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  1. I've not heard of Trial Site News before. They claim to offer unbiased journalism (we can be the judges of that). So anyway, they are saying... https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/heavily-vaccinated-taiwan-experiences-record-covid-19-infections-hospitalizations-deaths-f8dd53eb "Heavily Vaccinated Taiwan Experiences Record COVID-19 Infections, Hospitalizations & Deaths" Much like Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, which are just a few of the heavily vaccinated countries that have been hit extraordinarily hard with the latest COVID-19 surges, Taiwan is also experiencing record numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. While Taiwan is 80.3% fully vaccinated, with one of the highest boost rates worldwide at about 65%, an unprecedented number of SARS-CoV-2 infections surge alongside record fatalities. While the mainstream media isn’t allowed to question the efficacy of these vaccines, that questioning can occur at TrialSite..."
  2. People can't turn their lights on or feed themselves properly because of the expense, but the daft sods will go and buy little plastic union jacks to wave sycophantically. The mind boggles. I'd like to see people line the streets waving pictures of abused and murdered indigenous children for the corrupt old goat in the golden carriage to see. I'll be celebrating the fact that I'll be getting a day's wage without having to drag myself out of bed at 6am for a change, but even that comes with a nagging worry about how much longer the small & medium businesses can keep clinging on by their fingernails - it's another day's business down the Suwanee in worship of history's most engorged tapeworm.
  3. Bloody hell! It's actually depressing to contemplate how many people will probably believe the (blatant nonsense / lies / monkeyshine / bullshit) 'science'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE6-bbdSnn8
  4. Agreed, on all points. I've spotted some stuff (Bitchute recorded broadcasts & the like) with headlines announcing 'Hoax' and 'Crisis Actors" about it, and will watch them when I get chance - you've got to examine what they have to say before you can be convinced. I do hope I'm wrong.
  5. No matter what anyone's opinions are re Covid', it wouldn't alter the fact that I have heard of 3 friends of friends who have recently died at relatively young ages from unexpected heart attacks. None of them know of each other and none of them have linked it in any way to the multiple jabs that every one of them had. Also, coincidentally, 3 people I know (2 of them are work colleagues) have commented on their ailing health, which they all think (because it's been suggested by GP's) is because of Long COVID. All jabbed to the hilt. The victims are still not recognising the connection.
  6. Yep, till he realised the camera was rolling, at which point he morphed into a pitiful,distraught soul! Personally though, I'm getting a different instinct this time. Some of the footage of bereft families in the aftermath, as well as the parents trying to fight their way into the school and being blocked by police (they were threatened with being shot by the police on one video I saw) do have an authentic look about them - unlike anything that came out on the sickening Sandy Hook charade. I might be proven wrong, but I don't think the authorities care about disposing of some of their Hispanic population as a means to an end. That's not to say I believe it was an unmanipulated, random nut-job who did it of his own volition. I do think it was orchestrated by the same gang of rich, powerful nut-jobs who are at the back of most of the world's shittiest happenings.
  7. I know what you mean, Doc, but I do believe that people shouldn't be shamed or deterred from exploring things openly. Things that warrant no credence can easily be rejected as untrue, but it's a mistake imo to ridicule people for drawing something to the attention of others. The way I see it, it's just the closed mindedness of most people that makes them automatically dismiss what they perceive to be 'conspiracy theories' and are quick to pour scorn while giving zero evaluation to anything that would clash with their matrix brainwashing. The difference with us (in my personal belief) is that we do weigh things up before rejecting.
  8. There was a massive thread on here on Sandy Hook at the time, with masses of information exposing so very many dodgy aspects of that incident. It was an eye opener to many. I don't think you can ever overestimate the sheer malignance of those we're up against. There is nothing they won't stoop to.
  9. https://nypost.com/2022/05/25/police-waited-to-enter-texas-school-as-shooter-went-on-killing-spree/ Well some odd behaviour from the police, if this allegation of them faffing around outside while the gunman was busy slaughtering people for 40 minutes (or an hour, depending on which version you read).
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10854921/Another-36-cases-mysterious-hepatitis-recorded-no-new-deaths.html An outbreak of hepatitis in the States, mainly in children. I'd like to know how many affected were jabbed but it interests me that the Daily Fail are suggesting it may have been triggered by lockdowns suppressing immune systems. More likely it's the deliberate degradation of immune systems courtesy of Bill Gates & co.
  11. I read about it yesterday and refrained from commenting because it takes a while for enough information to emerge to have half a chance of assessing what's fact and what's fiction. As for that twit begging on his knees with a bizarre smirk plastered over his face, just the mention of his involvement with Sandy Hook is enough to make me vomit.
  12. A lot of people here were so angry at the stupidity of the masses in blindly surrendering themselves for sacrifice, that they seemed to be gloating about the oncoming catastrophic repercussions for the vaxxed. I think most were just speaking from frustration, and feel deeply saddened by these reports of lives cruelly blighted. I believe few will derive pleasure at their warnings being vindicated like this. I just hope karma will deal with the perpetrators appropriately.
  13. I'd starve before I let them scrutinise my bank statements - though I concede that I may feel differently if I had responsibility for dependents. The Government, whilst ensuring the fat cats remain bloated on caviare & cream come what may, are robbing off Peter to pay Paul anyway. They're shafting disabled people who are entitled to that benefit wherever they can get away with it for example.
  14. Royal Preston Hospital!!! I believe I've reported some of their jiggery pokery on here, so the clip comes as no shock. Again (as I advised my GP Surgery before registering with a different one) "NHS Heroes" my arse!
  15. So, it's just carnivores, the young, the old, gay people, the frail and those who don't mask up who are at risk. Good job we know who the fecking monkeys really are.
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