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  1. RE: Never mind... I got this... @MarpatV2 I used the earth curve calculator that you posted above and input the 13.7 miles. The result is here: 0.02371 miles = 125.17 feet Due to the plethora of trolling, I have gone ahead and used a notorious nasa shill's calculator that pretends to account for his imagined standard refraction. I used six feet for the height of the camera, although it was clearly lower. As usual, I am giving all possible chances for your sphere. Now, check this out. : Distance = 13.7 miles (72336 feet), View Height = 6 feet (72 inches) Actua
  2. Chef! Thanks for posting. This yet another of the six million examples of impossible horizons for the ball gobblers. The loud little handful appears to have very few options here. This is what will happen: 1) This will be ignored. 2) They will claim that these people are only seeing a mirage. 3) They will claim that the Dover and Folkestone beaches are much higher than sea level where they actually are. LOL The Dover cliffs are 350ft, but the beaches where the observations take place ARE AT SEA LEVEL! This is from
  3. Has anyone posted even a shred of evidence that Antarctica exists as a continent at the bottom of a ball? As far as I know, the only man who has crossed Antarctica and lived to tell about it, Admiral Byrd, one of the most respected explorers our world has ever seen, claimed that when he accomplished this rare feat, he saw a continent the size of America that no other man had ever seen. Please just think on that... if even for a moment.
  4. Why is there no evidence that any of these programs exist? I, for the life of me, cannot figure out who but nasa, freemason shills would promote such ideas, or those who simply fell for it.
  5. Please stop being so damn sensitive. It is hardly insulting. Ask any child what happens when you blow up a balloon, pinch the end with your fingers so the air remains trapped, and then let go. Children get this. I promise! You have been "politely" trolling. It is passive aggressive and useless. Whether you can get this or not is not even important, ut these ridiculously off topic posts only come in bunches after you guys are getting beaten over the head with horizons that are IMPOSSIBLE ON YOUR BALL and more recently the obvious problems with EMERGENCY LANDINGS. These are two o
  6. Any of y'all familiar with this speech knows how important it is. For those who have taken the deep dive into this topic and have never seen this, you will soon know why. I will be posting two links. The first is known as the "full" version and is the actual speech. The second is known as the "safe" version, The link is for anyone concerned that they, themselves may be a victim and possibly triggered. I came across this years ago. I shed many tears as I read this. I suggest reading it in parts as it is quite long and amazingly detailed. Good luck.
  7. RE: Why would a mod come on here to explain away a physical law, let alone something that is obvious to young children? And to be clear, this same mod deleted the thread where members were posting evidence regarding anti-gravity tech. Crap! The 2nd law cares of containers NOT. It simply explains what happens when different pressure systems sit next to each other with no firm barrier. Exactly! Whatever you say, but this has nothing to do with how EVERY pressure gradient MUST find equilibrium. BS The
  8. Well done and I love the last part with all the emergency landings mapped out for all to see. This was point 4 from the OP and not one of the globe gobblers here or anywhere have offered even one reasonable solution to their obvious problem. Emergency landings prove that pilots use a flat earth map and never a globe!
  9. Again, I can't stress enough that the shape really is not that important. This is about exposing the lies, exposing a 500 year conspiracy among the richest men on earth, and it is about exposing - and then changing - everything that goes along with it from our fake schools designed to destroy learning, to our fake courts designed to destroy justice, to our fake medicine designed to destroy health, to our fake money/economics designed to enslave us all. These connections may not make immediate sense to you, but I assure that if you take an honest look at this subject, it
  10. Hey, thanks for responding, but this post is riddled with misunderstandings. 1) No one has claimed "a suck effect;" we are talking about two barrierless pressure systems reaching equilibrium as they must do based on the second law. It is not a hypothesis or a theory like gravity. It is a scientific law and I believe where the confusion lies is here. In our everyday life we know that laws can be and even are constantly broken. This DOES NOT work with scientific LAWS. THEY CANNOT BE BROKEN (by definition). 2) Deep space, as mentioned several times is claimed to be a 10^-1
  11. This is from a teaching link: Energy flows from a higher pressure to a lower pressure (expansion). https://www.ftexploring.com/energy/2nd_Law.html
  12. Chileans, Sydneysiders, Auklanders? Or anyone else down there wish to help me with some possibly groundbreaking research? Let me know on here or by PM if you prefer. Thanks for reading.
  13. You have never seen a picture of any damn galaxy. What freemasons show you are disney cartoons, nasa and their ilk's cgi inventions and a never ending string of ridiculous talking points, most of which are not even designed to fool even relatively critical thinkers. Galaxies... with suns... existing inside a 10^-17 torr vacuum? It's a cool story. Check with your expert on cool stories and get back to me.
  14. Why must globe gobblers push such clearly deceptive video? That Isle of Man video is crap! Everyone still confused needs to watch this. According to the earth's curvature the Isle of Man should be over 676ft below the horizon from 72 miles away at a height of 45ft but this footage shows that the land mass is still visible.... Look guys, no matter how earth shattering this might be for some of the egos here, the truth is still the truth. WATER DOES NOT AND CANNOT STICK TO THE OUTSIDE OF A BALL.
  15. They can't. That much is clear. There exists no geometric horizon. If there was... clearly there is no way the laser could point directly at the son's camera as we all saw. A physical barrier has never been seen, let alone measured. But this does explain the endless trolling we have all seen here. It is all to avoid this one simple, yet paradigm shifting fact.
  16. They can't. That much is clear. There exists no geometric horizon. A physical barrier has never been seen, let alone measured. But this does explain the endless trolling we have all seen here. It is all to avoid this one simple, yet paradigm shifting fact.
  17. The fact you phrase this with "calls out your bullshit" is all the readers need to know about this obsession of yours. Triggered just begins to describe it. Oh, and there is nothing "micro" about it. That we all can agree upon. The same way you cannot understand that gravity is unnecessary on earth because of relative density, you will not understand this; but let me assure you that you have no idea where "nookyoular" power comes from, be it hydro, wind, solar, some tech you have no comprehension of... whatever. There are multiple sources... this was explained wit
  18. Would it not make more sense, instead of trying to derail this thread from the fact that a streetcar was running three days after the bombing and that there are two A-bombed cars still in operation, to go to thread you are triggered over and voice your concerns there? I just posted yet another video, this time shot from a telescope that proves your horizon is only imagined in your head. Here, I suggest you focus on whether an atom has ever been split.
  19. No, on the FE thread I have posted several experiments that prove that your imagined physical horizon does not exist. And I have begged you all to try the experiments yourselves, but to no avail and for obvious reasons. That said, there are multiple accounts here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk01psTArKaBpNL-8IPDWQiLKY73-7w%3A1594583053074&ei=DWgLX438A_7F0PEPnrSXkAM&q=streetcar+running+three+days+after+the+bombing+and+the+two+A-bombed+cars+still+in+operation.&oq=streetcar+running+three+days+after+the+bombing+and+th
  20. I am simply asking the real researchers here how they can get past a streetcar that is running three days after the bombing and the two A-bombed cars still in operation. Not sure how that triggered you so, to be honest.
  21. Re: This is actually from point one of this very thread. There is no way that large bodies of water curve around a ball! We have proven this by experiment multiple times and a horizon that is a physical barrier has NEVER been established! /end thread
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