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  1. It is NOT possible to travel through the man made construct of "space." We simply cannot exist in a pressurized system next to a 10^-17 torr vacuum.
  2. It is brilliant as it exposes the whole game here and anyone who has done their own research realizes immediately what a joke the video you just posted truly is. That video that you considered "brilliant" is nothing more than series of straw man arguments, misrepresentations, and outright lies! Just pathetic! All of the above is PROVEN in this short vid:
  3. For folks that don't get this, several nations have flags depicting stars seen through the moon throughout our history: Any proof of this or for your prior claim that men have been there?
  4. Researchers, have any of you come up with any logical explanation for this? First streetcar runs 3 days after bombing, 2 A-bombed cars still in operation... http://www.hiroshimapeacemedia.jp/hiroshima-koku/en/special/index_2011091301.html
  5. Cool story, any evidence for this claim? Indeed!
  6. faster than sound rotation
  7. This^^^^ I mean many of us grow up indoctrinated with the idea of "space.," "planets," and "galaxies." I believed we have been visited by these entities coming through some imagined 10^-17 torr vacuum known as deep space myself, but of course after researching for my self, I know that that is impossible. Now I simply chuckle when hearing about things like secret space programs and supposed government whistle blowers who are clearly agents for those who require the man made construct of space to exist. But to some this remains real for their entire lives. Seems like a te
  8. No way was this a shot at you; it was an explanation for those indoctrinated into the religion of scientism who hold gravity as their god. And exactly... you got to choose; they did not!
  9. If science smacked some people in the face, they wouldn't know it. A giant percentage of our world has been indoctrinated into a religion - totally based on faith - that they never even signed up for and it's pitiful. It is the religion of scientism... gravity is their god.
  10. The two retards in that video were either that or nasa shills... which basically are one in the same. You know this how? Have you the video? How so? And is it really hard to understand the real reason? That relative density explains it all? And if not, how so?
  11. Hey, thanks for the post. It's great seeing new faces in here. IMO, as explained many times to many posters and even on page one of this very thread: The shape really is not that important. This is about exposing the lies, exposing a 500 year conspiracy among the richest men on earth, and it is about exposing - and then changing - everything that goes along with it from our fake schools designed to destroy learning, to our fake courts designed to destroy justice, to our fake medicine designed to destroy health, to our fake money/economics designed to enslave us all.
  12. You're totally triggered, 1) Why do rain drops fall through air? 2) Why do air bubbles rise through water?
  13. Come on, you have to be smarter than this. 1) Why do rain drops fall through air? 2) Why do air bubbles rise through water?
  14. Another posted it and the ones in the video are likely retarded. That is not science! Which way does the water spin on the equator?!?!?!?!
  15. Well, now you know it's actually damaging to ball gobblers... so what now?
  16. The 'Holocaust' is a huge fraud which your wonderful government has done nothing to expose. Mass-murder in Armenia, the USSR and Ukraine, and in Vietnam has been covered up. The Kennedy murder, NASA and 9/11 are further examples of cover-ups. The whole paper money/ Fed issue is never mentioned by official sources. The CIA involvement in drugs, murders etc is only being uncovered by 'alternative' people. If there are tens of thousands of scientists, engineers, politicians, military people as stupid as you, I can see no problem in hiding anything. https://big-lies.org/nuke-lie
  17. It is really a shame that most everyone here seems to be just sputtering around, not researching any of it, while believing they know the truth. It's actually sad. To perpetrate this giant hoax, one would have to involve thousands of scientists, engineers, politicians, military people from at least three of the services, and god knows how many civilians. And it's held up over a period of decades. ... The ineptitude of both the government and the military to keep secrets is legend and yet you believe they have kept this giant hoax without anybody blowing the
  18. And let's see... we are over 60 pages in, plus the 40+ from the previous thread and we still have people who do not understand relative density. What a shame, really. I mean, let's see now... why do rain drops fall through air? And why do air bubbles rise through water? Gravity... LMAO!
  19. You're projecting. Because it does not exist. And actually, we have been through this nonsense with other posters. Read the thread, right? Your toilet example is literally retarded. Which way does the water spin on the equator?!?!?!?!
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