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  1. This is a bad thing. It's all the rage right now to, not just discredit anyone who speaks out against the Orwellian crap that's going on, but to link them in the public's mind to all things evil and violent.
  2. Sorry, was trying to delete an unintentional quote but it wouldn't let me. I'd like to share the mirth re the Chinese collapsing in the streets, but I'm not ready to, untill thoroughly convinced that it didn't result from selective 5G zapping or other manipulated fuckery.
  3. I share that feeling. I'm willing it to be good. And fast now, before too many people have been injected with poison.
  4. And don't forget the desire to revoke the right to bear arms.
  5. The blackout has been predicted by Q anons for ages. If and when it happens, we'll hopefully see at last whether there is genuinely a movement by 'White Hats' to usurp the evil ones, or if that was an elaborate phsyop to pacify Patriots who may otherwise have been moved to take action themselves.
  6. What's with anti American comments? Surely people here recognise the urgency of supporting each other instead of making sweeping, ignorant statements?
  7. He offers an abundance of arrogant self satisfaction and a face that begs to be punched. Where the Frick he manifested from, I do not know, but I'd never heard of the pip-squeak before he materialised on my TV screen, telling me what I can and can't do.
  8. In fact a good friend of mine who works in a local hospital recently told me there were far fewer patients than is the norm for this time of year.
  9. That's not going to be appreciated. I was chatting to a staff member at a local Morrison weeks ago and she was saying that she refuses to wear one for the same, sensible reasons that I do.
  10. Going through the internet now, there is even more division of opinion and contradictory I info / disinfo out there than usual. Ths escalation has the distinct whiff of panicked hysteria about it.
  11. These packs of power mad, brain dead, soulless, bullying c*NTS must have no family themselves, otherwise they would surely be able to envisage their own being subjected to such fascism, and would know that it's not acceptable. It's deeply disturbing.
  12. He looks like he's had a stroke. I don't know why he's not in a cell, let alone why he's still allowed to have any say about anything.
  13. Die fighting it if necessary by whatever means you can, in my opinion.
  14. Or my version - tar & feathers for snitches
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