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  1. You chose to sign up here for that? Please tell me more about your beliefs, or better yet, you could prove them and end this.
  2. It's why I love you. You don't come on here all trolly, you don't spend every day asking questions and not listening on purpose, etc.. I respect sincerity, regardless of belief. Space is a man made construct brought to via freemasonry. The rocket that got stuck 73 miles up is the farthest that we know something has gone! Do you understand the implications of the laser experiments?
  3. Cool story... I'm checking with my cool story guy right now... I'll check back.
  4. No, you can work out the speed the stars travel at. You do not move as the earth has not moved since creation. I have shown videos, time lapse of exactly what happens and every star makes perfect concentric circles around Polaris EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS! GOOGLE "STAR TRAILS AROUND POLARIS!" Total reification falacy.. c'mon, be fair. Just prove it! This is what started the whole thing... alexa asking you quite simply for your "facts" to be true!
  5. H, look at the three vids I posted on your other thread and look at my OP on the thread @Grumpy Owl linked to. This is exactly wrong... a satanic inversion that is brought to you by the idiot freemasons, their nasa, their disney, there space alien hoaxes, etc.. The fact is that youtube, facebook, their ilk... they cannot take flat earth videos down fast enough, ban the account holders and they are never recommended... only troll videos from freemasons. FLAT EARTH IS THE MOST DISTURBING IDEA FOR THE ELITE TO EVER SEE COME TO LIGHT! why?
  6. Well, I have no idea as the math I used is really pretty basic and accepted even by nasa, I assure you. You can argue all your reified fallacies as much as you like, but that does not change the actual math. Make no mistake, when you hit a golf ball directly north from the equator, for every ten seconds that ball is in the air, the hole will have moved nearly three miles. You can't change that... no one can. For if that changes, the entire heliocentric paradigm collapses. Here, let's try lesson two of our nasa math 101 series, lol. You are again standing dir
  7. Well, if you read the OP, under point one, I posted a video that I hoped would clear up this exact situation. Here it is again. What this is is an open sourced 3d model of what we should see from a hot air balloon, yet never do. Be sure to pause the video at 20 miles as it continues all the way to 154 miles. Most find the side-by-side comparison unmistakable, but I am really curious as to your take.
  8. Ok, let's see. Nasa math is really pretty basic.; I hope you can follow below. Modern astronomy claims that earth spins west to east at about 1000 mph on the equator where you have struck the ball. So: 1000/60=16.67 <---this gives us miles per minute since there are 60 minutes in one hour Now. because there are 60 seconds in one minute, let's divide that by 6 to determine how far that hole moves in just 10 seconds. 16.67/6=2.77 <---Thus we can conclude that the hole AMAZINGLY moves over 2 3/4 or nearly three miles every ten seconds! Quite a d
  9. With all due respect, you have offered no proof of any axial speed at all. What you have done is googled it and repeated the claim. Modern Astronomy claims that the earth rotates at approximately 1000 mph on the equator. It is because they claim we live on a sphere that speeds reduce the farther north or south that you go, that at every single latitude, whether north or south, spins at the same speed (ie. 45n and 45s or 30n and 30s, etc.). All you have done is repeat the claim, fair? Are we on the same page thus far? What alexa asked for and what I have been
  10. Sure I'm not busy, lol. Posted Tuesday at 12:42 PM l'm busy now. Let's talk later. This was relating to this meme showing the most basic concepts that must be true if we are to believe in heliocentrism: This goes back a page prior where alexa had simply asked for your facts to be true. I asked you about the first one. You didn't reply. I asked you to try the second and the same thing happened. This is especially odd since these are literally the two most basic concepts THAT MUST BE TRUE - axial and orbital speeds! I then
  11. First off, I have never tried it. Have you? Secondly, I have pretty much begged y'all to familiarize yourselves with some of the most widely understood logical fallacies. You still have not grasped the one concerning false equivalence. False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency.[1] A colloquial expression of false equivalency is "comparing apples and oranges". Lastly, just a page back I responded to similar questions
  12. First off... LMFAO @ I wouldn't want millions of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing American idiots trying to make their way up into space. Internet gold! More importantly, you don't seem to get it. The 24 hour Antarctic Sun is requirement for heliocentrism. We observe this at what you call the North pole (what is actually the center of our plane) and nobody disputes that.
  13. bflat


    It is a terrible answer, yet understandable as this was never David's path. I would truly love for anyone to get these to David: How ironic would it be if it was David that blew this thing wide open?! You and me both, brother.
  14. Observations even below 20 degrees south have been recorded multiple times by navigators and some of these observations have been documented by the Royal Astronomical Society. The Zetetics were frequently in contact with the RAS and if you really want to search online, these discussions can be found in their literature and notations. Also, be aware that it is known that Ursa Major (near Polaris) can be seen from 90 degrees North to 30 degrees South. Lastly, even modern astronomy claims that Polaris can bee seen below the equator (at least slightly).
  15. Well, a couple strange things here I guess. 1) You claimed you were going to come back on here and finally provide facts that are true in reference to your discussion with alexa and then myself. I felt we had a real teachable moment there and it's a shame you chose to simply move on. Alexa's point was not only valid, but actually HUGE... bottom line. 2) To the above, I am guessing a) that you never really spent that much time looking at your sky in the UK nor "down under," and b) "down south," you honestly had no idea what you were seeing, possibly because of perspective.
  16. Ok, just for fun, let's try a hypothetical. You are a freak golfer, likely with alien blood, you consistently hit perfectly straight 350 yards off the tee. Put yourself anywhere on the equator and see yourself driving the ball directly north at a hole that is 350 yards away. You have lined up your shot... QUESTION: From the time you begin your backswing until the ball stops moving, how far has the hole moved?
  17. Yeah, just a trick prolly from some delusional flat earther. Oh, wait a sec, we have it live on video... maybe you should watch it from the video. As far as the sun's distance? Thanks for the advice, but over 20 miles is high enough. The 360 degree horizon that rises to eye/camera level proves everything. Anyways, here is the highest anything has likely ever gone. Decide for yourself what happens here: I don't ever talk about a dome, alexa refers to what the bible calls a firmament, but I do know that a barrier must exist for t
  18. It isn't. Let alone we see the exact same skies, constellations, etc., year in and year out since humanity first looked to the sky. The wheel in the sky is what is turning... it is just as it appears!
  19. Folks, why would they have to continue to fake the 24 hour sun if it existed? Think!
  20. Yes. If you have been reading along, you have noticed that several times I have explained: The shape really is not that important. This is about exposing the lies, exposing a 500 year conspiracy among the richest men on earth, and it is about exposing - and then changing - everything that goes along with it from our fake schools designed to destroy learning, to our fake courts designed to destroy justice, to our fake medicine designed to destroy health, to our fake money/economics designed to enslave us all. These connections may not make immediate sense to you, bu
  21. γνῶθι σεαυτόν or "Know thyself" is probably the most famous of the Delphic maxims. It was first attributed to the Greek god, Apollo. Apollo was their god of music, harmony and light. γνῶθι σεαυτόν was carved into the entrance of the temple named for Apollo at Delphi, centuries before Christ.
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