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  1. It's hard. My ten year old was always bemoaning at school about having to pretend she likes the likes of Little Mix and Taylor Swift.

    Without sounding wanky, her dad and I have exposed her to a very diverse mix of music as well as the odd naff tune..basically whatever happens to resonate with us or the crappier ones , just being a bit of fun.

    Actually,  'exposed' is a terrible word as that infers that a lot of calculation went into it. When it's just music we enjoy and play at home. Not music that we are supposed to like that must appeal to someone in our age bracket/demographic.. something that we sought out with no thought to whether it was the 'appropriate' thing that defines us as such and such, 'hip', 'together', 'normal' human beings.

    Such is the mono culture we are living in, I sincerely hope there will be something culturally left with a bit of heart when she's a teenager.

    I don't know..surely there are other parents out there who'd like to see a bit of spark in the young adults of tomorrow..unless they are just hoping their offspring will toe the line like they did. Mask up and soldier on...

    Where have all the characters gone?!

  2. Yes, I'll probably have to do that... just resent it as it feels like breathing life into this farce.

    I'd have her masked up and in a bloody hazmat suit if I actually believed this was a grave threat and I wouldn't need anything mandated in law (supposedly) instructing me how to conduct myself accordingly..same for most people I reckon.

    So dispiriting seeing the growing numbers of masked children out and about.

    Thankfully my girl has a solid backbone and wicked sense of humour and gets a good chuckle out of me commenting loudly about the new facial recognition cameras in asda at the self checkout and how opportune that all this stuff is being rolled out now.

    Just hope there will be a few in the current generation of children who will not accept this despicable new normal.



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  3. Hi everyone...

    Joined the forum a few months ago but haven't posted for a while.

    Feeling so very angry with this all now. I have been home educating my ten year old daughter for a while. I've been straight with her from the start and told her what this is all gearing towards...obviously I often present certain things in a more lighthearted manner but I have told her she will not wear a mask under any circumstances.

    Well I just heard a close family member quiz her on whether she will be wearing a mask on the bus tomorrow. She confidently replied 'no, because I am under eleven and it isn't mandatory' (so proud of my girl!) ...and this was met with hesitancy but thankfully said family member didn't pursue it any further.

    I had to walk away as felt my blood boiling. Am I a grossly negligent mother for not instilling in my child the social duty of mask wearing?

    Being surrounded by supplicant shit for brains morons is becoming more than I can bear.

    Feel so utterly alone with it all.

    'They' really think they've got us just where they want and what with the acquiescence of most of the general public..

    Well...I think they have.

    My child will not be answerable to this utter heist and monstrous deception and be cowed into submission.

    So awful.


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  4. I wonder if there will be a marked drop in school attendance if masks are made mandatory? Sadly I can just see most going along with it because, like most things,  they won't be consulting any deep down intuition that otherwise would be screaming out that this is so fundamentally wrong on all levels.  

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  5. Yes, I cringe when I see children, especially under the mandatory age of eleven in masks. My daughter is adamant that she has had the odd dirty look because she isn't masked and to be honest I try not to think too much into it, as I don't want to get into any confrontations in public and could do without the anxiety. Appalling. 

  6. Love the Narnia series, very important books in my family and my daughter read them again recently.  I remember that near the end of The Silver Chair, the two children see Old Father Time/Chronus/Saturn deep asleep in the subterranean world they enter into (Underworld/Underland?). Almost like he's been waiting in this age old slumber for time immemorial and that soon he will awaken. 

    I always got a sense that was important and would fit the theory of Saturn representing the final book in the series. 

  7. Nearish to the end in Jasper's house, I think just before the Fishes come. Theo is listening in on a conversation between Jasper, Pam Ferris' character and Kee(spelling?). They're talking about Theo's deceased son and it's alluded to that he, with many others, died in the flu pandemic. 

    I saw the film fairly recently and watched it several times before. 

    It really nailed how I think the southeast of the Uk would look in a dystopian future,  especially with the internment camp at the end. Definitely a film that resonated with me, and yes, I could imagine there would be heavy use of predictive programming in there too. 

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  8. My child's not going back in September (with great relief to us both). I'm wondering how many will continue to home educate and for what reasons.... Fear of 'covid', maybe they enjoyed having their children in their company during lockdown, or a deep knowing that schools may start to resemble something more akin to a prison system (not a novel concept to those that always felt they were designed that way). 

    I'm not new to home ed, having done it on and off long before lockdown and it will be interesting to see what attendance is next month. 

    Back to the title of this thread.... Does anyone see mandatory mask wearing for primary /secondary children in the coming months? 

    How many EU countries are going down that route? 

    I'm thinking that they could spring it last moment before term starts. 

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  9. I'll have a look at Keep Britain Free site. 

    I'm set to go and stay in West Wales imminently, Ceredigion/Powys area. 

    I'm aware of off grid communities thereabouts, but they all seem to fall under the banner of global warming alarmists, extinction rebellion types and the like. 

    I really hope from this that more communities in rural parts of Wales, Scotland etc will start to spring up. 

    There has to be some options left for those of us who cannot live in this control grid anymore. 

  10. I'm always trawling through meet up groups and find it so hard to find what I'm looking for. I know about the one in London but, as I said, it's difficult for me to get up there unfortunately.  

    I'm in south east Kent. I just can't belive, what with living in these built up areas, that there aren't groups scattered everywhere... unless it's just a matter of people being reluctant to advertise these things. 

    I really don't want to, but I'm tempted to join Facebook or Twitter to see if I can find anything... Would niggle badly with me as I've been adamant never to join, but maybe now I might as well as a last ditch resort. 

  11. Hello everyone!

    New hear but not new to any of the discussions going on here and I used to check out the old forum on a daily basis.

    Think I saw another post where someone suggested creating some means on this forum by which we can try and find others here who live in the same region and connect that way.

    Going stir crazy not having a local point of contact with anyone who can see the horror that is at play and who does not want to go compliantly along with this endless, nefarious awfullness.

    I'm in the Southeast of England, but can't easily get to London. 

    Alternatively, does anyone know of any online groups (is there such a thing as Yahoo groups anymore?)with people in the the Southeast?

    Would really appreciate any feedback.

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