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  1. Yes, it is coming back to me now the word 'lockdown' being used over the last few years for often minor incidents around the country...little stories that just came and went. I wasn't as hyper aware to it as I obviously am with the term 'reset' these days. Yes, they do like their prison lingo nowadays. Who else ever heard the term 'daily exercise' being bandied around so casually, when before it would have just been 'exercise'! And during the first lockdown I swear some people were so grateful for being allowed their daily exercise, almost like a prison perk!
  2. Yes, that's one of them. In the mail article about cars being taxed on mileage, the word reset was in there earlier today, but i couldn't find it when I checked just now. Really trying hard to put that term out there so everyone can feel truly settled and familiar with it.
  3. Sorry for repeat post, phone going bonkers!
  4. The Daily Mail today had three separate articles with the word 'reset' in them. Two of the articles were to do with Boris reshuffling 'resetting' his party, the other one was about some tax on the mileage of cars. Sorry, I'm utterly computer illiterate and can't post it, but it was on the Mail when I last checked. They really want the term 'reset' out there.
  5. The Daily Mail today had three separate articles with the word 'reset' in them. Two of the articles were to do with Boris reshuffling 'resetting' his party, the other one was about some tax on the mileage of cars. Sorry, I'm utterly computer illiterate and can't post it, but it was on the Mail when I last checked. They really want the term 'reset' out there.
  6. Exactly. ..never, ever, are any of them accosted with being mentally ill. Only us little people.
  7. Does anyone else feel really irked by the constant reference to 'mental health'? Literally, every time I turn on the radio (don't have T.V.) I can guarantee that if it's not Covid or lockdown, then the first words that will jump out at me will be blah blah blah blah 'mental health'. I find it so sinister. It only seems in the last year or so that they've really been priming us to consider our 'mental health.' The lovely young royals champion our mental health, it seems they've got a real thing for helping us with our mental health with their mental health charities and so on, it seems
  8. Yep, I remember seeing that same thread months ago. The recentish thread I just mentioned, there was still a few nhs workers chiming in and saying things along the lines of 'it's funny, it was incredibly empty when I was working on the wards ..but of course I'm not a tinfoil hat or anything.' There are a lot, a lot of people who will never want their opinions to be in line with what the 'conspiracy nuts' have stated since the onset. Too much to reconcile with, too galling and too bothersome to have to alter their viewpoint and thus let everything come crashing down amongst them. But then the
  9. I looked on the dire mumsnet forum last night (look at it once in a blue moon to torture myself). Someone dared to start a thread mentioning the covid vaccine, army delivering it and will it be mandatory. God, the grief this woman got was incredible! A few people chimed in and meekly agreed with her about creeping authoritarianism but for the most part the shit the thread starter got was so disheartening. Plenty of 'good, I hope it is mandatory!' And when she said she was concerned about military personell being brought into schools to test children, the amount of replies likening it to army
  10. He feels really down to earth and is good fun to watch. I liked the bit in his christmas show where he showed us round his dad's old chicken farm...really got a sense of the local communities that existed and still probably exist in those parts. Hope we hear some more from him soon.
  11. Lake...by no means am I considering such a notion as an almost get out of vaccination free card if you will. And as regards my child I will do all and everything to make sure she doesn't receive the vaccine. It's a threat that's on my mind a lot of the time until I have to put it to the side and say to myself it surely won't come to that because it's such a nightmarish idea. I just found the concept interesting in the tripod series ie high tech not working on everybody. I wasn't implying I'll have one of those vaccines and bank on it handily being like a tv show I liked , and i'll be mira
  12. I've been thinking lately ...imagining in the case of forced vaccination ie the worst case scenario where one is held down and coerced forcibly to have one...well it put me in mind of The Tripods series by John Christopher , (don't know who's familiar with it). In a world where everyone is 'capped' and essentialy enslaved by the Tripods, there are the few who are capped and it doesn't quite work, the inference being that they had so much innate freewill inside them and curiosity that the capping procedure does not succeed and these stragglers are henceforth known as 'vagrants'. I can't quite r
  13. Dreading this happening. home schooling my child for the time being and the thought of them taking her away from me if I refuse a vaccination for myself and her is utterly terrifying. She's aware of what's going on to an extent. I want to make sure that there will be a few in her generation who will not grow up to be the next generation of serfs, accepting meekly the new normal. But what will I do if they threaten to separate us? Mind boggling , but I know deep down it may come to that. How fucking dare they hold this power over us.
