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  1. Hi killing raven sun! Interesting post, I think you'll fit in here with the forum. Welcome.
  2. Yes it was interesting, haven't seen that before. Thanks for posting.
  3. I'm halfway through it, he's making some interesting points, raising interesting facts. Didn't know about Churchill faking paintings - thats funny. Just goes to show how these supposed elite families actually operated. Would have though he would have been well looked after by wealthy backers from other elite families? So what does that tell us? It does give us in insight, maybe they are not as organized as we think, maybe they use financial difficulties against each other as they vie for power. Anyway, as an aside, my wife is a distant cousin to Winston Churchill, her family name is Randolph. We also think they are descendants of one of the founding fathers of America. That part of their history needs confirming. So you could say I'm connected to an elite family but nothing could be further from the truth. Anyway, let me just explain what I do know. My dad was stationed in Germany in 1946. He spoke to a lot of the men who liberated the Concentration Camps, he got first hand testimony of what they saw and witnessed. I know of one account concerning the camp Belsen. When the allies advanced on Belsen Belsen, they sent someone into the camp. The allies gave the Germans 24 hours to stabilize the camp and hand it over to the allies. What did the Germans do with that 24 hours? They burnt records. Burnt paperwork. Spent the whole time burning records. Now why would they do that? Did they burn the evidence that exonerated them and proved the camp was nothing more than a holiday camp and all the records of, for instance medicine administration and food and records of them treating the Jews well? No I don't think so, they were burning records that would incriminate them, they were burning evidence of crimes and atrocities. They were guilty and they knew it and the allies knew it. Can you give a reason why the Germans would burn their records? So I've got first hand witness accounts from family or secondhand testimony from an historian who wasn't there. Who should I believe? Regarding the accuracy of history, well Irving raises some interesting info, of course history is written by the victors so its bound to be distorted. Irwin asks whether Hitler actually knew what was going on in the camps, I've asked myself the same question, did he actually give the order or did his generals just come up with the idea of extermination as a way to solve their camp problems and Hitler didn't actually know? Well we don't know do we, Hitler killed himself before he gave an account of himself. Why did Hitler supposedly commit suicide if he had done no wrong? Why not have your day in court? We don't always execute leaders of armies for fighting a war unless war crimes were committed. What about the Nazi's racial profiling which is on record, how they compared the skulls of their race to other races, to see how they defined themselves as a superior race and wrote books to support it. Its undeniable, its on record in. Their racial ideologue is there for all to see. There's enough evidence in my mind to support most of what is being charged at them. The 6 million figure though, well ok thats another story. On the old forum I had a discussion with Girlgye, I estimated the number of people they could fit in the chamber, how long it would take to gas them, allowing time for the gas to clear before the soldiers went in and cleared the bodies ready for another lot. Well it was obvious they could not have gassed 6 million people in the entire 6 years of the war. Considering they probably didn't start with the extermination program until later in the war meant they could not possibly have exterminated 6 million in the time they had. However, that does not excuse the fact that they clearly did exterminate people. Hitler was a bad man, whether he was played by TPTB or not I don't know. What purpose did it achieve - well it seems to have demonized Nationalism and paved the way for multi-culturalism looking back at it now, I'm know it also succeeded in the transfer of vast wealth, culled a lot of working class men depraving children of their fathers as well as kick starting Zionism. Its not surprising after having been victimized the way the Jews were that they would want their own country to finally feel safe in and this fits in nicely with Biblical prophecy - and we're back to the dark magicians again. I'll finish watching the video but despite all the bad things the allies are said to have done I suspect it will not convince me from the facts that Nazi racial ideologue was evil and that they did exterminate some peoples in the camps, Jews, Gypsies, Handicapped and anyone else they thought racially inferior. Anyway, we're off topic and this should have its own thread.
