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  1. Trump was speaking at whirlpool? He is trying to send us a cryptic message! OMG, I cracked the code! Whirlpool = Coriolis effect. Trump is trying to tell us that the Earth is NOT flat! Ok kidding aside, he is a pretty good actor. He has enemies but he has allies as long as he continues to be a good puppet. Trumpites and Trumpsters are bewildered by his acting like Obamabots were mesmerized by Obama aka Barry Soetoro.
  2. That video by O'Connell, this is the first comment and it's quite accurate: "What's your take on the Bibi protesters? And I feel like American's are, for the most part, a lost cause. This fucking mask thing has done nothing but confirm for me the simple fact that they're too far gone down the stupid box, fluoridated, gmo, chemical lobotomy road that there's little chance of waking them up. I've been trying for 10 years and, like you, have pretty much gotten nowhere. Now I get to watch as everywhere I go, people are wearing these stupid maskes. Even saw one lady wearing a face sheild yesterday. It's hard but I know that they're trying to break my will and although I will not be broken, my country is on the edge of a very tragic ending."
  3. They are government or aerospace industry agents who don't want people waking up to the secret space program that has been taking place for about six decades. Or they lack the mental capacity to see the bigger picture.
  4. We don't know which hemisphere that hot air balloon photo was taken and besides that, the Coriolis effect may not affect a hot air balloon anyway, maybe making it spin counter clockwise in the air possibly. I would say, instead of getting your "education" from stupid meme's, why not call up a hot air balloon company located in South America or Australia and talk to the guys who fly the balloon? That might make too much sense though. As for gravity, the balloon rises thanks to the HOT AIR. How air is less dense than cold air. This is why drag racers will put ice packs on their intake manifolds in between runs, to cool down the engine so it can flow more air. More oxygen/air = more power. And like I said in the other post, a average hot air balloon, such as those pictured, doesn't travel high enough to see the Earth's curvature. The circumference of the Earth is is about 25,000 miles, the diameter about 7900 miles give or take depending on topography. That is also why the spirit level air bubble stays in the middle, because it cannot sense the Earth's curvature since it the bubble is so small in comparison. Wow. Whoever made that meme should not possess a drivers license or be working with any sort of machinery as they are a danger to themselves and to others.
  5. This is so sad to watch. You do realize that the Earth was found to be a sphere LONG BEFORE nasa came to be, don't you?
  6. Not if millions of people are growing food and uniting. Alkaline food that rebuilds cells, none of this tomatoes and orange carrots and spinach crap. If people aren't sick they don't need to go to the doctor for big pharma poison pills. This corona move is them trying to make people stay dependent upon their system. Grow food or be dependent upon them, they own all the grocery stores too.
  7. The "smoke" doesn't spin, it disperses. "Smoke"? Really? You mean particles, molecules, and gas and atoms? That "smoke"? Coriolis happens in the southern hemisphere. Where is that photo taken? You don't know. It could be photoshopped, looks like it. You working early today?
  8. Not up high enough. Really mate? The average hot air balloon only reaches between 1000 and 3000 ft. That's not even a mile off the ground. We dig deeper underground bases than that, some seven miles below. Probably deeper in some areas which makes me question the size of agarta (sp?) The balloon height record is over 69,000 feet. Or 21 Km or 13 miles. There's a lead for any sleuths if they really want to see curvature. There might be photos of that somewhere. Something must have triggered you to post that pic. lol Have you ever been in a hot air balloon before, bflat? I have not but I would as long as I had a chute just in case. They do go up pretty high, but still not high enough to see curvature. I'm sure that height can give people butterflies in their stomach from that small basket. Bflat, what is the highest you've been on land? I have driven up to Mt. Haleakala HI and biked down it. It's about 10,000 ft, so definitely higher than the average hot air balloon. I stood among the clouds, and have the 90's photo to prove it. Did you skip fifth grade math class, bflat? Kidding. Sort of. Ok spill the beans bflat, what planet are you from? I'm really curious as to how your perception of Earth's shape came about. Did you learn that at a university? Have you always thought that? I'm curious. There was a race to space that was raging back in the 70's and 80's, I watched it happen, it was a big thing all over the country. We advanced so rapidly that the tech had to be hidden from most people. Clearly, look how they react to a psyop such as a fake virus with a suggested 98% recovery rate... People go ape-shit buying toilet paper. I could rest my case on that alone.