  14. Thanks Grumpy Owl. Yes , I always liked him, maybe he's just a bit reticent to speak at the moment and will come out with some new content at some point soon. guess I was just wondering why I haven't heard anything new on his channel lately. Always felt he was sincere.
  15. Has anyone heeard anything from Richard D Hall? Years ago I used to enjoy watching his Richplanet show until it was taken down for him questioning the Lee Rigby story I think it was. I did see something of his back in April/May calling the Covid narrative bullshit pretty much. Just wondered why I haven't seen anything from him since. What do people think of him?
  16. Sure this has been covered ..I've been wondering...maybe, perchance, our benevolent masters will allow for us a reservation to reside on (think Brave New World) where us crazy deniers can be lumped together but where such things as nationalised health care and so on will be forfeited. No connection to the smart grid...maybe the odd drop off of some very basic essentials. Could it be possible that something like this, existing alongside a world of smart cities where the citizenry of the brave new world, those good eggs, will reside? Surely there will be a sizeable amount of people wh
  17. What place have these symbols got on a pot of coffee? I remember my mum going on about Nestle when I was a child, about the formulas they were heavily encouraging African mothers to opt for and just thinking 'but I want my choccy bar!' Sorry mum in hindsight. And now I find san pellegrino is owned by them and in turn my daughter wants one of them every time I go to the shops. vicious circles.
  18. Horrific. I suppose we'll juat have to see when the wording turns to compulsory.
  19. Very good post Michael. Yes, it's not forgivable territory where I'm concerned in demanding children to just ride all the consequences of this deception out to its bitter end...feeling cornered as a parent who may at some point soon, be the last one left with an unmasked child at their side. The 'superspreader' child in the supermarket with the audacity to have their face on show. Personally, I disconnected with most of my family before this...I think I've been waiting for something like this to come out in full force and I knew just how they would react a long time ago. Anything I w
  20. Apologies if anyone has posted this somewhere else on the forum...I was just looking at the Daily Mail and saw the article about the proposal to continue the Moonshot testing shite in three more towns in England shortly. I can't post the link as I don't know how, sorry! Is this something that for now is being offered much like the 'invite you for your winter flu jab' letters that do the rounds? Or is there the assumption that you 'have' to go and be tested? For anyone in Liverpool was it just a case of turn up if you want? I suppose my horror scenario is of something like this h
  21. I found even before this lunacy that every possible subject was contentious enough, but now... the sheer exhaustion of it all. Largely every person I have to interact with these days there is even less common ground than there was before. Waiting to be happily surprised by someone but it's not happening.
  22. Really interesting post. I wonder if his prediction of military ships surrounding a Mediterranean could be Crete maybe or Sicily? Makes me think of that front cover of Time magazine all alluding to a Great Reset and, as I think someone pointed out on here, a chunk of the Med being lifted out by the architects/workmen on the scaffold.
  23. 'Childhood's End' by Arthur C Clarke, 'A Canticle For Leibowitz' by Walter M Miller. 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. And Cormac McCarthy's 'Sutree', 'Blood Meridian' , 'The Crossing'. Faulkner. Love American literature.
  24. The few times I go in there I like to stand at the self-service machines and leisurely take my time paying in five, ten and twenty pees and loudly proclaim to my daughter that I'm just using up my 'dirty physical cash'. Garners the odd flicker of recognition on some people's faces.
  25. Totally agree allymisfit. As for the heavy judgement dished out on those who look a bit different...literally even the slightest deviation from the status quo dress code. It's astonishing nowadays how just a little tweaking of that and the eyes are upon you. Don't get me started on the school run! Although I found a much more disinterested reception at my daughter's supposedly crap school with very low income parents than I did at one very 'desirable' and 'outstanding' school where I felt acutely like a wrong 'un amongst the other parents! Maybe different demographics judge differen
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