  4. Just as I was posting I re-read your post Kabbalah being a mental illness, it could be said Magic is a mental illness, Alchemy twists the soul and mind of the practitioner, magic is mental powered so does it affect the mind like an illness? Jesus say's to stay away from it, I was always fascinated with it - I do card magic as a hobby and read into the occult. There's psychology in card magic, misdirection etc so again there is a link between the mental and the effect even in stage magic. Anyway here's my post. Ok, maybe I just put one hand back on the fence ready to jump up on it again. Many scholarly minds have told us it is so, but I did a quick search looking for sources actually but came up with different. I'm going mainstream, I know reputable sources of information are frowned upon here and some would say whatever wiki says the opposite is true but thats not always true, here's an excerpt from Encyclopedia Britannica - And Wiki - All the sources that I quickly read this morning state there is undoubtedly a relationship between Pagan beliefs and Christianity but that Christianity did not take from earlier sources, just evolved similar ideas. Well maybe, but some people say there's no smoke without fire. If they did evolve independently then that would add weight to the argument that religions are truly divinely inspired. Lots of different people from different places tapping into the same source. However I suspect that they are spells, written by people who understand these things, some of the teachings in these religions - Judaism and Christianity are so horrible they cannot have come from a loving creator. The racism in Judaism, the violence in Christianity and Islam (stoning people for infractions, animal sacrifice). Somehow I just cannot believe all these teachings are divinely inspired. Its probably true that parts of it were inspired but these teachings have been taken control of and manipulated to see the messed up religions we have today. Makes me think about how the Devil is trying to get us to worship him and I wonder if he hasn't succeeded with religions. So i don't know, you may have just put me back on the fence with this hypothesis. But my gut say's the weight of evidence in favor of the hypothesis is huge.
  5. Well I hope so. Otherwise a lot of good people could be being led astray there. I'm just not convinced.
  6. Magicians! That proves my point - the creators of these religions were magicians. I suggest, as religion has been used as a major tool for mind control and power, that it is dark magicians who created the religions and mystery schools. We know it goes back to at least Egypt, thats provable with the Egyptian mystery cults and there similarity to Christianity - born of the 25th, virgin mother, died and resurrected after 3 days, its solar worship. So it shows these dark magicians were operating from at least Egyptian times - long before the Jews came along and Babylon, they gave the Jews Judaism, they set the course for this world supremacy ideology, most of the Jews are just controlled like the rest of them, a few at the top know whats going on, same in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Yazidi's and all the rest, but they're controlled by dark forces hence the Pope's not really Christian and the top Jews in this are not really Jewish, their loyalties lie elsewhere.
  7. Sorry I forgot to reply - cheers, it is useful knowing the given reason for the Halo and about the sound of consciousness. I've associated that Halo with Sun Worship again that or signifying 'Illumination'
  8. And thats a very fair point to, they also have the oldest system of Magic - at least thats known to us. So those points put them front and centre as suspects. however, I don't believe Arch angel Gabriel gave them Kabbalah, same as i don't believe and Arch angel dictated the Koran to Mohammed. these systems, Christianity included are man made by magicians who understand these powers, natural sciences and the workings of the mind. I also kind of believe Rev Taylor's suggestion that Jews, Christians and Hebrews are just levels of initiation in the ancient mysteries. You see these mystery religions go way back beyond even Egypt, hence I thing Judaism with its ideologies was given to the Jews by the real hidden hand and I think Christianity was also distorted by the same group and its that group that are the real controllers, hence it just makes Judaism another control mechanism for someone other than the Jews. I also don't accept the whole Biblical genealogy and the Jews being their own race, thats crap, if we breed with then we have normal babies, there's no difference, thats just racist ideologies designed to separate and control, divide and conquer once again. Well i would point to the Roman Catholic Church who for 2000 years have been misleading human souls, persecuting entire peoples, genociding the Aztecs, dictating policy's to the governments and kings, amassing huge wealth while doing very little for the poor they supposedly champion. Then there's Islam, just look at what horrors ISIS has unleashed in its short existence, advocating stoning, throwing Homosexuals off roofs, forced marriages and pregnancies to create more soldiers for the holy war. Christ its fucked up. I still say the thing that binds all these together is Satanism.
  9. Yep, I can believe all that. But it still makes me think, they are just a part of the evil we face, maybe the oldest part, although I don't think that is completely true because the evil has been going on longer than when the Jews supposedly discovered themselves to be a distinct race and came out of Babylon with their racist religion. Those mystery schools were well established back in Babylon - who created them are who we should be looking at, they are the real spiritual masters of this world, dark ones but masters nonetheless.
  10. Rule number 1 - Know your enemy Yes it can be, its depressing and can be overwhelmingly so. You can come to the conclusion we are nothing more than farmyard animals. However the enemy relies on fear and secrecy and when exposed dies, so it is easily defeated. Thus there is always hope - unless of course we truly are farmyard animals with no hope of getting off this planet and thus escaping. Ok. You provoke conflicting thoughts in me - I haven't said anything about a universal love consciousness but we are on a website who's owner and members believes in it. So I'll comment, I do believe we are all connected at some level and can perhaps connect with a divine consciousness. I do think when Jesus came he established the kingdom of heaven here and its been here for the last 2000 years, its just it got corrupted and perverted by dark forces. If we all 'loved each other' there is a good chance we would have heaven on earth, but I guess we're getting off topic here.
