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  1. And so is Hell, the Gates of Hades and other such references to Hell is actually translated (or written in the original) as Gates of Death and allude to the 'Gates of the Grave' or your death. So Hell is also apparently a Christian fiction.
  2. Wow, that surprises me. The general theory seems to suggest Pagans were witches - divination, ritual magic, astrology etc so to burn witches seems like they're burning their own. That is of course if you believe the Hollywood version of Pagans. Do you know what distinguishes a Pagan compared to a witch? Why were they so against witches. Is it because they see witches as practising dark magic?
  3. No I could never watch either. Just reading about it upset me - thinking about the poor children going through a death like that is, I don't know the right word as upsetting isn't strong enough to describe the feeling I get. Perhaps despondent.
  4. Not just in Ireland. This comment from H P Blavatsky's book, Isis Unveiled written in 1877, referring to events a quarter of a century prior to the publication, hence about 1850 And then there's the burning's during the witch trials where they burned children and even an infant. Why did they burn people rather than other methods to put them to death? Well the answer is, because its a sin to let blood so they figured if they burned people no blood was spilt and therefore it was not a sin to do so. They burnt an infant and young children -
  5. Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People @Grumpy Owl I posted the link as plain text and it embedded - thanks - can't believe thats all I was doing wrong, it used to work just pasting normally not using 'as plain text', I'm sure it did before. Anyway, sorted now.
  6. More information on the Pagan origins of Christianity and all religions.
  7. Yes I think your right. I have been told, all religions contain a golden thread of truth. Discerning that truth from the misinterpretations of organized religion is tricky, but thats what this thread now seems to be trying to do - to sift out the original truth in it and it is leading me in the spiritualist direction. For a while now I have described my self as non religious but still spiritual, just can't strictly define that spirituality yet.
  8. @Basket Case please can you embed this video - I tried using Win10 and Google Chrome for this post but vids are still not embedding for me. Edit: When I submitted the post it resolved the video and displayed it - then when the post was up the video had disappeared!
  9. Ah I see - thank you. Finally I can highlight text I post from books etc looks much neater in posts.
  10. Yeah I do and I don't get the option to multiquote. Instead a pop up box pops up and says '1 Post Quoted' Can't see what I'm doing wrong, either multiquoting or embedding videos.
  11. This doesn't seem to be working for me. I've tried posting youtube vids. I copy the link under 'Share' on youtube and paste it in to my posts but it doesn't resolve the link and display the video. It used to work fine for me but ever since a forum upgrade not long ago its stopped working. Am I doing something wrong? I also can't multi-quote for some reason. You used to be able to use 'quote' and '/quote' to seperate text and multiquote and also I used it when quoting from another source, say a book or newspaper article but again, since an upgrade thats stopp
  12. Thanks for the response. As for why I'm asking, I understand there is a famous tomb in Kashmir with the dead mans hands and feet portrayed in an engraving depicting crucifixion wounds. Some Muslims believe its Jesus's tomb.
  13. Ok it was Judas on the cross, some say he looked a lot like Jesus while others say they were brothers. The Gnostics have it that Judas served the lord with the hardest job of betraying him so the phrophecy could come true and hold Judas as a bit of a hero. But who is buried at Kashmir?
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