  9. Wow. I'm not even going to attempt to understand WTH is going on in Ireland.
  10. Messenger


    Hi Storm, Waffling? A waffle piled high with strawberries and blueberries sounds great right about now, hold the whipped cream but I will add some maple syrup. Kidding, I know what you mean. Yes I am in the US but not in CA if that's what the "CA" means. I'm in the midwest, Illinois, where there are far too many corn fields wasting valuable space. All these corn fields could be walnuts or bartlett pears or blueberry farms, or strawberry, or kale, or bell pepper, or, the list goes on, but these fools are growing corn by the dump truck loads. Not sure what this insect diet is but I will take a pass on it. IMO vegetarian lifestyle (it's not a diet, I'm not trying to lose weight), is not a NWO agenda, it's a decision made by a person who has become conscious of the many horrific things taking place in the meat and dairy industry and the resulting lack of trust to get a hold of clean meat. That and realizing the importance that alkalinity plays in reducing mucus from the body thus maintaining an environment in the body where bacteria cannot thrive. I don't like being sick, I can't imagine anyone enjoys being sick. Sounds like you are on a nice bit of land where the animals can roam but here in the states there are a lot of operations that are horrible animal abuse violators with animals packed in side by side. I'm sure there are some nice ranches with free roaming animals in the states, but Americans eat so much beef & pork that free roaming farms would not sustain society unless it was a huge ranch probably half the size of TX or CA and the animals were having offspring all the time. I believe that is where "meat glue" came into play, so that there would be less wasted scraps, thus the meat industry could maximize profit by selling scraps as prime cuts. Note that this video was published to youtube in 2011, so this is nothing new. Not trying to gross anyone out but it is certainly something to be aware of if you do enjoy eating meat. Have a nice evening, Storm.
  11. The marxists are clever but people will not want socialism once they are inside of that system. No doubt that it's the work of the "intelligence" agencies and the secret societies.
  12. Sadly it's already been done. Blackwater/Xe/Academi
  13. Except Bob Marley was about peace and smoking weed and exposing the government which is why they killed him. These idiots don't realize that they are being played. It's amazing how there are so many men out there in the world who consider themselves "alpha" but who are oblivious to social engineering and the fact that there being duped. If they are mad about slavery then maybe preach peace and unity with people of all ethnic backgrounds and grow a garden for sustainability from this lunatic NWO faction, but I suppose that's too difficult for these people to do, they would rather be angry and focus it at the wrong people who have had nothing to do with slavery. When I see these socially engineered fools marching to the council on foreign relations headquarters, the UN, and at freemason and other secret order lodges, THEN we will know that they have broke their spell and truly woke up. Until then they are still slaves.
  14. Or she may be from one of those bloodlines who practiced incest to keep their lineage "pure" and thus down the line this is how some people are turning out gender confused and having two sex organs. It has always been know that incest is bad and can lead to mentally ill offspring, like missing chromosomes mentally ill, but today if you look at the adult "entertainment" industry, which I recommend to NOT do, you would see a major agenda pushing incest over the last few years. So now these young generation of impressionable kids who lack proper parenting and nutrition are being programmed to believe that incest is fun. It's really disturbing how bad the satanic secret societies are messing up humanity. I have to wonder if this is an alien agenda because they are really doing a number on humanity via so many angles. Now combine that incest DNA damaged people from inbreeding witht he DDT dug spray that was used in the 40's and 50's which was labeled as EDC or endocrine disrupting chemical, then there is another factor to consider. See here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4286277/ And this one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2726844/ Plus, Phil Schneider did say that the alien agenda and NWO agenda are one in the same and he helped dig some of the underground bases. He also said that there is an entirely separate united nations building underground that we don't see. There is some crazy shit going on.
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