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  1. Here's an example of pure nonsense. A work colleague has just had flu which (predictably) made her feel very poorly. Her doctor apparently told her that she had Covid (she tells me she has not been jabbed and refuses to be as she doesn't believe in it). And according to said doctor, it's because she had Covid that that made her catch flu. All the ill-feeling she suffered was, according to him, was flu, which she caught because she had Covid. If that is't blatant rubbish, I don't know what is. My daughter also supposedly had Covid the other week. Her symptoms, in my opinion, showed her to have a cold. And not even a bad one. They were not severe enough to deter her from chatting to me on the phone for an hour, and playing video games all week with her mate - so not really much of a reason to close the world down and race around the media shouting, "Don't panic", hysterically for 21 months, whilst convincing everyone we are killing our grannies (whilst the government actively orchestrated the isolating and killing grannies and grandads galore). I can't even log in very often now because I am so incensed by the whole debacle when focusing on it that it was literally having a bad effect on my hypertension.
  2. People like the pregnant lady (further up) would benefit from listening to what this pathologist, Ryan Cole, has to say on the subject - I like that he has renamed to so called 'vaccine', the 'clot shot'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/sVxM4CUcHXgr/
  3. If you don't like that I objected to drag queens being paraded round junior schools and the constant pushing of GLBT, just object to that - why project and expand in an irrational way and bring in other subjects that I haven't commented on in an imagined projection of what I may or may not think about other topics? It's moronic. I don't hate homosexuals - but thanks for finding my thoughts interesting. I hate what is being done with like the pushing of it in people's faces when it should be private. I would strenuously object to heterosexual carrying on - anything of an overtly sexual nature being dished up in a similar way in front of a captive audience of kids. And if you think what's going on is meant to do us no harm, you are deluded. Nothing that's being pushed is meant to do no harm. Quite the contrary. But do feel free to revel in it all if it titillates you. You seem to think I am a plural. I'm not. I'm not horrible, little nor women. If you wish to make further personal comments about me, please feel free, but do it by mail rather than bollocking the thread up.
  4. I don't get your point. I put that in a search bar and it just says, "This site can't be reached".
  5. What a ridiculous question! What kind of leap of illogic takes anyone from voicing an objection to the sexual depravity encroaching on little ones to racial prejudice! I feel sorry for people like you. People who think they are enlightened and have the moral high ground while exhibiting a clear misunderstanding of what they've read.
  6. Yes. Yes, they are, and are being encouraged to be more aggressively in everybody's faces with their antics. I propose 2022 is the year of keeping your deviant sexual preferences between yourself and your fellow perverts. Sorry - I have only become bigoted since they ramped up this insistence of imposing their overly plastered in make-up, stilletto heeled, bearded bullshit on our school kids. Things have changed so I have too.
  7. None of that incel crap explains randomly shooting people, imo. It may explain taking your own life if you're sufficiently depressed, or there could be any number of other factors that are not known or being suppressed. Who the heck hasn't experienced unrequited lust? Anyway it doesn't ring true to me, but maybe he was just somebody in need of professional psychiatric help. Good luck to anyone who needs any form of medical assistance these days.
  8. There's a programme on BBC Radio 4 at 10pm, Tuesday nights called 'Simon Evans Goes to Market'. This chap is a comedian who gives presentations on economics, which isn't the bore that it sounds like. He's very astute and witty. I mention it because he's the only performer I've heard to date who is making relevant observations on a mainstream platform about the state of events. For example, a couple of weeks back his show was all about how the very wealthy have raked in mega-bucks as a direct result of Covid. And last night I only heard a bit but he made some crack refering to AstraZenica causing blood clots. Makes a refreshing change
  9. I wonder if they have managed to create a way to remotely plant damning images on people's phones yet.
  10. Sorry - meant to edit the post, not quote it.
  11. Fancy being an expert, and called on to make such an important announcement, and just accidentally getting it the wrong way round so as he has to 'correct' himself. I don't bloody think so. What is this, the banana boat race! I wondered what he was bribed or threatened with.
  12. Have the public not realised yet that these public venues are on their last legs through on / off lockdowns! How are they going to survive if they are limiting their numbers by banning the unjabbed? Answer - they're not. Not without significantly increasing their prices so that a night out for the average person will be unaffordable. It's all BS of the highest order. Once they are frequented only by be-jabbed who are liable to start dropping like flies in the next 12 months, those that have tried to limp along regardless will melt away into oblivion. And the gobbins I saw in the Tesco Express earlier still hiding behind their germ laden face rags have lost the plot - assuming they ever had a rudimentary grasp of it in the 1st place, which I sincerely doubt.
  13. These are not men, let alone policemen. They discredit the entire police force and disgrace their families with their despicable behaviour. It is impossible to see how they could think they are protecting and serving the public. unforgivable and sickening. I hope karma kicks them in the teeth and the nuts and brings them to truly understand and experience the all-consuming shame they should be feeling.
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