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  1. Garda checkpoints enforcing 5km rule near where I live here. All going well I'm off to sunny Spain Monday week, they have mandatory masks everywhere so I'm not going to cod myself that it's going to be normal but everything is open in some fashion so they're at least getting on with somewhat. Ireland, sadly, is for the birds based on everything I'm seeing. If you buy into the idea of a collective consciousness we're like a nerdy teenager who probably has a lot going for them really if they just stood up for themselves but are obsessed with self-humiliation as a way to impress the "
  2. Have a look at this Velma, at 2:03 minutes in (920) Wow. Even I'm Blown Away by This One - and that don't Happen Often! - YouTube
  3. Thought this might be a bit of fun to start. Some light relief in these dark times and maybe even a good way to resist! Laughter, after all, breaks the spell of fear and I believe that memes played a huge role in the 2016 US election. I'll start us off with this one I knocked out in Paint and put in the mega-thread. Have fun!
  4. Haha yes very true! I might get a nice retrospective jail sentence for that. Let's meme while we still can.
  5. Yeah mate we are definitely giving our UK friends on here a run for their money in terms of completely destroying our society and culture and making sure we create a thoroughly depressing fascist shithole for generations to come.
  6. Simple: divide and conquer. Is started years ago with the rise of the PC far left and the labelling of anyone even mildly conservative as "literally Hitler". They softened people up to accepting absolute insanity as legitimate political commentary with their pronoun laws and 395235 genders, paving the way for a "pandemic" crisis so full of holes if it was a ship it'd be sinking within seconds of launch. Now we're in the next phase, where we are forced to pick sides and completely unrelated issues are somehow thrown into the same bucket: "anti-vax" are now also racist sexist anti-ga
  7. Haha well I'd give them a pass on that maybe. Still, they'd surely be better off cracking open a bottle of sleeping pills and going for a very long nap.
  8. Was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, great guy but he's always been very (overly if I'm honest) easy-going and accepting. He was saying he's sick of all this stuff, just get me the vaccine already and let me get on with my life etc. I asked him why he thought he needed it as a guy in his 20s with no health conditions. He replied that he didn't but he was afraid he'd get his unemployment payment cut if he refused. I said I struggle to believe you think any government that authoritarian would leave you be after the vaccine if they're willing to go to those lengths. He conceded yea
  9. Piers Morgan asking Matt Wankcock a tough question? Colour me surprised.
  10. Haha glad to hear it's not just me. Sometimes I think I'm developing some kind of bipolar due to this madness.
  11. I suspect the cops will come down on them heavy, but it will serve as a further wake up call for the public and fellow business owners. The key is persistence, stand up and force the tyrants to commit acts of tyranny and leave no doubt in anyone's mind of what they are! There will come a point when enough people are brutalised and arrested just for living their lives that the compliant will have to look in the mirror and ask do they really just want everyone to be "safe" or are they collaborators.
  12. Incredible news if true, hard to tell though as of course you'd never see any of this in a mainstream outlet. Edit: just asked an Italian friend of mine and she said yes, it's true!
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