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  1. Chileans, Sydneysiders, Auklanders? Or anyone else down there wish to help me with some possibly groundbreaking research? Let me know on here or by PM if you prefer. Thanks for reading.
  2. You have never seen a picture of any damn galaxy. What freemasons show you are disney cartoons, nasa and their ilk's cgi inventions and a never ending string of ridiculous talking points, most of which are not even designed to fool even relatively critical thinkers. Galaxies... with suns... existing inside a 10^-17 torr vacuum? It's a cool story. Check with your expert on cool stories and get back to me.
  3. The fact you phrase this with "calls out your bullshit" is all the readers need to know about this obsession of yours. Triggered just begins to describe it. Oh, and there is nothing "micro" about it. That we all can agree upon. The same way you cannot understand that gravity is unnecessary on earth because of relative density, you will not understand this; but let me assure you that you have no idea where "nookyoular" power comes from, be it hydro, wind, solar, some tech you have no comprehension of... whatever. There are multiple sources... this was explained with a link directly to a search engine. And yes, do some fucking research. Freemasons love atomic porn as much as space porn.
  4. Would it not make more sense, instead of trying to derail this thread from the fact that a streetcar was running three days after the bombing and that there are two A-bombed cars still in operation, to go to thread you are triggered over and voice your concerns there? I just posted yet another video, this time shot from a telescope that proves your horizon is only imagined in your head. Here, I suggest you focus on whether an atom has ever been split.
  5. No, on the FE thread I have posted several experiments that prove that your imagined physical horizon does not exist. And I have begged you all to try the experiments yourselves, but to no avail and for obvious reasons. That said, there are multiple accounts here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk01psTArKaBpNL-8IPDWQiLKY73-7w%3A1594583053074&ei=DWgLX438A_7F0PEPnrSXkAM&q=streetcar+running+three+days+after+the+bombing+and+the+two+A-bombed+cars+still+in+operation.&oq=streetcar+running+three+days+after+the+bombing+and+the+two+A-bombed+cars+still+in+operation.&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQDFCfwwFY1voBYJepAmgAcAB4AYABpQKIAc0FkgEFMC4xLjKYAQKgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwjNtsXjvMjqAhX-IjQIHR7aBTIQ4dUDCAs
  6. I am simply asking the real researchers here how they can get past a streetcar that is running three days after the bombing and the two A-bombed cars still in operation. Not sure how that triggered you so, to be honest.
  7. It is NOT possible to travel through the man made construct of "space." We simply cannot exist in a pressurized system next to a 10^-17 torr vacuum.
  8. For folks that don't get this, several nations have flags depicting stars seen through the moon throughout our history: Any proof of this or for your prior claim that men have been there?
  9. Researchers, have any of you come up with any logical explanation for this? First streetcar runs 3 days after bombing, 2 A-bombed cars still in operation... http://www.hiroshimapeacemedia.jp/hiroshima-koku/en/special/index_2011091301.html
  10. Cool story, any evidence for this claim? Indeed!
  11. faster than sound rotation
  12. The 'Holocaust' is a huge fraud which your wonderful government has done nothing to expose. Mass-murder in Armenia, the USSR and Ukraine, and in Vietnam has been covered up. The Kennedy murder, NASA and 9/11 are further examples of cover-ups. The whole paper money/ Fed issue is never mentioned by official sources. The CIA involvement in drugs, murders etc is only being uncovered by 'alternative' people. If there are tens of thousands of scientists, engineers, politicians, military people as stupid as you, I can see no problem in hiding anything. https://big-lies.org/nuke-lies/www.nukelies.com/forum/could-not-be-nuke-hoax-000s-experts.html
  13. It is really a shame that most everyone here seems to be just sputtering around, not researching any of it, while believing they know the truth. It's actually sad. To perpetrate this giant hoax, one would have to involve thousands of scientists, engineers, politicians, military people from at least three of the services, and god knows how many civilians. And it's held up over a period of decades. ... The ineptitude of both the government and the military to keep secrets is legend and yet you believe they have kept this giant hoax without anybody blowing the whistle. ... [Author's response:] The supposed bomb was shipped before supposedly being tested; the alleged test did not have the effects claimed; the bomb wasn't fitted with its aerials, which wouldn't have worked anyway; it couldn't have been aimed accurately; accounts of the aiming are wrong; the crews were isolated and the planes not watched; accounts of the effects contradict each other - the supposed 'mushroom cloud' is described in contradictory ways and was clearly an invention, and the film of it could not have been taken at the claimed time; Japanese witnesses didn't know it happened; Japanese accounts describe fire and nothing like the supposed effects of a hugely high temperature blast; aerial photography of the after-effects were indistinguishable from bombing raids of the time, with no central blast zone; the film crew specifically sent to record the event, didn't do so; the Indianapolis which carried the supposed bomb was sunk on the voyage back to the USA, and was left four days without any assistance; the Japanese weren't told the events were 'nuclear' until long after, when they had to be told by propaganda films; trams were running three days later; the claims about shadows of bodies are wrong; there were no radiation effects; here are no seismic indicators that the supposed events took place; the story is still not consistent to this day....
