkers" you might say will join the cause. The situation might look hopeless from what you see on the street but Internet comment sections are full of people calling out this scam, when the vast majority were for it back in March. We've seen with the Great Barrington Declaration that even a crooked media has to report such things when they are public enough. This is what we need, more docto
  14. More and more people are waking up every day, a second Europe wide lockdown is on the way, its reaching shit or get off the pot time if we don't want our freedoms and livelihoods taken away forever. I don't know if anyone else is feeling what I'm feeling but there is a tension in the streets, something is coming... Mass civil disobedience is the only way. I'm going to make it my mission to spread the information as much as I can in the coming months and in some small way help this become a reality. I'd encourage everybody on this forum to do the same.
  15. Those videos raise a thought - as a lot of people suspect the final phase of this process is to "solve" the disillusionment over lost jobs etc via a reset with much greater control of society. But if we see more of this anger in the coming months it could get too difficult to manage. Far from a world moving in lockstep we could see politicians hounded off stages with bricks and stones. What that would let to is anyone's guess, I'm not particularly a great fan of total anarchy but it's better than the great reset I guess.
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