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  1. It was allegedly funded by the bereaved, but I haven't got round to looking at their movement. If they are angered bu the effects of the jab & treatment that was administered to the imprisoned elderly, then approve. If they're complaining that action (i.e. lockdowns etc) was implemented too slowly, then they're either dangerous simpletons, or more likely, as some have already said, a product of the Government, concocted to reinforce the BS narrative.
  2. Has this entity vacated Bojo now that's he's not in our government's driving seat? Has it extended it's parasitical grasp to anyone else since you said it had infested Truss? Why has it not gone for King Chucklehead?
  3. The BBC wouldn't recognise integrity if it was tattooed on their retinas. The very definition of the word 'news' has been distorted by them and all of their ilk to earn 'lies, propaganda & social conditioning'. They are agents of confusion and creators of discord and anxiety, and all parties involved should feel utterly ashamed.
  4. If I ever partook of McBogey burgers in the 1st place I'd happily sacrifice that habit.
  5. These weirdos aren't rewriting my reality. I'll continue to make gingerbread MEN and gingerbread WOMEN at Christmas and if anybody offered one ever complains, I'll boot their ridiculous arses out the door.
  6. As if customers complained, the liars!
  7. Every time this poisonous little hobgoblin flaps his gums, I'm incredulous that nobody has ended him yet. How about somebody pointing out to him that there's no excuse for medical costs to be extortionate in the 1st place if it wasn't for the grasping, conscienceless profiteering predators, exactly like him. Imagine how many 'teachers' and needy people could be accommodated with the wealth he's made off others!
  8. Well I'm glad he's being harrassed... https://www.hellomagazine.com/film/20221115157088/im-a-celebrity-faces-disruption-matt-hancock-targeted-by-outsiders/?utm_term=GB&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_source=pushly&utm_content=hellouk&utm_campaign=2490296 Someone's flown a plane over the camp with a message banner for him. I hope this is causing his governmental accomplices the Willies.
  9. Another pertinent question is, if Parsley or whatever she's called is braking the law, why is she on TV being given air time. (Well we know the answer to that, though why such an unappealing spokesperson who is likely to alienate herself from most viewers is a bit of a mystery). She 'debates' like a brat who is accustomed to getting her own way if she makes sufficient fuss. A Violet Elizabeth Bott who may thcream and thcream till she maketh herthelf thick.
  10. The day I witness something like this in my neck of the woods is the day I will be arrested for attempted murder of its organisers...
  11. I think this is the 1st time in decades that I won't want to be fussed with watching the World Cup because I can imagine the commentators will be on their soap boxes with regard to Qatar's stance on LGblahblahblah. I wonder if they'll trouble to comment on the human rights record generally & attitude towards women in par or just the pansexual. Our players will be petulent due to not being able to kneel and wear rainbow arm bands.
  12. I hope the unvaxxed continue to witthold their custom though. And I don't know what that is that the murderer in the prior post is dining on, but I assume it's the balls of some poor beast. I will only tune in if it's beasts dining on his, and his co-conspiritors' balls. Preferably while being simultaneously forced to watch those clips of little old ladies at their 'Care' home windows, and people's death spins on a continuous loop.
  13. Well my son asks why I bother to put the news on now & then when it invariably makes me swear and snarl and my head turn purple with rage. It's because aI want to know what malevolent agendas are being focused on at the time. But in the interests of reducing my blood pressure I tend to go for weeks at a time deliberately not looking at it.
  14. Typically I'll delivered speech from this senile old reprobate, but what's the howling towards the end? Fake soundtrack addition or something else?
  15. I nearly puked when listening to the royalist sycophant Graham Liver on the local radio channel that I have on while driving to work. He was criticising the series The Crown (which I wouldn't dream of watching so I may have got that title wrong - it's the dramatised Royal Family escapades one I mean). This insignificant little toad was commenting that the representation of the Queen was a 'cold' character, which is so inaccurate, according to him, because the real Queen was actually the character who appeared in Paddington Bear. Such twaddle, but demonstrating what a good little PR exercise that few minutes on screen was for the Royals, becuase it played into people's sentimental perception of them as cosy, sweet natured and indulgent. Ah, how twee!
