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  1. Your proof? Should be easy, no? Proof, proof? PROOF! PLEASE! This one is very important! Proof, proof and proof... c'mon, be serious. Proof, proof and proof... again, this should be day one stuff. LMAO! NO, not even close, friend.
  2. @sickofallthebollocks Your first video has gopro in the title. The ground shot is fucking round for crying pout loud! The second one? Seriously? Just ridiculous! Look at the original footage. There are multiple cameras. Only one of them (that we know of) is NOT a gopro/wide angle/fisheye lens which are DESIGNED TO CREATE CURVATURE. It is the one inside the "cockpit." If you watch closely, because these are fast cuts that then go quickly back to the cameras known to cause curvature, you will see the perfectly flat horizon that rises to the observers eyes in both the
  3. ***As far as I know, we have four mods here. Two of them I would be proud to have moderate my board (if I had one). Because of the seemingly sincere posts like yours above, you are one that I would proudly have. Please allow me to respectfully retort. I don't call myself a flat earther, but at the same time I KNOW the ridiculousness of heliocentrism (as shown, among several other ways, above in that one simple meme that basket ran from). As far as blind faith? I have begged y'all to experiment for yourselves. Prove the geometric horizon and this shit is o
  4. Whatever, you know the whole thing rested upon fallacy! But sure, let's continue later. When you come back on, please keep this in mind: Becasuse each one of those statements MUST be true in your world. At least according to modern astronomy. Choose any one you like. I really don't care, but PROVE IT! You were offended that I compared heliocentrists to religious zealots, but as you will see, all you have is blind faith when it comes to each and every statement in the above meme. Prove me wrong. I'd love it!
  5. She asked for your facts to be true and you have done nothing but complain ever since. Now you want me to reply to a pack of nonsense that gets frequently posted all over the internet by paid agents and their loyal, but ignorant true believers. If you had read this thread, you will see every part of that post has been easily handled. But, just for you, tell you what, quote something specific withing that wall of text that is not based in logical fallacy and I will do my best to articulate a response that you will be able to comprehend. Fair?
  6. I'm observing. She asked only that your facts be true. You belittled her with your answer and still refuse to respond to even one of her points. You don't want to show that the 1000 mph axial rotation is true? Why not? Should we move onto point two? "You are flying through space at 66,600 mph." Do you have anything to support that statement as being truthful or not?
  7. You trolled alexa and now you are running from your own remarks. That was the most comprehensible example of several of the problems with your belief system. Now, all you want is for me to repond to a nasa troll who posts the same nonsense all over the internet. Read the thread. All of it has been handled prior. This is about you not backing up your trolling of alexa, not the one post nasa guy. Let us look together at the first statement: "You are spinning at 1000 mph." Now, prove that statement to be true without using multiple logical fall
  8. Then freaking prove it with an articulate argument not based solely in logical fallacies. I mean, is this not what we are here for?
  9. Is this an honest reply? A "picture with random sentences?" Every statement on that list is what is claimed, but never proven by modern astronomy. Alexa asked for facts that are true. You have failed in providing any as did your little wall of text guy. One logical fallacy after another as I have explained multiple times now. Where the hell is your proof. It's time. Choose any one of the statements posted by alexa and let's see what you are calling truth. Just one, lol. Just ridiculous!
  10. Look, it is your sarcasm that explains nothing. You are a mod here and cannot follow a simple conversation and that is sad. Alexa correctly explained: "The trouble with this argument Basket Case, is, shouldn't the facts, first have to be true.?" To which you replied by asking her to explain in a "manner that's comprehendable." First off, "comprehendable" is not a word any more than your imagined spinning ball moving at multiple times the speed of sound in a nearly perfect vacuum. But moreover, she posted a meme (easily comprehended) for you
  11. Indeed. Fallacy... a failure in reasoning which renders an argument invalid fallacious - Google Search Argument from authority - Wikipedia Fallacies of Presumption Reification (fallacy) - Wikipedia False premise - Wikipedia False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. If you think you can come on here and cut and paste a wall of text proving nothing solves anything, you are either a paid by freemasons or simply broken. Ban me!
  12. Look, friend, I don't think the mods want a debate thread in this sub-forum, but luckily for you, we are 72 pages in here: Back on topic, lol:
  13. ZACKLY! We are on our second multi-page flat earth thread and there has still been no proof showing us to be doing anything close to this:
  14. Trolling a fake moon landing thread with off topic idiocy? Golly gee, who would do that? Who benefits perhaps? @Messenger, It's not like a "former scientist for Lockheed Martin" could possibly be controlled opposition. You funny! Deathbed confession... hah!
  15. As shown above, gravity is simply not needed to explain anything here. Give these questions an honest shot: Why do you need gravity to explain why 10 pounds of rocks falls to the ground while 10 pounds of helium rises to the sky? Why do rain drops fall through air? Why do air bubbles rise through water? It is called relative density... perhaps we agree here? Einstein is certainly wrong, but it has nothing to do with anything traveling faster than light. Once he removed the aether from the equation, nothing else mattered (pu
  16. Great idea, whoever came up with this forum! Some can learn more from a meme than any other way.
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