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  1. Sorry - meant to edit the post, not quote it.
  2. Fancy being an expert, and called on to make such an important announcement, and just accidentally getting it the wrong way round so as he has to 'correct' himself. I don't bloody think so. What is this, the banana boat race! I wondered what he was bribed or threatened with.
  3. Have the public not realised yet that these public venues are on their last legs through on / off lockdowns! How are they going to survive if they are limiting their numbers by banning the unjabbed? Answer - they're not. Not without significantly increasing their prices so that a night out for the average person will be unaffordable. It's all BS of the highest order. Once they are frequented only by be-jabbed who are liable to start dropping like flies in the next 12 months, those that have tried to limp along regardless will melt away into oblivion. And the gobbins I saw in the Tesco Express earlier still hiding behind their germ laden face rags have lost the plot - assuming they ever had a rudimentary grasp of it in the 1st place, which I sincerely doubt.
  4. These are not men, let alone policemen. They discredit the entire police force and disgrace their families with their despicable behaviour. It is impossible to see how they could think they are protecting and serving the public. unforgivable and sickening. I hope karma kicks them in the teeth and the nuts and brings them to truly understand and experience the all-consuming shame they should be feeling.
  5. You could always do a search on it before calling someone an idiot.
  6. Well my mother mentioned today that she'd been mistaken when she had told me that my sister would be getting jabbed so that she can continue to go jet-setting around the world. Apparently she isn't having it and went mad when she found out her husband had had the 1st jab. According to my mum, she (my sister who I am not on speaking terms with) "is saying all sorts of rubbish about what's going on". So I'm taking that to mean that she's on the same page as me, which is what I would have expected. The only difference is that she's had the opportunity to speak to her about it, because mum's scared of her, whereas she wouldn't listen to a sentence from me on the subject, and I didn't try to force her. At least she has managed to instil into mum that she should not get the booster when they start hassling people to have that shortly, so I'm glad of that.
  7. When you feel angry at your relatives, friends and work colleagues for allowing the fear to control their actions, don't forget the totally ruthless propaganda. Look at this shit! "7NEWS Melbourne on Twitter: "COVID-19: "There will be a new advertisement running from the Australian government tonight. It is quite graphic. We are only doing this because of the situation in Sydney. And it will be running in Sydney" - Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly. https://t.co/EQQlP4t27T https://t.co/jH45KOFazN" / Twitter" https://mobile.twitter.com/7NewsMelbourne/status/1414094339077152773?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1414094339077152773|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.godlikeproductions.com%2Fforum1%2Fmessage4841985%2Fpg1
  8. Cards on the table, short of slaughtering those at the very top who are controlling this, what can be done? And how would anyone get to those people, who are likely better protected than we can even begin to imagine? And if by some miracle, anyone accomplished that, how about all the lower echelons who have now got the taste for power? They control military and weaponry. Most our number are hobbled by fear & disbelief. The slight irritation of people voicing their dissent in the street is now to be made illegal. We can pray, and I think that's about all we can do.
  9. In that case, it's time to learn the way of those monks who supposedly lived on fresh air for years. As if the likes of fat Bojo will be dining on anything but fillet mignon & lobster.
  10. Power to the tinfoil hatters!!!
  11. God preserve us from these fucking morons! It won't be long before they ramp up the campaign to jab domestic pets. I hope normal vets have more backbone than the murderous traitors that are our GP's.
  12. I don't know about your employers, but mine has stifled it to a degree by only giving people obligatory SSP if they are off self-isolating. If they gave full sick pay, most people would be at home with their feet up.
  13. You'd think so, but they don't though in this case. They contradict themselves frequently and people don't seem to notice, or make the excuse of their having to adapt as they go along. They can get away with saying any self-contradictory, completely irrational nonsense, and it doesn't seem to matter one iota.
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