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  1. I got them too, they support Linux, multiple devices and I got a great introductory deal last year. No probs with them so far, and they seem to update their software regulary.
  2. Yes, I was wondering who his invisible friend was, unless he didn't have one. Thats a strong possibility.
  3. Just a thought about Religious Worship. When I go to church I go to acknowledge my spiritual side, to acknowledge there is a God, to show my appreciation and give thanks but not to worship. Why would a perfect being require worship? I'm a parent, I gave my children life, I provide for them and their growth. Do I as an imperfect being expect my children to worship me for my role? No, not really, I hope their grateful, I hope they enjoy the life given to them, but I do not require worship, just a thanks. And I am not a perfect, omniscient, eternal, supernatural being, why would such a being create life just so that it can be worshiped? This is illogical and not borne out by nature or the natural way of things. I was reading about Kangaroo gestation and the baby after leaving the womb as near fetus, instinctively knows to climb up the mother and into the pouch and attach itself to the milk gland. It instinctively knows! its built in to the baby's nature, if God required worship it would be built into our hearts, it would be inscribed on our hearts, we would know, but it is not. Therefore it is not required, it is your choice and you don't need a church if you choose to give thanks, pray in secret like the Bible tells us. God does not require worship.
  4. You say 'Risings' I'd say 'Emanations' (as you do) on an etheral level, but expansion or emergence can work too. I like how you describe it as 'risings' as well. It all flows from the source.
  5. Interesting, hadn't come across that before. Its very fitting, the name Jesus means 'Sun God' so if Christ also represents rising/risen its certainly fitting.
  6. Well I say similar, the universe did it itself. Call it nature if you like but the universe created life and thr universe sustains life. It my opinion the universe is alive at some level. I see the universe as having a soul and that energy is my God.
  7. I don't think the God of the OT is the true God. Again, Genesis is taken from earlier Pagan myths by the Jews while in Babylon. Taking the OT literally can lead to all sorts of errors. I don't believe in Jesus as God or the Saints either, the Roman Catholics have created many deities to pray to and worship - they are Polytheists, which of course they deny. Jesus was a powerful spiritual being who set an example for us all to copy as best we can. He is no God. When I go to church its not to 'worship' its to acknowledge and spend some time thinking or contemplating spiritual matters. I believe we have a soul, there is a God, there is a heaven and it matters how you behave down here. As for knowing God, we can't really. Occasionally we perceive it, coincidences or the appearence of the universe orchestrating events in your favour. I accept some people can feel God but apart from that God is beyond our understanding and doesn't demand worship like the Pagan OT god.
  8. I agree with you, especially about worshipping Jesus and his mother, I'm not a polytheist, there is one God. Jesus was a prophet, perhaps a highly advanced man but he was a man. But we still can't be sure what Constantine and others may have put in.
  9. Well it seems you have me confused and think I'm a Christian, I oppose most organized Christian theology - Hell, Satan, Lucifer, Original Sin are all Christian lies to me. The exclusivety of the Roman church and its derivatives to claim Jesus as their own is abhorrent to me. And the crimes committed in religions name, not just by Christian but any religion disgusts me to my core. I oppose organized religion. How you thonk I'm indoctrinated is beyond me, I note you edited your text and removed another reference suggesting I'm christian. I have been attending a Unitarian church but thats mostly out of interest and searching for spiritual direction. Regarding Jesus beating slaves, the Bible has been subjected to much alteration and editing, how do you know Jesus actually advocated that and it wasn't inserted by Constantine or the early church writers?
  10. Thats Old Testament and doesn't apply much, Jesus came and established a new Covenant and washed away the Old Testament. Also the Old Testament is based on Pagan myths and should not be taken to seriously. You are also quoting from Revelation, well there was much debate about whether to include it in the Bible and obviously eventually they did but again it is a Kabbalistic vision based on earlier Pagan myth and probably or possibly has absolutely no bearing whatsoever. The fact that we see certain people following the plan is another discussion. Neither Revelations or Deuteronomy have much bearing on Roman Christianity or reality. They do declare in Deuteronomy that God is one so they get something right.
  11. I don't worship Jesus, I don't worship God much, an entity like God is above the desire to be worshipped. Also, I only use the word God for convenience to convey a concept or idea.
  12. Yes others have speculated that Jesus did not die on the cross, that deserves its own thread. Even the Muslims believe they put a likeness up. Some think it was staged - he was taken down after a few hours yet it took days to die from crucifixion. The Muslims have it that Jesus went to Kashmir afterwards. The Buddhists do have a record of a great healer called 'Isa' or 'Esa' who went and studied with them but that was before the crucifixion. They know this 'Esa' as Jesus. Its possible he went back there but others, spiritualists say he died of old age, can't remember where.
  13. Nor is Jesus the real Jesus. The Jesus of the Christians is a Sun God, the real Jesus was not called Jesus, was not born on 25th December and most probably died on the cross and didn't ascend to heaven. He was not the son of God any more than we all are, he was not God incarnate. But whoever he was, he was 'A' Christ.
