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  1. They've only just taken the 'Covid' perspex till screens down at this one.
  2. I bet guffawing at the sight of one of these specimens in the flesh would deemed one of the 7 deadly 'isms' these days & punishable by incarceration. Even if it was that at that fool who's done up like Willy Wonka.
  3. I created a temper driven fracas in the local Tesco Express last week, when, on trying to leave the store after making a purchase, the wheels of my rollator (think zimmer frame on wheels to aid walking due to arthritis) got jammed on a 5 foot cardboard 'A' frame sign that was strategically placed, partly blocking the exit route. I didn't read the message it bore in full - was too busy flailing about, trying to avert catherine-wheeling face 1st over the top of my contraption & snapping my neck after the plaque jammed up a front wheel - but it was some proclamation of how the brand supports and endorses the LGBT community. I properly saw red. I like the staff in there & often have a friendly laugh & chat with them, so I was trying to bear in mind that they aren't responsible for such nonsense and are just humble employees, & was trying to restrain myself...but couldn't manage completely, resulting in a bizarre display of snarling and mumbling angrily to myself, interspersed with denouncing the imposition of repugnant political BS at a volume which echoed around the store. Once I managed to extricate myself fully, I hoofed the thing mightily and stomped out. It doesn't appear to be there any more. Are all the supermarkets engaging in this kind of tish now? I try to avoid going out shopping as much as possible.
  4. I've smoked for decades. Tried many times to stop, and failed, and now I don't wish others to dictate about it. I carry a portable ashtray so am not creating litter, and observe others' right to not be inflicted with my smoke, so they should respect my right not to be subjected to sanctimonious moaning. Anyways, I normally use IQOS Heets now which are like small cigarettes that you heat up in a rechargeable device so that you're inhaling actual tobacco vapour instead of burning the baccy to produce smoke. It stops a lot of the chemicals like tar being inhaled and doesn't stink the place up. I wonder if these will also be banned.
  5. Spirit cooking is a relatively new term so far - as I'm aware anyways. Blood has been used in witch craft & Satanic rituals & Voodoo for eons. Anything containing DNA is coveted I believe.
  6. It was allegedly funded by the bereaved, but I haven't got round to looking at their movement. If they are angered bu the effects of the jab & treatment that was administered to the imprisoned elderly, then approve. If they're complaining that action (i.e. lockdowns etc) was implemented too slowly, then they're either dangerous simpletons, or more likely, as some have already said, a product of the Government, concocted to reinforce the BS narrative.
  7. Has this entity vacated Bojo now that's he's not in our government's driving seat? Has it extended it's parasitical grasp to anyone else since you said it had infested Truss? Why has it not gone for King Chucklehead?
  8. The BBC wouldn't recognise integrity if it was tattooed on their retinas. The very definition of the word 'news' has been distorted by them and all of their ilk to earn 'lies, propaganda & social conditioning'. They are agents of confusion and creators of discord and anxiety, and all parties involved should feel utterly ashamed.
  9. If I ever partook of McBogey burgers in the 1st place I'd happily sacrifice that habit.
  10. These weirdos aren't rewriting my reality. I'll continue to make gingerbread MEN and gingerbread WOMEN at Christmas and if anybody offered one ever complains, I'll boot their ridiculous arses out the door.
  11. As if customers complained, the liars!
  12. Every time this poisonous little hobgoblin flaps his gums, I'm incredulous that nobody has ended him yet. How about somebody pointing out to him that there's no excuse for medical costs to be extortionate in the 1st place if it wasn't for the grasping, conscienceless profiteering predators, exactly like him. Imagine how many 'teachers' and needy people could be accommodated with the wealth he's made off others!
  13. Well I'm glad he's being harrassed... https://www.hellomagazine.com/film/20221115157088/im-a-celebrity-faces-disruption-matt-hancock-targeted-by-outsiders/?utm_term=GB&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_source=pushly&utm_content=hellouk&utm_campaign=2490296 Someone's flown a plane over the camp with a message banner for him. I hope this is causing his governmental accomplices the Willies.
  14. Another pertinent question is, if Parsley or whatever she's called is braking the law, why is she on TV being given air time. (Well we know the answer to that, though why such an unappealing spokesperson who is likely to alienate herself from most viewers is a bit of a mystery). She 'debates' like a brat who is accustomed to getting her own way if she makes sufficient fuss. A Violet Elizabeth Bott who may thcream and thcream till she maketh herthelf thick.
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