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  1. And what's the betting that doesn't include his bonuses and other unspecified perks.
  2. It's this mentality (complying with fat boy, privileged imbecile Oliver and the like) that led to some busy-bodying dinner-lady activites when my lad was at school, and their believing it was OK - in fact their duty - to confiscate a fun sized mars bar from his packed lunch box. I went in the next day and put the cheeky bastards straight in no uncertain terms!
  3. Oh and another thing, people I know who are unexpectedly experiencing a whole variety of health issues now, are still not contemplating a link between that and the poop they had pumped into them - nope! Their GP's have told these unfortunate fools that they are suffering from 'Long Covid', so that's what it is in their belief, and further reinforcement of their acceptance of the murderous scam. is successfully administered!
  4. I had to go to Preston Royal Hospital about 3 months ago, and it's always a pig trying to park as they have limited, very tight parking spaces. On that occasion I had to do many laps of the car park waiting for someone to pull before getting a parking spot because they'd erected an enormous tent like structure taking up a big chunk of car parking space, which was apparently designated for Covid sufferers to occupy, such was the ongoing infection rate. In a f'ing tent. In the throes of winter. It was mentioned in the local news, and my mother tried to use its existence to impress on me how real it all is! EVEN when I pointed out that I'd taken the opportunity to go and look inside the tent thing, where there were only staff mooching about skiving in there. More and more of these staff are duplicitous wankers because ignorance of the exaggeration and downright lies they are complicit in is simply impossible.
  5. Maybe on a subconscious level some people on the street feel more comfortable fussing over these jokers breaking their own rules than examining the potent question of why they themselves complied so willingly. It was always obvious that if there was really some lethal disease rife, Bojo etc would have been as far from its path as is humanly possible to get.
  6. Nobody, it's tosh. Dr Who isn't the point is it? It's just another famous fictional character that virtually everyone knows and grew up with, and the fact 'it's' being hijacked for political propaganda to normalise the (IMO - not sorry if it offends) abnormal. That and a chance pretend to ridicule people who don't like it - while simultaneously ridiculing the woke brigade. The pretence of being open and spiritual and loving, while seeking really to destabalize and pervert. I know you know that.
  7. Never fails to tickle me while summing things up perfectly. Just oozing appropriate sarcasm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BTjonaCLcY
  8. This might (or might not) be part of the on-going erosion of people's personal wealth and independence - just thinking out loud. My recently married daughter & hubby are currently in a flat, and looking to buy their 1st home together. They're both on decent incomes so have got a very good mortgage value 'agreed in principle' for a 1st home, yet they're struggling to get sorted. Apparently, when they like a place that is being marketed, they 'have to' just put in their best & final offer - then wait to hear (up till now) that, even after offering £10K above the asking price, their offer's been beaten so that's the end of that. I asked, who has dictated these terms, and was told that's how all the estate agents are organising things currently. They are in Manchester, so I'd be interested to know whether people have encountered the same set up in other regions? Anyway, I pointed out that if I was a vendor, I would be telling the estate agents that I wouldn't comply with this - who the hell are those parasites to stipulate such things! What occurs to me is that, if mortgage lenders are actually backing mortgages for values above & beyond the worth of properties because they are greedy sods, out to rake in the big profits for pretend, notional money swapping hands (well screens) then it's bound to end in a negative equity extravaganza. Who the flip benefits from resulting mess? They just seem to want everyone up shit creek by as many routes as possible. My thinking is still that once everyone's completely screwed, we'll all be grateful for the state, our saviours, to step in and expunge our debts in return for our humble servitude. Perhaps I am paranoid. According to other simpleton family members, there's nothing you can do about anything, it's just the way things are. What the feck is wrong with everybody that they all are happy to roll over all the time like docile ninnies, rather than actually challenge anything? (I'm always angry these days).