  14. Ok cheers, thats a new concept to me.
  15. You don't 'Know' what I worship.
  16. Sounds like your getting 4th Dimensional, I'm not disagreeing if there is a 4th Dimension which there possibly is it is still a part of the workings of the universe, maybe the 4th Dimension is the source but we don't know that yet.
  17. Yes I consider the universe our creator and its soul our God. The universe is alive and All is connected to God by carrying a fragment of God within All. The universe is eternal, infinite and timeless as is God.
  18. Ok thanks. I can't find reference to it being a Romanian word, its Russian for 'legislative body' according to Google the Romanian word for Dome is Dom. I rarely pray - I don't think its neccessary, but when I do, I pray to the eternal creator and not some lesser god, or the many Sun Gods.
  19. Hi, just Googled 'Dumnezu' and it says its a Romanian word, from Latin, 'domine deus' meaning God or Master or even God Wills it. It says nothing about a dome. While the Romanian word means a perfect being, omnipotent, omniscient, but again nothing about a dome. When I Google it I get pictures of Jesus. Can you explain a bit more how you get Dome from Dumnezeu. I googled Dum, it means to steam in Indian but can't find refetences to Dome, and Dumme seems to mean 'Stupid person' in German. How do you get Dome?
  20. Yeah I laughed too, Pork chops for breakfast! (Face palm) I see what he's getting at though. You are what you eat, but also as well you are what you think and what you feel too.
  21. The Luciferians and the Satanists are positioning themselves as the rational choice to religion. I've been reading their websites and they advocate for not smacking children for instance. They claim that the church is corrupt and perverted and responsible for unspeakable horrors and as such they are the 'Humanist' 'Rational' 'Logical' choice. Look at the Freemasons, they are a Charitable organization that does 'good works' and yet at the heart they are Luciferian. They claim to help 'perfect the man' and do moral and good works for society yet Luciferianism is based on the rebellion against God and that is a rebellion against life. Unfortunately the Satanists and Luciferians have a point, 'by their fruits shall ye know them' and what are the fruits of the Roman Church? Inquisitions, torture, wars, corruption, amassing great wealth and doing little to help the poor, interference with science the list goes on and on. So to any rational person the church is bad and the Satanists step in and offer a rational humanistic alternative. Its probably the same with Paganism, religion has failed so lets go back to nature and the old ways. I see that as a retrograde step, I have no desire to return to animal mentality, we are above that, destined for higher. I believe the Satanists and Luciferians have infiltrated and corrupted the Roman Church, which wasn't hard to do as it was already based on a lie, then they watched the church destroy its reputation and now they can stand back and point the finger and say 'look what they done!' and everybody can see the wrongs of the church hence people will more likely accept Satanism and Luciferianism. The whole story about Lucifer is a myth, another lie invented by the church but the philosophy they have created has taken on a life of its own, again this is all due to interpretation of a myth. In that interpretation Lucifer becomes a hero, who like Prometheus, brings Light or Knowledge to mankind, they are seen as helpers. This is just inversion of the story but it was always a just a story, like I say, that story now has a life and philosophy of its own and is hidden among other philosophies to trap people and turn them away from God. Someone recently posted a thread simply 'Why' Well by controlling peoples religion you control their minds and by having complete control you do have power. Why they are intent on rebelling against God I have no idea, seems like a loser to me. But for some its now an intellectual, Humanist, rational even scientific choice to reject God and embrace atheism or Satanism or Luciferinism and if they don't get you, the New Age movement or Freemasonry or Roman Christianity or any one of the Humanist organizations will and if they don't work the general public reject it all and become atheists, probably a partial win for the Satanists. We have to reject these power structures and advocate individual and communal responsibility.
  22. Another good DVD, I have a copy but thanks to Youtube I present it to you. The Pharmacratic Inquisition - (Full video) *Shamanism Behind Religion Unveiled* From GnosticMedia.com
  23. For my own reference - At about 36 mins in the Dr explains about the Virgin Birth so you see from this video and 'traditional wisdom' the Virgin Birth is first described as a miraculous event, this is the milk. Then deeper investigation reveals the Solar implications of the Astrological sign of Virgo rising on the eastern Horizon on 25th December and also that the designation of Mary as a Virgin puts here into a Sect and hence an initiate of some kind other than that of a Christian. There's three interpretations to the Virgin Mother legend. Flat Earth reference at 43 mins in and 'Eye Of The Needle' reference at 45 mins I have provided another interpretation for that text earlier in the thread, so again we see the possibilities of multiple meanings attached to certain phrases, verses or ideologies and at 47 mins in she confirms that the Essene's attributed to scripture two different meanings, general, moral and spiritual teachings but a further special teaching can be induced from interpretation of the texts by those with special knowledge. (47 mins) Jesus say's it himself in Mathew 4:11 He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables And then the Dr goes on to give an interpretation of Jesus walking on water being himself claiming a Priestly privilege. She then goes on to mention Satan as Judas the opposing leader of the Zealots and that the Bible conveys political history if interpreted a certain way. Thus confirming there are many levels to the book.
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