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  1. 18 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Maybe the case years ago, but it seems like the media are starting to push UFO sightings these days.


    Agree re ufo folklore getting more mainstream attention and a more neutral coverage 


    But you get my drift as to how the mainsteam media can basically use their propaganda machine to publish information "debunking" anything that does not follow an agenda from the deep state/private corp or undermines certain individuals like the Pizzagate matter . Latest example facemasks ;



  2. Theres many credible UFO sightings, odd NASA footage, the whole Disclosure Project testimonies and multiple corroborative UFO sighting accounts (Phoenix Lights and the UFO landing at a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe Africa decades ago). Bear in mind the media has used its power to flood the public with information first that attempts to discredit these accounts. A good example of this is the issue regarding crop circles here in the UK back in the 90s. The media focused on hoaxes which were behind certain crop circles but they never highlighted that there were many others where the crops were bent in such a way that were not snapped (basically the hoax ones were done in damaging way to crops by use of blunt instruments whereas the suppsed true ones were not)


    Below is a famous crop circle that was a response to the Arecibo message sent out by NASA and Carl Sagan years earlier. In it details the alien senders location and info re its galaxy 



    Again the media simply repeat things until the public take it as the truth even if it is a pack of lies/unsubstantiated. They claim that the crop circle was a hoax like all overs

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  3. On 6/9/2020 at 10:57 PM, oz93666 said:


    If Tony was just a one off then it would be reasonable to be skeptical , but there are now more than half a dozen very credible people  like him who tell their own personal stories of serving in the SSP  , each for decades ...


    In addition there are dozens of people  who give evidence  from the outside looking in , so to speak .... The British hacker Garry Mckinnon who got into  pentogaon  computers and found evidence , names of craft , officer's records .... Laura Eisenhower , granddaughter of ex president an attempt was made to recruit her into the SSP ... William Tompkins , Bob Lazar involved in constructing UFO type craft ... Karl Mollison...


    So there is a mountain of evidence all giving the same picture , only those who have put in 1000's of hours exploring it all will be convinced the SSP is very real.   


    Don't expect hard evidence , close up pictures of craft etc The SSP is off world,  those serving are taken for 20 years and before returned to Earth are stripped naked , scanned , x-rayed  ... they bring nothing back .


    Here my take: 


    Gary McKinnon - Credible. Well documented story. Unfortunately he didn't really see much except acknowledgement of non-terrestrial officers. Weird edited out NASA images. Nothing to make ones jaw drop

    Tony Rodrigues - Can't tell if he's telling the truth or bullshitting. Something about his eyes and communication as per my prev post 

    Laura Eisenhower - Only seen her videos briefly but know about the alleged contact her grandfather Pres Dwight Eisenhower had with ETs whilst in office. Seems like a nice lady but hasn't as far as I know had anyone from the secret programs come out in the public and divulge the nitty gritty info through her. 

    William Tomkins - Don't know who this is 

    Karl Mollinson - Comes across v dubious but that's just my opinion that many others share

    Lazar - Prob the only one that has detailed account that has stayed true to word for 20yrs. Come out with highly credible and jaw dropping information. Imo strongest source by far. 


    I might add David Wilcock to that list. I was into his coverage ten years ago. Lost interest when he started talking about stargates and Montauk project but have since learned of other sources that have mentioned these secret programmes. Have yet to revisit his research recently though


    At the moment I have been getting into the research of Harold Kautz Vella who talks about Black Goo and it being the reason behind many programmes including wars, satanic rituals. He comes at things more from a scientific perspective. Obviously this science is outside the normal realm of mainstream science and involves higher dimensional physics. Him and Steven Greer I feel offer a more methodical, scientific breakdown of the UFO issue. I have recently found channels seem to contradict one another and there is much ambiguity in there information that is explained somewhat by them saying the truth is heavily dependant on what is in alignment with the individual's own beliefs so can vary from one person to another .  



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  4. Apparently many top Nazis were allowed to escape there and establish a base 

    Military bases underground DUMBS

    These are amongst the most interesting theories floating around


    for obvious reasons it will be v difficult to verify any of these claims

  5. 10 minutes ago, Steven Tansell said:

    So have I,  he lives down my end of the city, if he was any further up himself, he'd disappear totally! A horrible and self centred Narcissist, but, he has his bad points too!?


    A lot of people that make it big in showbusiness have to adopt a character on screen that is more endearing and relatable so that the general public supports them. The reality is is that they live in a v affluent areas and deliberately distance themselves from working class (immigrant and  white) communities. Also their children will walk into jobs and opportunities that are created for them. This applies to public figures  that are originally from fairly humble backgrounds. On a deeper level it prob has to do with power/greed and human nature plus becoming surrounded by people that in turn influence how one behaves.  My issue is that these celebrities portray themselves as voices of the public but in their private lives are completely different! You just have to know where in London to go and who to talk to and you will get where I am coming from. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, rideforever said:

    Many newspapers and news media are going bust.  The money is moving to youtube and facebook and apps.