  16. Go and ask the families who've suffered from a bereavement due to the jab or the carehome atraocities, you oozing infection!
  17. I bet his comment to John would have been grounds under the new legislation for him to have been hit with a Ā£100 fine for expressing disapproval in a permises where the poison's being inflicted on people. I've had a text and email twice in 2 days from my Dr's surgery telling me that as I have an underlying health issue, I should have the flu jab so that I don't die and the best plan of action is to have a Covid jab at the same time. I am torn now because my instinct is to demand an explanation from them as to why they are telling their patients this in direct contravention of their duty to care. But on the other hand, I don't really think that would achieve anything. Maybe I'll write asking for a full list of ingredients for both in the guise of needing this information to make an informed decision. Is it an excercise in futility, when so many are just trotting along obediently in their gimp masks? Or is it a betrayal of my own instinctive need to demand answers if I take the line of least resistance by saying nothing? (I'm going to do it either way).
  18. My mum's 82 - she says she remembers these appeals going on when she was a little girl. We know they make up figures as they go along, but still there should be a responsibility when they (as in the thieving, lying scum at the back of it) are spewing out the emotional blackmail to show us a balance list of every penny that has been donated, and exactly what it's been used for, with full forensic accountancy level substantiation.
  19. You're right. I haven't watched the programme (wouldn't even if this epic [email protected] wasn't in it) but there are news items on my internet screen saver at work, and I spotted an article about how one of the other fools there told Hancock that his actions (mauling the strumpet) when others were locked down and forbidden to see close relatives was a slap in the face for the public. He responded (paraphrasing) that he understood that and had no excuse which is why he resigned. So he got this opportunity to present himself to the idiot public as remorseful and ultimately honourable for doing the right thing by resigning. Now had that been a genuine confrontation rather than a PR exercise for Hancock's benefit, a normal person would have pointed out that he is still employed as a minister on a high salary, so his version of resigning is not the same as yours or mine. And more importantly, once that neauseating but relatively trivial extra-marital face sucking buttock groping topic was out of the way, why not follow up by demanding an explanation for his part in the murder of old folk while isolated in homes - killling and injuring many innocents - causing people to lose their jobs for resisting the poison - causing friends and families to turn on each other - terrorising people with perpetual fear propaganda - dishonesty regarding the profits being made by the few by this whole, murderous endeavour - causing many, many companies to go into administration - buggering our ecomomy - I could go on. This would be a great chance to create his room 101 and leave him there until he spills a full, public confession.
  20. Hahaha! What a bag of shite this whole situation really is! Our housing's too expensive, so "they are moving back to Uzhhorod amid Russia missile strikes". Hang on, if the houses are so much better for a third of the price, what are a few bombs to the cranium - let's all flee to Ukraine. If things are "OK "and preferable to conditions here, why the blazes is Blighty being inundated with these people? Are they really returning to a war zone? Are they feck! Who on Earth would return to a nightmare of being sitting targets to missile strikes because it's cheaper to live in the nicer properties there? Nobody would, is the answer that springs to my mind. Nobody in the world! Nothing the media reports ever adds up to a plausible scenario. Everything is alway lie upon lie.
  21. Such a disservice to all other abuse victims who would step forward.
  22. Oh my God!!! ILLEGAL TO EXPRESS DISAPPROVAL of something that's proven to be dangerous and completely unnecessary. While it was perfectly acceptable recently for 'celebrities', MSM, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all to make public, psychotic verbal threats & slurs on people who privately disapproved. Disgusting!
  23. What I want to know is, if someone is, 'in the dark', about something, what makes them think it's OK to threaten, brow beat, bully and emotionally blackmail others, not to mention actually blackmailing them, into a particular course of action? Forgive each other? What the frick have the unjabbed got to be forgiven for? We weren't the ones behaving like manic Nazis, demanding that others be forced to go along with our beliefs and threatening job loss, banning from venues etc etc. The anger will not subside, and anyone who thinks it's going to just fade away after all the damage done is delusional.
  24. That's bad news then. I wonder if people can demand removal of Smart meters. (Bet they can't).
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