  11. Might be something to do with Porphyria an illness that apparently many of the Royals have been infected - makes your wee turn Purple/Blue @Truthspoon knows more about I think - I think he wrote an article on it on his website. Here's a related link from the web
  12. Wow I didn't know anything about this - I had read that part of the problem with Western diets is that we don't get enough Pulses and other vegetables that are, for instance high in B17, a vitamin that may have anti cancer properties (Apricot kernels are full of it) Can you give us any links, I'd like to read up on it.
  13. See I think its been going on longer than that. Satan's been at work since the beginning of time. There may well be Jews involved, they may well be at the forefront, owing to their magical system Kabballa. I believe they think that was given to them by arch angel Gabriel or Michael? However that may be a load of old rubbish and the system may well have been given to them by the same black magicians that later created Freemasonry and Christianity and the other Mystery Religions. There's good evidence that Judaism is based on Paghanism, most likely centred around Baal worship and hence Sun worship. Also, its been said that the God of the Old Testament is Satan, so again there's evidence that Judaism is actually Satanic and therefore the Jews themselves would actually be Satanists - 'Those who say they are Jews but actually are the Synagogue of Satan' Hence, it doesn't matter what clothes they wear or what synagogue or temple they worship at, ultimately if they serve Satan, they are Satanist's first and foremost. There may well be a majority of them at the top. they are clever people, but to label it a Jewish conspiracy is doing a major disservice to the good Jews who are themselves hypnotised by the same spells as those under Catholicism and Christianity. Regarding the Jews being clever, I took this from an MSM news article - Regarding religions being Pagan, Amen means 'So Be It' or something which is a similar saying to the Witches ;So Mote It Be' which is similar to what the druids used to say. Christianity, Catholicism is Paganism dressed up in new clothes, (I know you know that) Paganism's highest deity was Baal under many guises including as a sun god. Baal is Satan. Sun worship is Baal worship and Catholicism and Christianity and Freemasonry are all about the Sun. Back to the Jewish question I would point to China, currently thats a Satanists wet dream, the oppression of the people, mass pollution, breakdown of society into slave worker bee's. Well are they Jewish? No, currently China is a world superpower with one of the biggest economy, they are a major player on the world stage, Jewish? No. In thrall to them perhaps? Maybe playing along with them but China is big enough now to play by its own rules so why should it continue to play along unless something bigger was at work? What about the Vatican, how much Gold do they have. What about their influence on Western Nations and Governments, the inquisitions, the torture, the witch trials, the genocides all in the name of the Christian God. Again, Jewish? No Devised by the Jews and foisted on us? No, they tried to destroy it when it started and they have never accepted the character Jesus as any sort of holy person. That there are Jews who play a part, maybe even a major part does not make this a Jewish conspiracy, its a Satanic one. Who were the dark magicians that created the Mystery religions, Freemasonry, Christianity and perhaps the Kabballah, who controls them? they are the secret unseen hand that dominates our world and it appears they work for Satan and want us all Paganized and worshiping false Gods or even nature, back to tribalistic savages that worship elemental spirits and the such, hence virtually all religions are dressed up Pagan superstitions. yes I'm sure there is energy there that can be worked with, I'm not dismissing it, on the contrary I acknowledge its power and suggest its being used for nefarious purposes to corrupt us. The powers at work don't even need to be in communication with each other, there may not be a central planning department but instead all participants are working towards a common goal and then from the outside it looks marvelously orchestrated but actually its a melting pot of conspiracies from all quarters that melds together and appears to form an overriding plan that is global and dates back to the dawn of time - that cannot be Jewish it can only be Satanic.
  14. Thats the Luciferian doctrine as taught by Freemasons, Satanists and New Age philosophies. The whole Earth Goddess is just Paganism repackaged for an 'Enlightened' (or Illuminated again Luciferian) age.
  15. Well I believe the conspiracy is Satanic, hence Satan is behind it all and he hates us, as we've been told, and he wants to destroy all that is good and invert it to pervert humanity. Hence the hatred is built in, its what motivates them to destroy and subvert all that is good. The useful idiots who go along with it are just doing so for power and money in this temporary realm. Can't understand why, if you know the devil exists you then know God must exist and your soul really is at risk, yet they still go along with it! Its unbelievable.
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