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  1. Oh, this is getting exciting! Here's my plan. We need to sink up on four days, both the following two equinoxes and the two solstices. That would be ideal. If you could just be available for the solstices, that would be fine as well. We need to set our cameras up identically, angled up at 180 degrees. We will use spirit levels to make sure our lenses are pointed correctly. On the next available of the four (or two) days: Or very close to the above we will start recording just prior to first light and we will stop recording just after darkness.
  2. Sorry to our ufo, ssp believers, but space, as this [near] "infinite vacuum" is 100% a man made construct. CHANGE MY MIND! If this can be done without the use of logical fallacies such as, but not limited to: Argument from authority - Wikipedia <---You can't just freemasons say this is true Fallacies of Presumption <---You can't assume something NOT PROVEN and then base everything off that Reification (fallacy) - Wikipedia <---YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMETHING UP AND TREAT IT AS REAL False premise - Wikipedia <---Obvious (at le
  3. If you could only leave out your crazy, because some of your other thoughts seem spot on.
  4. The emergency landings prove the map. You still don't get it. Just like I have asked y'all to find the curve, do your own observations, and record the results, I'll ask you to finally watch the videos above AND THEN MAP THEM YOURSELF - BOTH ON ANY GLOBE OF YOUR CHOICE AND ALSO ON GLEASON'S MAP (or the freemason's UN flag!) It's that simple! Seriously... map it yourself... forget the rest!
  5. RE: EMERGENCY LANDINGS CANNOT BE DENIED From the OP: 4) Airlines use this map or one quite similar to navigate from: EMERGENCY LANDINGS PROVE THIS BEYOND DOUBT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVP8-mcpook From just a couple pages back: Still confused?
  6. Gravity is a terrible theory that is actually quite ridiculous. Newton himself tried his best to distance himself from the idea that a magical force exists inside mass that attracts other mass. Einstein's theory explains that gravity is not even a force. Today the mainstream world believes that mass warps spacetime and that everything just follows this path. None of it proven, but that is the modern claim. Why do you need gravity to explain why 10 pounds of rocks falls to the ground while 10 pounds of helium rises to the sky? Why do rain drops fall through air?
  7. Helloooo D! I love new faces on here, especially when they understand. Thank-you... uplifting! The emergency landing will remain unexplained forever because the spherist can never explain them. If pilots (and ship's captains for that matter) navigated from a globe, they would remain lost forever. I'm not sure how much of the thread you have read, but point four in the OP discusses this point in depth. Six emergency landing s are presented and every single time we see that they only work on flat earth. Any honest poster will find this truth for themselves. There is no debunk. They a
  8. Hopefully, anyone reading along understands by this point why the spherists must run from these simple, replicated results we are obtaining from all over our earth.
  9. I know you feel like everyone is going after you, but you are bringing this on yourself. The deceptive nature of your posts appear to have no bounds. You entirely skipped the main point of the post above that you even quoted from. Here is the important part that you clearly NEEDED to skip over: 1) You are referencing what we call divergence. While great to know when purchasing your laser, it is irrelevant in our example as we are witnessing a direct strike through what spherists MUST believe is a solid barrier that is standing at an absolute minimum of six stories high.
  10. RE: This is another PERFECT example of what @zArk was trying to explain to you about how you unwittingly, continue to destroy the globe theory that you are trying to protect. You simply refuse to do any research in favor of these knee-jerk responses. 1) You are referencing what we call divergence. While great to know when purchasing your laser, it is irrelevant in our example as we are witnessing a direct strike through what spherists MUST believe is a solid barrier that is standing at an absolute minimum of six stories high. NOTE: this is based o
  11. You are well aware I have stopped feeding the trolls, especially the obvious ones who refuse to research anything themselves, but: PL-E Pro Mini 532nm wavelength 600 mw with beam expander
  12. This is it, really. It is amazing the charade continues, but again, not for long. The tech that will soon be available to all will seal the fate of this silliness once and for all. I will be shocked if very soon, a flat, stationary earth is not understood by the vast majority. And let's be clear. Even using freemason math with "standard refraction," which just like axial and orbital speed has never been shown in any scientific way, we are still looking directly THROUGH A SIX STORY BUILDING! And I have explained this prior, but unless you are willing to belie
  13. And isn't it fun to just sit back and watch it happen? It's really pretty hilarious when you think on it.
  14. Well, I am sure it could be done, but you completely miss here is the fact that I have begged y'all to do your own experiments. I have explained multiple ways to accomplish the simple task of determining if a geometric horizon exists... yet y'all refuse in favor of trolling those who do. The other problem you have with this gambit is the simple fact that these experiments are numerous. They are taking place all over the world. We see horizons that are miles past where they are REQUIRED TO BE in your little globe world and we will continue to because a physical barrier does not exis
  15. RE: Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reification_(fallacy) Y'all who have been reading along knows how many times I have to point this out, but here we are again. I mean it has to be, right? We live on a globe, duh. Do you see how greatly these posts fail now? Let alone, it isn't fake. They are heard c
  16. Anyone still confused? Well, here you go: Welcome to flat earth!
  17. For anyone interested in this topic, please give yourself about seven minutes to watch this video: Bottom line? This is exactly what we see in all their fake, purposely deceptive videos claiming a 24 hour Sun!
  18. @Basket Case I was just wondering if you've had the time to ask any young child, or several hopefully, about our little discussion here. I'm guessing they all got it, yes?
  19. Because this is just one example of the 1000s that have been posted from all over our world. Youtube, facebook and the rest of them cannot delete them and ban the account owners fast enough. Our tech today is so good and getting better. We simply are seeing miles and miles and miles too far. How do you know that you can't? Have you even tried?
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