    They are going bust.

    And they know it, desperately they try to get more viewers and subscribers.

    So ... beginning some time ago, they sacked all real journalists and employed jilted psychologically unhappy people who have some gripe about something, to push everyone's buttons.

    It just gets worse - they see that their little business is going down unless they push as many buttons as hard as possible.


    In the end everything is about "money".



    Such a simple statement, so true yet most people miss it. I've noticed that even on here people end up down the rabbit hole and look at different conflicting agendas which confuse them to overcomplicate the matter in question. Follow the money (and where relevant science) and you get to the truth 


    Media require eyeballs on product = more views, ratings, likes etc = greater ad revenue. There are different tactics employed including exaggeration, jumping on the bandwagon political hot-points., sensationalism etc Also the creation of personalities that are recognisable for their particular style of presenting information (shouty, showboaty, outspoken etc)  that in turn familiarise the public with that media outlet/programme - Piers Morgan is a good example of this. His manner in which he interviews people is to corner them into without letting them speak. Where the questions are longer then the answers are for me a sign of a bad interviewer and someone that uses the platform to promote themselves rather then what the interviewee has to say 

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  7. This thread is 80+ pages now. Can someone just clarify what is the meaning of this thread now. Is it meant to be a play by play of all BLM news related stories? Or a discussion of the original case/ongoing prosecutions. It's just becoming series of links rather than a discussion between members on a certain topic. I think for individuals coming across the thread for the first time it would be useful for their to be some brief description of what this thread is about and where it is heading so they do not have to trawl through 80+ pages of posts that are predominantly links to other places on the web

  8. 14 hours ago, Messenger said:

    Oz, I'm not sold on Mollison. It seems he is relatively new on the scene. I actually learnt about him from you in another thread, thanks by the way.


    But I much prefer Simon Parkes, or the many guests that Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan have interviewed over the years (Project Camelot and Project Avalon).


    Mollison may be correct on some thing though but I notice that many of these people who channel or whom have inside information, they all seem to have bits and pieces of the same stuff.


    I like Barbara Marciniak too, she seems to be quite accurate, allegedly she channels the Pleiadians.


    I'm not sold either actually. Without to come across overly accusatory I find it like has researched subject matters before hand and combines these findings with his own personal twist 


  9. 2 hours ago, Velma said:

    Ali G aka Sacha Noam Baron Cohen must have a helluva grovelling to do!




    This will be interesting. SBC is q vocal on social media - feels that silicon valley need to clamp down on conspiracies, alternative viewpoints. Goes in hard against Zuckerberg.


    He is smart enough to know that his Ali G persona is really a disguised  piss take on one level against Blacks and to a lesser extent other ethnic groups . The cover is that he is really piss taking people imitating Black culture . whilst he may not be directly attacking Black culture the ali G character doesn't do much to promote it. I am surprised there has been no coverage of this lately - although it is funny im not going to lie



  10. 56 minutes ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    They are going to censor everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.


    10 years from now you'll type "Iraq War" into Google, and it will tell you that Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center because there were Trans people living on its top floors. ?




    However,  the one good thing is that it exposes how certain famous people have made millions from creating content that specifically targeted certain groups in society laughing at their expense. You might see more figures (Keith Lemon) come out the wood work and regret their past works

  11. Has Tony R actually presented any hard evidence in terms of reports, photos, locations of bases, predicted anything of significance that has come true? I am still unsure about him tbh. Its basically a case of take his word for it or not. When its dealing with sources like that you tend to have to analyse how they come across (body language, communication etc). Having watched parts of that video the way he communicates is that he has a habit of starting a sentence and never finishing it : the sentence is interrupted with another sentence which is interrupted with another sentence and so on with the multitude of sentences containing collectively all the information to his story - its q an annoying unpleasing way to listen once you noticed it see 17.00 for an example

  12. On 6/2/2020 at 2:07 PM, Finder said:


    This is from my earlier post on this thread:


    5. I would suggest to have 2 major sections of the forum in terms of info topics. 1) Consciousness, Perception, Awareness 2) Political & 3d Reality (On & Behind the Scene). Maybe we could vote or have a core management team to decide what's most appropriate, someone else on the now unavailable forum suggested sth similar to such branching. My branch name suggestion is slightly different, but I think it makes sense because different ppl gravitate more to one of these 2 topics and I think it would be more convenient for others to have these two topics separated, not mixed.