  14. Sure, whatever, but in "space?"
  15. What galaxy? You are talking about a mathematical construct that simply cannot exist. There is no way in hell that a 10^-17 torr vacuum exists next to our atmosphere, let alone that we exist inside of it, let alone having these supposed suns living inside of it! Just ridiculous... and the only reason this construct is so readily accepted is because our schools suck!
  16. Thank-you... it would be fantastic if the true believers actually took the time to read it.
  17. And what will that accomplish? You think they have been brainwashed less than the rest of us? As stated on page one of this very thread: Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed like Dresden and all the other heavily populated German cities. These were disgusting, egregious war crimes, but a nuclear weapon has never been detonated. Now, since no proof has been presnted that an atom has ver been split, why don't you post proof gfpr us that a nuclear weapon has ever been detonated, fair?
  18. Yes, the physicists we no longer speak of. Astrofucks with snorkels and scuba gear and people still believe.
  19. 1) No person ever walked on the Moon. 2) It is likely that the Moon is not something that can be landed upon as it is both self-luminating and also shows qualities that appear translucent. 3) The very idea that Richard Nixon called the astrofreemasonfucks and spoke with them in real time is so ridiculous it defies further explanation. Look, there is no way that a 10^-17 torr vacuum known as "deep space" exists next to our atmosphere, let alone inside of it, let alone with multiple gigantic suns existing inside of it. The whole thing is cartoon idiocy. FFS, we can't even go 200 miles up let alone a quarter of million! With all you people know about freemasonry and its connection to the power structure of our world, I find it amazing how many still buy into their cgi, blue screen, swimming pool, cartoon fantasy. They gave the astofucks snorkels ffs!
  20. I have still yet to see any evidence at all that an atom has ever been split. You got something?
  21. Right, but if you took the time to understand the mainstream narrative, you would know how important this fact truly is. For anyone who wants to continue down this rabbit hole, check this out: Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage. Galen Winsor has traveled and lectured all over America, spoken on national talk radio, and made several videos exposing the misunderstood issues of nuclear radiation.... https://youtu.be/ejCQrOTE-XA
  22. You never even skimmed the link I posted. LOL, man.
  23. Anyone here for the truth? Summary 1. This article explains the good news that atomic bombs are just propaganda and do not work. 2. Any info of the opposite is US lies and propaganda since 1945. 3. The 73 years old hoax from 6 August 1945 about military explosive fission is of course still working kept going strong by several governments, crazy armed forces and plenty physicists incl. Nobel prize winners that cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments - the only real job many physicists can get apart from being low paid school teachers - and by mainstream media that are experts in publishing fake info. 4. 10 000's of atomic bombs have since 1946 been built, transported around, mishandled, dropped by mistake but none has ever exploded. 5. Reason is that an atomic bomb cannot explode. It is physically impossible. Military explosive fission is pseudoscience! Much more here: http://heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm
  24. Sorry, but was responding to several prior comments and didn't quote everyone. I will PM. Thank-you. I hope this is on topic. This new forum will require mods capable of doing their job which cannot be based on their beliefs or their biases. The truth never fears investigation! David knows this and would want it no other way.
  25. Full stop! This is more of your trolling nonsense. If you have zero evidence that an atom was ever split, just admit it and move along.
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