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  1. I wonder how all this ties into Tartaria and the Flat Earth?
  2. Jew. Crypto Jew. Just look at the nose.
  3. Was Hitler a Jew or Muslim? I decided to research this question, so I Googled 'Hitler was a Jew' and 'Hitler was a Muslim' I compared the meme results and it turns out there are way more 'Hitler was a Jew' memes, than there were 'Hitler was a Muslim' memes. This led me to believe that Hitler was in fact a Jew. Why would so many people create these memes if it wasn't true. But then I realised, that's what they want us to think. Everything is reversed, so the fact that there are less memes saying 'Hitler was a Muslim' PROVES Hitler was in fact a Muslim. I call the method 'Stastical Meme Analysis' It's infallible.
  4. Quote from Goebbels - 'Hitler was a Muslim' Goebbels.
  5. Ah yes, the Ottoman Empire were well known as Crypto Jews, who persecuted Christians. I've seen YouTube videos about it. But I'm on the fence until I see a meme. What is puzzling is that, as the Jews already controlled Russia, Europe, Britain (and therefore Commonwealth- Australia, Canada etc) and we know China are also Crypto-Jew and Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, and America, it seems to me the Jews already ruled most of the world from the 1900's - so why are they so secretive about taking Israel now? They controlled the whole world, all the world leaders are Crypto-Jew so they may as well just come out and admit it. I'm sure someone will have a YouTube video they haven't bothered checking the facts that they can post? @WJ 777 Have you got a YouTube video that explains why the Jews, who already controlled America, Europe, Russia, Middle East and China, and Australia and Canada, why they remain in the shadows for World domination when they already achieved it 100 years ago? A YouTube video might be to complicated for me to follow so a meme summing it up would suffice. As long as I can cross check that there is a corroborating video it'll be good enough. Thank you.
  6. See, this meme is more proof Hitler was a Muslim and hated Jews. See, this is obviously truth. These memes were made by Goebels and Himmler. They wouldn't lie.
  7. Have you got any corroborating memes? To me, a truth is only proved when there is a YouTube video which is backed up by a corroborating meme. A YouTube video without a meme does not pass the threshold for truth. @WJ 777 You need to post more memes, your evidence is not strong enough without memes.
  8. See. Internet memes don't lie. Look at what Hitler said, he said he follows the Prophet. Internet memes don't lie. F*ckin lol.
  9. Lol. Hitler wasn't a Jew, he was a Muslim, I've got memes to PROVE it.
  10. Ekaterine "Keke" Giorgis asuli Geladze[a] (1856/1858[2][b] – 4 June 1937) was the mother of Joseph Stalin. Born into a family of peasants outside of Gori, in modern Georgia, she married Besarion Jughashvili, a cobbler, and had three sons; only the youngest, Ioseb, lived. Besarion would leave the family, leaving Geladze to raise her son. Deeply religious, she wanted Ioseb to become a priest, working as a seamstress in Gori in order to pay for his education. Geladze remained in Gori when Ioseb moved to the Tbilisi Spiritual Seminary, and stayed there until his rise to power in the Soviet Union as Joseph Stalin. In her older age Geladze lived in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia; while Stalin wrote to her, he visited rarely, with the last visit in 1935. She died in 1937, and was buried in the Mtatsminda Pantheon in Tbilisi. Geladze was born to a family of Georgian Orthodox Christian serfs in Gambareuli near Gori in either 1856 or 1858.[2] Her father, Giorgi (or Glakha) Geladze, was either a bricklayer or potter, and was a serf belonging to Prince Ivane Amilakhvari.[3] Jewish ancestry runs with the mother. Stalin was born of a Christian mother and studied at an Orthodox Christian college.
  11. Stalin was Jewish. The video says. Seriously?
  12. Yep, misinformation and propaganda is rife, people need to be a little discerning. Here's an example of fake, clickbait, propaganda posted on this very thread, which is so laughably misinformation put out there to shape peoples views. But if you actually read the article, it doesn't actually back up what its title says or implies. You have to read the small print, as it were, otherwise you'll fall for fake crap like this. Remember as well, some people use posts to slyly imply something, sort of mud slinging to try and discredit. If you find yourself debating with someone like that, remember they have an agenda to try and discredit in any way shape of form. Of course the other tactic is ridicule to try and belittle, so they'll misquote your forum ID or distract with what your forum logo is. You have to debate the facts, not the poster, and people that resort to these tactics, its best to largely ignore them. If you see a member posting propaganda, or using any other tactic, its something you need to keep in mind with ALL their future posts. Ask yourself, this person posted propaganda crap before, can I really trust what they are posting now? At what point does lying to the public to advance the interests of a foreign power and con America into war become a criminal conspiracy and an act of treason? https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=64318
  13. Well yes and no, I live in the shires and round here a local hero is Simon De Montford, he was part of the crusades, he also expelled the Jews from city of Leicester and cancelled all debts to them. So they were persecuted here from way back, as the video explained, Europe, including England largely expelled them. They had the pogroms in Russi which forced them out of there. So I do think the idea was forced on them, to find their own country. Why they had to pick Palestine, I kind of understand, but surely they must have known they would be asking for trouble. Yes approach the Ottoman and see if he'd do a deal. But if not, give it up and find some unused land. Nobody would have objected to that and I know other lands were considered and wanted by other Jews, just seems to be a core few that wanted the 'Holy Land' That still has to be the best outcome - surely that is now the only solution that will work, and give Palestinians back / access to more land. Integrate. Have an ethereal Jewish state of Israel that only exists, per se, as an ID card, giving Jews access to Jewish areas. A combination of forces should police Jerusalem etc, not just Jewish forces. They did that after the 2nd world war, some places were jointly patrolled by Allied and Russian forces etc. Its not ironic, its planned by the people that created Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Exactly, these 'religious' people are under a spell, a spell that makes them believe they or their cause is superior and gives them the right to kill for their ideology. Its nuts, all Abrahamic religions teach peace, but all those religions have little caveats in them which say they are justified to wage war etc under certain circumstances. And it just so happens all those religions came from the same place and so all those religions are fighting over the same things. Coincidence? Ironic? No. Planned. Its the Pagan spell.
  14. Thanks for posting. It was a really good summary of events. It does seem to me, that the Jews were forced into Palestine and it was the surrounding Arab nations that objected and started the war. Its a freakin mess, and I'm not proud of Britain's role in it, or other areas of Middle East, like Kuwait.
  15. I think the Old and New Testaments are unrelated. Its my understanding the the Old Testament was the 'Old' contract with God and Jesus came to change all that - eye for an eye stuff. I do not know why the Christians insist on keeping the Old Testament in their Bible's. The New Testament from Jesus is closer to the truth. But again, as you say, not only do I believe some parts are misinterpreted to suit, I also know that parts have been changed, to again suit an agenda. Like Hell and Satan, they do not exist, but the Christians insist they do and have changed even their own saviours words to support their false belief. Peter, you are rock, and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. When in fact the original states - Rock, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my community and the gates of death shall not prevail against it. All these texts have been corrupted. I would say Islam is corrupted with the hadith, their Pilgrimages to Mecca, throwing stones at the devil, their Black Stone - this is all pagan superstitious nonsense and Islam is just as infected with it as Christianity and Judaism.
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