    Yes I wish something like this would get implemented. If the forums had certain sections that catered more to people that prefer "hard evidence" and want info re current affairs & world issues  that make the mainstream press AND then those that are driven by metaphysics and the supernatural. I feel that the vast subject area that is aliens including the alleged involvement with US classified programmes would fall into the latter as its not something that the everyday person is informed out 

  13. I think I mentioned this is in another post but I think the sub-forums need to be categorised  in such a way that they make it clear whether they relate to the more to the political  (nwo, illuminati etc) side to Icke's work OR  the metaphysical nature of reality stuff (including the reptilian connection, holographic universe etc).  I feel that there are two target followings of Ickes work and they are split into 2 camps - those that are more interested in the day to day current affairs, more politicised and then those that are coming at it from a New Age perspective 

  14. On 5/28/2020 at 2:17 AM, oz93666 said:

    Another terrible video from Deca  ...Do you even watch them yourself Deca? .... You never type any text as a synopsis  that indicates you watch them  ...


    Where do you find these guys ....The author of this video  is yet another twenty something idiot 


    He appears to be on drugs ....cannot focus his mind on what he wants to say ....


    Just Watch the first minute! It's a joke! 



    Yes its a pet peeve. When ever I link a video I write up a short cliff notes synopsis. Imo if one thinks something is worth watching then they can summarise what it is about in a few sentences. Unfortunately this is getting too common on internet forums. 

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  15. Without making an issue and coming to the defence somewhat to the youth of today, it's not exactly like prior generations questioned the official stories to the Falklands, Princess Diana death, 911 in huge numbers. I think many of the above replies are presuming today's generation of youth are more dumbed down but I do not see it that way tbh I think it was easier to manipulate the public in the past then it is now hence the need for really elaborate events that are orchestrated by intra national entities 

  16. 7 minutes ago, AndyJ said:

    Based on my area in Wales I would say that people of the older generation seem to have swallowed the mainstream Kool-Aid the most. Especially people 60s and above, I guess because they consider themselves the most vulnerable. You can tell those who watch the mainstream news because they're still in fear about getting close to anyone and there are of course some younger scared people around too. But I have to say many people of a younger age bracket around here, 40s down to 20s, for the most part don't seem to care as much about wearing masks and swerving everyone. A really encouraging thing I saw earlier is the Welsh Government polling the public on Twitter about their thoughts on the next step for Wales and 98% of the replies from people were saying lockdown should end and businesses should all be allowed to re-open. It's the first time I've seen such a strong majority of people on social media actually wanting an end to this nonsense.   



    I think the youth are getting clued up and dissect through the many layers of information since they have been brought up with internet/technology but this is really what 16-21 year olds? I think the twenty/thirty  somethings are buying the official story perhaps since they are more indoctrinated into working life - the young professionals more so then the self employed 


    worth mentioning also that I also think those living with elderly or with v young children are more fear mongered by the mainstream story 

  17. My personal observation is that many Londoners are taking what the mainstream media and Gov are saying without the raising of any questions . I think this is particularly more evident  with professionals working decent jobs. I find it interesting since many Londoners raised concerns over the war in Iraq and motives behind it yet with the Covid 2019 situation many particularly in the more affluent parts are buying into the official story it seems? 


    My friends in other regions are more questioning and from what I have heard people are not walking around in goggles, masks and gloves 

  18. 20 hours ago, kj35 said:

    One of my best friends is active in the UK arm of the disclosure project and MUFON having worked in the military and Whitehall. I trust him and he trusts Greer. So I gave him a listen. He seems very credible BUT  I just didn't resonate. I think it's very focused just on the aliens and misses the bigger picture. They seem to want the disclosure to happen.  I think it's game over unless we are careful when they appear.  They seem to buy the friendly alien story. My mate is coming with me and Mr kj35 to see David in Manchester in November. I've read a lot of stuff my friend recommended which did help lead me here. He was initially dismissive of David Icke he is now quite interested and looking forward to the talk. So i dont know. I dont resonate with it. But i dont know if that's because I immediately resonated with Di's stuff.


    Does Greer discuss the Saturn Moon matrix or spaceship moon at all ?  


    Also..as an example friend told me to watch the curse of skinwalker ranch on history. They are all 'it's  a flying saucer ' whereas to me it seems obvious it's above a  DUMB. The saucer and the spooky stuff is just covering up military activity / nuclear waste dumping but their focus is aliens and they see them in everything 



    Be quite strange if he 'came out as an alien himself. Don't know where that thought came from. But there you go. 


    He says that that we went to the moon but we had to fake the footage and edit what was broadcast has there was/is an ET presence there. This is something I belive tbh having researched the moon - I  think there is a thread on here detailing more info


    What he doesn't go into as much as to which aliens put the moon there, why its there etc


    He is saying that we are building up to a man created alien threat in order to control the human population (in contrast to a genuine alien threat or humans being influenced at the higher levels by malevolent ETs)

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  19. I like Sean but I feel like he needs to partner with someone for his youtube channel who asks him questions so that the information is structured somewhat like a dialogue. The current format where he talks into the camera reading line for line multiple source info is a bit convoluted and drawn out. Its a shame as I think the core message could be disseminated better if the videos were more digestible 

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