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  1. If you google or youtube "sloan bella madeleine McCann" you will find a video by the psychic Sloan Bella. IMO it provides the most believable of all the theories our there and her other psychic readings tend to be q plausible on too (OJ Simpson, Diana) If you watch the video and read the comments then it turns into an interesting situation as the pieces of the puzzle seem to form a picture. Brief notes the McCanns agreed for Madeline to be sold off to what appears to be 2 American men matching the podestas. regarding the Crimewatch e-fit a theory is that this was intentionally leaked on the inside by someone in intelligence who knows v well that the Podestas were responsible. Too uncanny and unfortunately with a lack of mainstream media outlets or investigative journalists looking into the matter this case will be shelved. Anyways back to Greer, I think Icke prob holds a grudge due to some of Greer's associates and connections being part of the establishment
  2. Yes I'm not too convinced about Dan Bursch. His communication for me seems to be a bit off so I personally ignore information coming from him - similar to channels or psychics who I feel are just reeling info from a day dream state or witnesses who claim to know something after being told from someone else. Take with grain of salt . I totally agree Lazar comes across more consistent and less shifty. a lot less shifty lol Alex Jones recently has expanded the information he is putting out acknowledging higher states of consciousness as something that is of great interest to classified programmes as well as the typical satanic rituals he has always covered. Funnily enough yesterday Greer was invited to a facebook livestream interview with UK based Camelot TV Network (a different Camelot btw). Greer has been on different outlets to promote the new movie exposing himself to different audiences in the process. Worthy mentions were that Greer reiterates that the scaremongering from Terrorist threat, Climate Change, Economic Crises, Pandemic will eventually lead to the Alien Threat. Also of note is that he claims to have seen inside papers showing that US Gov was aware of 911 happening. We might actually be seeing Greer on this side of the pond as he has been invited to stay at Bleinham House in the future by the Duke:
  3. Yea my only thought was that someone such as Podesta being so high up, influential and able to manoeuvre the mainstream press away from negative publicity and allegations (Pizza gate) should be someone briefed on the basics at least of UFO matter/special access programs? The only reason why he hasn't presumably is either someone higher up doesn't like him (due to his alleged extra curricular activities see Pizza gate) or perhaps as they think he would end up leaking sensitive info out. Clinton was allegedly a big cocaine user. Maybe anyone read into the UFO matter at a high level needs to live up to a certain level of living on a personal level before they are read in. Greer says that those that are likely to leak out info and talk won't be briefed. It would be absolutely hilarious is Trump finds out everything - it would be on Twitter the following week!
  4. The one thing (actually person) that puzzles me somewhat is John Podesta: Is hiding something and clearly has control over the media - see Pizza gate Yet has been trying to expose the UFO files that US have. See various TV interviews. Greer confirms that Clinton/Podesta have been denied access . Even Obama diverted the question when asked on Jimmy Kimmel turning it into a joke but his eyes told a different story My question is where does Podesta rank in terms of power - clearly he has enough clout to get away with dodgy stuff but doesn't have knowledge of ETs, access to DUMBs... Probably on PM, world leader level? But that's still no slouch. Presumably the ppl working on Special Access Programmes have clearance higher then those of Podesta, Clintons, Epstein's & his billionaire friends.
