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  1. I'll try and give another example, in Mathew 5.30 it says better to cut off your hand than go to hell. The original Hebrew word in the text for Hell being 'Geenan' which is not a word for Hell it is a valley known as Gehenna just outside of Jerusalem where Kings sacrificed children and hence it was believed to be cursed. It is also known as a destination for the wicked to the Jews. It was later known as a garbage centre, where, if you were a condemed man, after execution they would dump your body. To keep the area disease free they set alight to it. Hence if your body was dumped there you woul
  2. Again, can you give examples of where the Bible describes Hell. And yes I agree, Jesus nor the Bible say anything about building churches in fact it says if you take a rock and true it to make an altar you have defiled it, so truing rocks to build churches must be totally wrong. And thank you, I'm sure God loves you to.
  3. Can you give me examples about the Bible describing Hell? I agree it is an offense to change the word of God, but thats something I charge the Roman Christians of doing. I'll give an example, in the Bible Jesus says 'I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it' yet according to some, Jesus did NOT say 'gates of Hades' he said 'gates of death' hence the Christians changed Jesus' words.
  4. So it seems Roman Christians are somewhat alone in their belief in Hell, an eternal fire of damnation. Its simply not borne out by study of other religions, or scriptual origins. The spiritualists don't believe it and nor do many other denominations of Christians or the Jews on which the Christian texts are based! So there you go, I've made the case that Hell is a Christian lie , shown it is somewhat based on mistranslation, showed disparity between the beliefs of various religions and Christian denominations and provided sources to back up the claim. Can the Christians
  5. Coptic Christians don't believe in Hell as an eternal fire. Not only is a belief in Hell wrong it is an offense against God to hold the view it exists.
  6. Eastern Orthodox view - The weight of opinion...
  7. I can show you the lie but if you choose to continue to believe it thats up to you. When we are talking about spiritual matters its very hard to get the truth, instead we get interpretations of people experiences and visions put as best as they can into words. We look at the weight of the information - how many people believe it. From this and other intuitive factors we make assumptions and form our beliefs. If we look at the weight of evidence for the literal Hell that Christians believe we find it is not endorsed by other religions nor spiritualists, hence the weight
  8. The above explanation on what happens to your soul after death is similar to the ones given by spiritualists. There are many heavens after this world and depending on the type of person you are depends on which 'heaven' 'sphere' 'processing station' you go to. It is said there are 50 gates to the Kingdom of Heaven, Moses made it to 49 but only Jesus has ever made it to 50. Each gate is like a gateway for other worlds, 'in my fathers house there are many mansions' each Mansion has many rooms and each mansion has a gateway. hence 50 gates to 50 Mansions and each Mansion with many roo
  9. Hi Michi, thought I'd give an example. According to Blavatsky and some, spiritualists, occultists and scholars Hell is a Christian myth or lie. In the Bible in Matthew 16:18 Jesus says - 'I also tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.' The inclusion of Hades suggests Jesus is talking about Hell, I believe in some Bible versions he says 'the gates of Hell shall not prevail' However in literal translations Jesus says - 'I also tell you that you are Pet
  10. Writing that post above literally made me cry, its still raw. My background was council flat, queuing up for free school school meals, charity shop clothes and a school dropout. I got a big red birthmark slapped on my face and was called smudge, bodge face and patch as a kid.
  11. Yes I know now it was a bad choice. Sorry but your way off. Mum and Dad split when I was 4, dad had nothing to do with us, mum was an alcoholic that used to beat us. I ran away many times, picked up by the Police, i told them what was happening but I was just taken home and handed back over to her. I faced suicide at 11 years old. I've worked for everything I've got, which isn't much. I've tried my best not to follow the example of my parents and find my own way. People have told me I've done very well considering my upbringing.
  12. Well yes, according to what I'm reading the man we call Jesus The Christ is based upon the life and teachings of Appolonius of Tyrena, a Greek philosopher. Of course the Bible says Jesus was from Galilee which puts him out of the Mediterranean and more eastern. Anywhoo, the picture below paints Jesus definitely towards a white man imo rather than a Mediterranean person or more Eastern person, Mediterranean's generally have dark hair. Its taken from the Holman Family Bible. Always with the insults. Very Christian of you, so much for Love you
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