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  1. Apologies if this link is a duplication. I've not had time to catch up with the thread. The clip is from UK Column, and contains a statement from a senior nurse, commenting on what's happening as genocide. https://www.bitchute.com/video/2hT5HAdXmnYy/
  2. On having quite a lot of hospital appointments recently for a host of non-covid related ailments, I've been pleasantly surprised to note zero attempts at coercion, or even persuasion to get jabbed. Several medics have asked whether I've had my jab yet, and I've always responded that it's not my jab and I will not be having it under any circumstances. Each time, I've been like a coiled spring, ready to do battle with them over the topic, but none of them have commented further. They did not even ask why - not one of them. Because I'm sure they bloody well kno
  3. I sincerely hope that those disabled people are not the easy prey they are clearly anticipated to be, and can have large, burly relatives on hand to intercept and forcibly administer to these c*NTS, a literal taste of their own 'medicine'.
  4. I'm proud to be celebrating Philip's demise.
  5. That pitiful post is entirely your own projections. I doubt you've read any of my posts previously, yet you illogically assume I am jealous (?) Whilst babbling about Jews, and ignoring the issue raised of orphans never having been seen again after they were taken on a picnic on a visit by the Queen. People who choose to remain ignorant are idiots.
  6. Bits of this thread are almost comical! Such as the insinuation that naval men are automatically beyond reproach. Hahaha! Yep, just like Mountbatten with his purported attraction to beautiful schoolboys, was Admiral of the Fleet, and introduced Saville to the royals!
  7. Self-righteous twaddle! Maybe you haven't looked into Queenie's hand in disappearing the kids from the orphanage, or the mysterious deaths of the survivors who tried to have that investigated in court. Some are undeserving of things like respect and sympathy. And the royals fall into that category.
  8. It's all deeply upsetting. Not the elderly deviant's passing - the tsunami of sycophants competing to talk the most rubbish.
  9. Here he is now... https://images.app.goo.gl/aBhSpU5HunzAxePf6
  10. Well they'll have to pay back all the National Insurance contributions they've snatched at source if they do.
  11. I had Radio 4 Extra on last night for the comedy section that runs from 10pm to midnight, during which I was irritated to hear on The Now Show (a satirical look at recent news) in which Hugh Dennis & Steve Punt attempt to be droll. They were openly ridiculing 'Conspiracy Theorists' for forum speculations re this incident & ripping the piss out of comments about the Evergreen / Killary links. It boils my blood that these cowardly goons can openly snipe, whilst nobody with an opinion opposing mainstream doctrine gets the opportunity to publicly tie them up in knot
  12. Disagree - if you need hospital treatment, you won't get in without one or the other. They try to force you to don a mask, but if you are brazen and determined, you can get away with the lanyard - fact.
  13. I've been in & out of hospital lately and one battle axe of a nurse challenged me on wearing a mask exemption tag . She said in an accusatory way, 'You've only bought that yourself, haven't you!' to which I replied in equally terse tones, ' Well naturally, since that's the only way you can get them!,' so she just glowered at me, and I matched her with one of my own.
  14. Yes but if you found the right sized rubber bung...
  15. Is it wicked to hope the fool suffocates himself?
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