  5. Alex Jones is interesting since he really was ahead of the game re Bilderberg, elites way before the internet even. I remember the days when we only had 4 channels and he would be featured late night on BBC2 programmes (when it was really the documentary driven alternative to BBC1 and head on with C4) and it was always as part of what's going on in weirder states across the pond. I don't know if he became part of the elites per se but I think when one dedicated their whole life to a cause and it eventually takes off it does a lot for ones ego and financial security long term. He is a sensationalist and caters very well to that portion of America that are into these things. Similar to how Icke's following tend to feel disenfranchised by the ruling system, leaning a bit towards the right. On the whole its never the rich & successful that are into his work. I like the way he connects the dots and appreciate the metaphysical side more
  6. The same can then said of those claiming that all reptilians are regressive. There apparently lots of different races and only a sub section that is interfering with life on Earth The point Greer makes is that if there were any entities that wanted to wipe out human life on earth then they would have done so already Whats the key points from that video
  7. In reply to Northern Star there have been numerous alien contact events but they just do not receive widespread media coverage - UFO landing at the Ruwa school in Zimbabwe, 1994, Rendlesham Forrest, UFO School incident at Broad Haven. Multiple UFO sightings like the Phoenix Lights, Radar tracking by military planes. Dubiously edited NASA footage showing weird objects and artificial structured on the Moon. Reports of UFOs in WW2 known as Foo Fighters. There was even an alleged crash a few days ago just outside of Rio in Brazil - I forget the name of the village. Bottom line is is that the mainstream media heavily controls what information is put out there and in turn public perception. Anything that will be too disruptive and cause ppl to deviate from official narratives (science/tech, religion, political etc) will not be featured and/or discredited. E.g. In China the media report that foreigners are the cause of Covid 19. There are many ancient artefacts are difficult to explain but these do not garner publicity since it would deviate from the idea of real civilisation spawning from Christianity
  8. I've researched this. Either all the eyewitness testimonies have been pulled or there are literally no English speaking witnesses - this limits greatly the number of people that can learn of this story. I would like to know the full story behind who took the video showing the alleged downed craft
  9. I think this may be because Icke's work is fixated around the Cabal/Cult/Illuminati and there influence on the world whereas Greer is more focused on the ET coverup by the deep state in the US and particularly the technology that is being suppressed/researched and developed in Top Secret programmes. A good illustration of this is compare the lack of coverage Greer pays to current affairs and then the lack of coverage Icke pays to UFOs, alien technology. Icke will cross reference ongoing events that are occurring in the public eye (911, political/royal assinations, 5g etc) whereas Greer is really referring to what going on at a top secret level that the general public would have no clue about (DUMBS, Special Access Programs) - the latter do not directly impact the day to day lives of many whereas 5g/vaccines/wars do
  10. Pretty much all the replies above air a negative opinion on Greer without substantiation or data; a recurring aspect of today's social media age where ppl use the internet as a platform for the sake of just being heard and having attention When I evaluate an individual I look at the information they put our - see if it has varied over the passage of time and how it correlates with other sources. I became aware if Greer shortly after the initial Disclosure Project he organised in 2001. In my assessment of Greer he talks about the following key areas: Consciousness - Trans-dimensional in nature. Non locality. Supported by those that practice meditation and/or have knowledge of the chakras and other ancient knowledge. Again overlaps with the psychic community who are aware of astral, out o body states. Supported by many that have experiences with DMT/Ayahuasca The UFO Connection - Back engineered craft retrieved from crashes such as Roswell. Greer sheds light as to the science of how these work - High voltage resonance fields, mass cancellation. Explains the cover up in part due to the economically disruptive nature of zero point/quantum flux field energy that supposedly power the craft. There is the work of Nassim Hurramen, Bob Lazar and the information presented in the Thrive Movie documentary is work looking into for other sources that lean towards what Greer is saying . There is an abundance of historical documents that show the US agencies were trying to cover up events or discredit certain individuals from speaking out CE5 Protocols - Greer runs group events where he teaches how to summon ET craft using consciousness. There appears to be unusual footage from the skies at these events which claim to be UFOs. Wroth mentioning that before looking into this area of Greer's endeavours it is worth learning more about Consciousness/metaphysics itself beforehand. My personal judgement is that Greer has been consistent on the information that he has put out over time. I believe that the reason Greer is divisive amongst the public is that if one is dead against the existence of alien life/ET contact from the outset then that person will find the material more and more harder to believe/digest and Greer himself less credible - the supposed science behind alien craft allows for technology to exist that becomes ever increasingly extraordinary ; interstellar travel, zero-point energy, shifting between dimensions, stargates, teleportation, replication devices, trans-dimensional or 5d into 3d manufacturing... There is a lot too go into but before coming to a conclusion on Greer I would do a bit of background research into Bob Lazar, the work of Hassim Harrmein. I think that the Thrive Movie is a good intro into the UFO subject since it delves into the science a bit more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s An interesting tidbit was that the Atacama skeleton Greer purported to claim was of ET origin was confirmed to a degree by the channel Bashar who said it was one of many hybrid experiments that was scrapped. The Atacama issue is illustrative in how the official explanation is disseminated to the major news outlets incl science press yet the source of this explanartion was (according to Greer) influenced to discredit the possible non human origins of the skeleton. This is one of many ancient artefacts that remain a mystery. I'm still awaiting someone that can reasonably provide a detailed breakdown as to how to recreate the Great Pyramid
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