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  1. 2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Total set up in my opinion.




    Where is his security? I can’t believe he’d be without any.

    In my opinion this was staged, as are all the reports and videos of  the “COVID deniers” who suddenly and magically contract COVID and die, but before they do they make a little video to proclaim how wrong and misguided they were. 


    My favourite are all the COVID  patients apparently near-death on the ICU’s around the country, but yet they always seem to have plenty of breath and energy to do an interview or two when the news reporters are around?! 


  2. 46 minutes ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

    Same for me. The BBC are helping the police target dissenters from the twisted government narrative



    I bet my bottom dollar that a large percentage of BBC “journalists” are either on the British initellgience payroll or are active intelligence agents.


    Same goes for ITV, sky news and channel 4 to a lesser degree.



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  3. 1 hour ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:


    At least. Westminster Abbey tomb next to Isaac Newton, posthumous VC, promotion to Field Marshall, name on the cenotaph. Carried by field ambulance driven by an NHS hero to the sound of thunderous clapping nationwide.


    Today will forever be remember as Cap'n Tom day. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to do a turn and a couple of landing craft will sail up the Thames. Her Majesty will lead the nation in mourning.




    Don’t forget the fly past from the red arrows.....complete with the 3 colour vapour trail spelling out “hero”. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Ergo Storm said:


    The answer to that is 'No', because they cannot access every relevant server and some servers and intranets will be firewalled.  


    However, they can - and this is probably much more effective anyway - manipulate search engines to ensure that anybody who tries to find information they don't like has a hard time finding it. 


    In the UK, we have also have a system called D-notices (and variations thereof) in which a government minister informs major publishers, TV channels and newspaper editors that certain information cannot be published or broadcast in any manner.  The D-notice system is voluntary but it is adhered to, and no doubt other countries have similar systems, and that goes some distance to explain why Western media can seem selective and uncensored.

    Manipulating search engines to place the  information you are looking for many, many pages in etc is a given and so is erasing certain popular and trending searches.


    I’m aware of D notices and they are very effective, albeit a bit less so in the digital age. Take for example, if someone had screen grabbed the headline/article, that they wanted to be erased. A traditional D notice couldn’t do anything about that. But a supercomputer, in theory at least, could. Especially when NSA by their own admissions have access to Apple and googles information as and when they require it.


    I appreciate if we go on their press release they never hack or do anything naughty at all, but we all know that’s a load of rubbish. Believe that and you’ll believe anything.


    I think with a combination of supercomputers and people in the field, there’s nothing digital that they cannot gain access to or overcome security measures.


    The location of the NSA data centre at Bluffdale is no accident, considering it is sitting on a major Grid line. I suspect you’d find GCHQ to be situated on a similar grid line.


    I for one believe they are lot further technologically advanced than most people would consider possible. Take this article for example....




  5. 1 hour ago, Velma said:


    I thought so too and searched it, but found no trace of any such story about the Captain being vaxxed.


    I’m certain too that it was reported in the MSM that this Tom character had had his COVID vaccine. 

    I remember it being reported reasonably early on....and that he was one of the first to receive it due to his age.


    I can literally picture the headline and photo from the daily mail article!
    This raises a more interesting question (and something I have suspected they have been able to do for a while now).....can they and their supercomputers (like the NSA one at Bluffdale, Utah which is built on top of major 7.5 grid line) literally erase all record and proof of existence of any given piece of digital information? 

    At Bluffdale the amount of data  they are able to compute and process is ridiculously big, zettabytes and yottabytes! So despite it sounding a bit far out to some people......it would only require a data technician to type in a few key words such as “captain Tom” “receives” and “vaccine” etc and the supercomputer would do all the work to find and collate every able article or piece of information that is on the internet etc....and then  it’s just a case of hitting the delete button.


  6. Interesting that a piece about the “mystery monoliths” is attached to this article (scroll down to the bottom). 




    I suspect that extraterrestrials already understand a thing or two about the fabric of space-time, hence why they are able to travel to us, and not the other way around.

  7. 15 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    It is intriguing  but I reckon it's just art students trolling and starting a new monolith meme or summat. The fact there's been more in other countries suggests this to me ( in this internet age  said students could easily contact each other and plan it all ). 


    In 2008 we had Rick Rolling, now its monolith rolling.


    It's entertaining and a welcome change from news of covid and climate wokesters. 


    Art students (unless your Banksy and his mates), generally don’t have a big piggy bank of funds to go and place huge metal monoliths around the planet in what would appear to be a co-ordinated operation.


    And consider the difficulty in travelling to certain places at the moment, for your average Joe. I wouldn’t have thought a bunch of hard-up art students had either the motivation or the financial capabilities to pull this off. Not to mention no one has seen them doing this or transporting any of these objects from location to location (not the easiest thing to conceal).


    This smacks of a psy-op. I don’t believe the timing is a coincidence. They are just trying to instil more fear and worry into an already traumatised population by now bringing in a “mysterious unknown element.”


    And the major tell is that the mainstream media are covering the story with not a hint of a smirk, a snigger or any sarcasm.


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  8. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    they all live really long lives: the queen and philip, kissinger, david rockefeller, george soros, jacob rothschild etc etc


    That’s down to a combination of the adrenochrome and access to advanced medical technology and science which is hidden from public view and denied to even be a possibility, such as the Rife’s anti cancer cells machine (Royal Raymond Rife).




    Look at Brooke Astor.....she was 105 when she finally passed away!


    I can only imagine what they’ve got access to behind the scenes, stuff we probably haven’t got any names for.


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  9. This is very odd.

    The mainstream media hardly ever cover anomalous or paranormal phenomena in a serious way.  And if it is ever covered, it’s always in a jokey, sneering fashion with the aim of “debunking” and turning away any would be investigators for fear of embarrassment from their peers.


    And here we have all the main MSM outlets covering this story and doing updates on all the “new mystery monoliths”......and not a grin or a smirk in sight from the news anchors! 


    This is completely out of character for them and I for one find it highly suspicious how the mainstream media are covering and presenting this story.

    Setting the stage for a fake “extraterrestrial invasion”......anyone? 


    Serge Monast described a pretty similar scenario to this in the “run-up”.





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