  9. I don't know why they bother to guage reaction any more. If a Princess hasn't died (coincidentally while at it with someone deemed 'inappropriate' by the royals) there's rarely a natural reaction to be seen. Just pretend offence at the drop of a hat, as per the programme.
  10. When I read a long time ago about the Montauk experiments with the young Aryan lads, reportedly, several if them independently claimed to have seen some huge, rearing stallion sculpture and as they were unable to communicate with each other, that shared sighting (allegedly) gave their stories credence. It made me think of 'Blucifer', the evil looking Mustang at Denver Airport.
  11. That's diabolical! I used to quite fancy the thought of moving to Canada but have heard horror stories in recent years. Sorry you're in such a predicament. I hope you're OK.
  12. I feel if the sicko's feared we could sustain ourselves with such as rabbit meat, they'd introduce 'rabbit flu' as an excuse for compulsory culling. I'm (no longer shocked, but) disappointed at how many people think all the bad stuff is behind us now. We'll see more businesses crash and costs rocket in the next 2 years than we've seen yet, in my opinion. All we can do is hold on tight, and keep exercising our own judgement and resisting the evil in any small way we are able to.
  13. All I found out is that they've moved out of the area.
  14. I have noticed people driving on their own wearing masks quite a few times lately. In cars with closed windows. I'm firmly convinced that If these people were made, forcibly, to look at simplified evidence for and against the injections, and then witnessed their own next of kin keeling over & expiring directly after the jab(berwocky) it still would not occur to them even in the vaguest manner, to question any of the propaganda they've digested.
  15. I've taken to Whatsapping Andrews clips to everyone I know as soon as they drop in my in-box, regardless of whether they've queued like nincompoops for the test; jabs; booster. https://youtu.be/rLCBLFeak84
  16. They don't know the meaning of the word integrity. They say anything and then blithely contradict themselves when it suites them, because they are liars. That's been proven repeatedly.
  17. ...and then can't reach the area to wipe it. On a different note, in my local Tesco Express the masked / unmasked mix was about 50% each.
  18. I haven't read this thread for a few million pages because I've been avoiding the nonsense that is Covid illusion for a bit after scrutinising it for months till the whole thing was enraging me. I don't suppose this will be news, to people here, but I've heard when I switched on my radio driving home from work today that, "There is talk of vaccines being made compulsory by February". How accurate that snippet is, who knows? I think they might be testing the water to see if they would get away with it. I also think 'they' had better prepare for a more determined battle than they think. However, too many people by far have been duped, and continue to swallow the poison with great gusto. It's bloody tragic. I note that my elderly mother and the lady who cleans at work have both been continually poorly with a succession of illnesses since getting the booster. I don't wish anybody to be ill, but I do hope that people are noticing what's happening to loved ones who have succumbed to the propaganda, and can recognise the true cause.
  19. Here's an example of pure nonsense. A work colleague has just had flu which (predictably) made her feel very poorly. Her doctor apparently told her that she had Covid (she tells me she has not been jabbed and refuses to be as she doesn't believe in it). And according to said doctor, it's because she had Covid that that made her catch flu. All the ill-feeling she suffered was, according to him, was flu, which she caught because she had Covid. If that is't blatant rubbish, I don't know what is. My daughter also supposedly had Covid the other week. Her symptoms, in my opinion, showed her to have a cold. And not even a bad one. They were not severe enough to deter her from chatting to me on the phone for an hour, and playing video games all week with her mate - so not really much of a reason to close the world down and race around the media shouting, "Don't panic", hysterically for 21 months, whilst convincing everyone we are killing our grannies (whilst the government actively orchestrated the isolating and killing grannies and grandads galore). I can't even log in very often now because I am so incensed by the whole debacle when focusing on it that it was literally having a bad effect on my hypertension.
  20. People like the pregnant lady (further up) would benefit from listening to what this pathologist, Ryan Cole, has to say on the subject - I like that he has renamed to so called 'vaccine', the 'clot shot'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/sVxM4CUcHXgr/
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