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  1. It seems all religions are on a collision course, most religions have a unique end times prophecy where 'their' religion will trump all other religions and 'their' messiah will come again and 'they' will be the rulers of the world in a new heaven sent period of peace. To me, the adherents to these religions are all under a spell written by manipulators (or magicians if you will) that have distorted the religious messages in all these religions and have set up this 'clash of the religion' purposefully. It is all about control and distorting/displacing worship away from t
  2. Vault is also an architectural term for a ceiling or roof structure. Again, my Bible doesn't say firmament or anything about its existence. Its errors like these that let you see the Bible has been re-written by fallible men. The belief in a firmament led to the crystal dome to hold up the stars theory which was probably common among early man as they did'nt have Astrophysics to explain what they saw in the sky's. Same as Flat earth, and the bible is a flat earth book - 'he took him up to see all the kingdoms of the world and offered them to him if he bowed down' well how could he
  3. Again, my version of the original texts say something slightly different. 'In the beginning was the word, the word was in God's presence, and the word was God. He was present with God in the beginning.' 'Through him all things came into being, and apart from him not a thing came to be. That which had come to be in him was life, and this life was the light of men. The light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness did not overcome it' Anyway, what is a word, a word is a wave but actually its a complex waveform. What about the beginning, well if there were
  4. Again, mine doesn't say firmament it says expanse so a completely different meaning and no interpretation as to what firmament actually means.
  5. In my version it says - (follows directly on from previous quote in previous post) 'God was pleased with the light that he saw, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and he called the darkness night. Thus evening came, and morning - first day' (quote ends) So again, a slightly different reading to your version and may well affect your interpretation of the verse. If the evening came and then the morning it implies night passed, thus we progressed from one day to the next.
  6. To give you another version, in my Bible - The Anchor Series, which is a modern literal translation of the original texts, in Genesis, it says something a bit different, this - When God set about to create heaven and earth - the world being then a formless waste, with darkness over the seas and only an awesome wind sweeping over the waters -- God said 'Let there be light'... So my translation gives a different account to your translation and we find the world was formed already at the beginning. My version is also a lot less prosaic than yours, seems the writers of your
  7. And predictably there is now no record of the NASA lightbulb extender. Basically (from memory) they used a Thyristor to limit the input electric waveform to the lightbulb hence it never ran at full power and thus extended the lifespan. NASA got a manufacturer to produce a 'button' that contained thyristors and you placed it in between the bulb base and the holder. Its similar to a project I did in University, we used Diodes to perform half wave rectification and applied the output to a bulb, the diode reduced the input power by half and hence the lightbulb did not run a
  8. I think so yes and NASA have been looking into it, look at Shuttle STS75 'Space Tether' basically they deployed a 12 mile electrical cable into our atmosphere from space, the tether collected a huge amount of 'free energy' it was supposed to be used to power Space Station etc but instead it generated huge power and broke off. So yes as well as Tesla, Feynman, Morray and NASA have proved there is huge amounts of energy surrounding our earth which we can tap into. NASA would'nt have invested or tried the experiment unless they were sure it worked and it seems like Tesla's experiment
  9. Hi! Tesla was trying to tap into what he called Radiant Energy, this is energy all around us. Its not such an outlandish idea, back in the 60's I think Feynman gave a lecture on atmospheric electricity and he calculated there is a MicroMicroAmpere of electricity in every square meter around us. This may not seem a lot but it turns out that means there's 400,000 Volts with a current of 1800 amperes, that means there's 700 Megawatts of energy in our atmosphere. Then there's the Schuman Resonance, this is an atmospheric cavity encircling the world that contains millions of volts, it
  10. While I agree energy cannot be created or destroyed and hence as we are energy - electrical impulses in the brain, when we die thats not the end, instead we are transformed into something or somewhere else. According to the Theosophists Blavatsky originally stated there was no reincarnation and then after some time in India she changed her mind. Her new theory that we did reincarnate back here was at odds with the spiritualists of the time. According to them, we come here first as a mineral, then as a vegetable or plant and then as an animal and finally as a human, after that we pr
  11. Look at the depiction, tubes with spheres inside, cross shaped objects, all flying around the sky, and the witness accounts, not just some artist creating something but rather an event witnessed by people.
  12. But what about the German wood cutting, the description given with it states these things were flying around fighting each other, that is not the behavior of clouds.
  13. Hmm, ok, he describes that one as a cloud I don't agree that it depicts a cloud but it is unclear what exactly it depicts. However the 'lighted cloud' theory doesn't explain these for instance, the pic below clearly shows flying craft with people inside.
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