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  1. I don't think I could take it. We're supposed to be sad that a 96 year old satanic pedofile-excusing evil hag is finally gone. Fuck off.
  2. Couple of anthems for the occasion: "Her very lowness with her head in a sling, I'm truly sorry but it sounds like a wonderful thing" "My aim is true, my message is clear, it's curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear" Both written over 30 years ago. Been a long time coming.
  3. Hi all, have a question. If one were in theory to fly from the UK to Spain with no plan to return any time soon, would said person need to present a PCR test before flying? Been looking up rules for amber list countries all day but it seems to be purposely confusing, some stuff saying yes, a lot of other stuff saying no. Thanks in advance
  4. I used to be that way. I now look at it as basically the world having a big fight on its hands. You stop focussing on how awful it feels when you get busy and start making practical efforts to help the pushback. The people turning up the pressure levels is the only thing that will end this, not our wonderful caring politicians
  5. I'm not saying we're not in for some very tough and dark times. I'm saying we're not doomed if some of us are prepared to take a stand. The third Reich was meant to last 1000 years, it only lasted 12 in the end.
  6. Yeah people crave leaders, and nobody wants to stick their neck out and risk being a dead martyr. It's always been this way, it's not new. We just revise history and say that all the people were on the side of liberty when most were very comfortable cowards tolerating and making excuses for tyranny if they thought they could keep the head down and avoid persecution. All we need to turn this is a small group of brave people to stand up, have a pair of cojones, get organised and push back. Then the silent crowds who know something is wrong but don't have anyone to follow will join them.
  7. URGENT!!! MEPs voting on EU vaccine passports tomorrow. Please watch this video and write to MEPs in your country tonight quoting relevant sections to the bill you object to and why. And, most importantly, SHARE SHARE SHARE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1a8zIsOzCg Join fight for freedom on Irish Telegram group: https://t.me/Ireland_lockdown ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please if you do anything tonight watch and like this video, write to all MEPs in your country and share with everyone you know who would support the cause. Also good group worth joining with a lot of good people even if you are not Irish.
  8. Haha I'd think about it if I didn't have to get jib-jabbed to enter Maybe Seychelles, I see they are now open for tourists. Some form of island would be a good place to be.
  9. Well you may be in luck Darian with the UK kill bill and nuclear armament plans. In one sense I don't think Ireland is a bad place to be in wartime but on the other hand I'm thinking it may be necessary to get away from the basket cases beside us. TIme to flee to Iceland and become a walrus hunter for the rest of my days
  10. Great post mate, I echo all your thoughts. The advantage we have is the lie is so fucking huge it is liable to fall apart at any minute, the trick is just getting that into the public psyche and getting these bastards on the defensive before it's too late, that way we will win. What we have going against us is that the battle is every single rotten to the core power structure that we have vs the people and a few good eggs still remaining in law, politics, journalism, health etc etc. I don't know mate, as you say the stakes are so high, it feels like literally anything could happen any day. People are finally waking up more and more so it doesn't feel as hopeless as before but we are still in big trouble. I'm not religious but I suppose you just have to think about how darkness needs ignorance and fear to thrive, it's so weak in the face of even the tiniest bit of light. We just need to try and be that light, in our own lives and our own small communities, be leaders and affect and unite those around us in a positive way, and trust that seemingly against the odds we will win.
  11. Makes a lot of sense, except for the bit where he says that death certificate would say "cancer", he's dead wrong. It would of course say "Covid 19"
  12. Yeah I think autism and psychopathy are two ends of the same "spectrum" if you will, so they have some degree of similarity. Both have issues with empathy, psychopaths have none and autistic people do have it but can't process it properly. The big difference is autistic people have real problems interacting socially and understanding others whereas psychopaths are often better than average in this area. In both cases though it's an issue of something just being slightly "off" when it comes to dealing with other people. I agree with @Morpheus that maybe some autistic techie hackers that you'd find on 4chan could think outside the box more than most. They may be our best weapon against psychopath elites
  13. Me neither, I am not religious but I had my mind opened to spirituality when I read Manly P Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages". I realised that religion can be seen mostly as allegory, a metaphorical expression of patterns we see in the history and experiences of man over and over again. My personal belief is that this was hijacked by religious orders in order to subjugate man to a "higher power" and divert him away from the truth that all the stories of religion are just a metaphorical description of his own spiritual journey. The forces of good and evil will battle, over and over again forever, until man realises collectively that the powers of good and evil are both within him, and through seeking a balance he can find infinite love and ultimately ascend.
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