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  1. I acknowledge that I have extremely poor navigation skills, but in spite of that, am absolutely adamant that some streets round me completely change location sometimes. Seriously, I mean roads that I'm very familiar with. It makes me think of the moving staircase in Hogwarts.
  2. I have a mobility scooter due to arthritis of the spine, and without it I'd be stuffed. If you have a disability, you can claim for a benefit called a Personal Independence Payment. It's a nightmare getting it approved, as the authorities are very hostile, and there are a lower and higher level for personal care and a lower and higher level for mobility. You can opt to use that for a mobility scooter or for a car (the car is only if you get the higher level). I bought a small scooter myself that folds down to go in the car boot, but it's only good on flat, level paths and the batt
  3. I don't think employers can insist now if you're not a key worker, but they are introducing new laws all the time (and have been doing for years). Maybe it can be evaded by insisting on being allowed to work from home if that's feasible?
  4. I've only just heard that it's going to be mandatory in shops here next Friday. What a set of wicked, shameless c*nts our government really are. May they all expire from their imaginary Covid. I really mean that.
  5. I looked this up after hearing it on an advert.
  6. I've been a bit under the weather for a while, and pretty much going to bed when I'm not at work - on returning from furlough, my director's been off pretending to be ill with stress, and one of the MD's has left, so I've been doing their workloads as well as my own, and I'm wiped out really, so that's why I've not been around. I've just read this whole thread, and it makes me sad. I haven't had an email re the other forum, unless it's gone in my spam, of which I get many and look at none before deleting. But, with no ill feeling meant towards anyone, the new place does
  7. It's demoralising, but it's not over. Don't give up Jones. There must still be some decent people around in positions of power, and these solicitors are looking to appeal against the court's decision.
  8. sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Dear Supporter, I am extremely disappointed to let you know that following last week’s preliminary hearing, the judge has refused us permission to challenge lockdown. In March, the government imposed the most draconian set of rules the country has ever known. Yet in the opinion of the court, lockdown was entirely correct and proportionate. This means that going forward, the government will have the right to impose lockdown whenever it chooses and in doing so, take-away the livelihoods of millions, without having
  9. The basic Witchcraft trinity incorporates the 3 stages of womanhood, as maiden, mother and crone.
  10. I think it's because they are inferior too, in so many ways, that they get a thrill out of dominating people who are more vulnerable due to their innocence and inexperience.
  11. I thought there'd be a reaction like this - it was the same euphoria from people when the local McDonalds re-opened, with traffic jams all up the road as folk tried to stampede, like McBogeyburgers are the elixir of life! ? Though I'm sure the social aspect of the pubs re-opening is a big pull. The police tosser was being a pointless git, to get people accustomed to being overseen. No doubt he would have summoned a host of fellow useless gits, had the drink made people get fractious. The world's gone mad. The end.
  12. I'm kicking myself for my formerly easy going attitude to all this gender BS. Previously, I thought each to their own, where it's between consenting adults. On another site this morning, there was a series of links- some of which had already been taken down, but a couple weren't - related to items for transgender children aged 4 upwards. I'm not posting them because they were both sick and sickening. One was items for sale, and I quickly shut it down. I'd thought it was some news story I was opening, not flaming tiny child sized dildos. The other looked li
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