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  1. I actually feel pretty handcuffed on what I can even say here, but it would be great if this could somehow get to David. @GarethIcke?
  2. I chalk this whole thing up to indoctrination and blind faith. I mean considering there is not one replicable experiment that can be done that shows water curving around a ball or sticking to outside of any spinning shape for that matter, what is left? Logical fallacies? See if this helps: Partnerships Implementing Engineering Education Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Worcester Public Schools Supported by: National Science Found Changing shape of water Grade Level 1 Sessions Session I: Use different containers to show water takes on the sha
  3. They have already moved on to dishonest memes. Take the win, lol.
  4. ***When all they have is purposeful deception, it's time to ask why. Real eyes -----------Realize ------------------- Real Lies
  5. It looks like the balloon blows and that's why we see the apparent free fall.
  6. ...the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning 'round...
  7. Look up "replicable." And see the post you literally just quoted. I literally just described the method, as this must be done so those who follow can, in fact, have a chance to either replicate or not replicate the results. Keep in mind, the results will be the raw footage timestamped side-by-side. I hate giving ammo to nasa trolls, but I have issues both with Eric and also his idiot mod who goes by shpankme (or something close). Eric was the guy who gave us the Zetetics and all of their work, but how the hell did he even learn of it? And
  8. Hi, Theo, it's been too long, lol. This is for observational purposes that can then be replicated. That is all.
  9. @ evryone who is scared of facts and physics: --Laser tests over several miles --A 1000 mile horizon taken from a passenger jet --Brian Shul, USAF (retired) seeing Canada from above Tucson, NM at 85,000 feet --Water curving around a ball or any shape has never been proven in any replicable or observable way --Laser experiments show the exact opposite --Multiple emergency landings - pilots, nor ship's captains have ever... they have never used a globe to navigate from - they would be lost which is why they have always used something close to the freemason's
  10. I trust you, ink, so do whatever you feel is right. As you might know, I feel pretty handcuffed here on what I can point out so I'm going to get back on topic. Thanks for your help with this, regardless of what you choose. Sorry alexa, I really didn't want this so far off topic. So, let's look at nasa's own technical manuals, shall we? NASA Technical Memorandum 104330; Predicted Performance of a Thrust-Enhanced SR-71 Aircraft with an External Payload (Page 8 - Digital Performance Simulation Description) "The DPS equations of motion use four assumptions ... a nonrotating
  11. Sure, no problem and I am not claiming proof, nor do I have time to research the RAS from the middle of the 1800s. As our technology continues to improve, however, the things we will continue to see will leave the globe believers as a gigantic minority. It's the horizon that doesn't lie. It is the fact that water does not bend around anything, let alone a spinning, whirling, wobbling ball. The laser experiments do not lie. Freemasons do.
  12. It is an unproven claim to get past the observations that destroy their model.
  13. I understand your point, and yeah, should it not be obvious that the pic needs to be changed to an image that was not created to be purposely deceptive?
  14. Prove that please. Several observations even below 20 degrees south have been recorded multiple times by navigators and some of these observations have been documented by the Royal Astronomical Society. The Zetetics were frequently in contact with the RAS and if you really want to search online, these discussions can be found in their literature and notations. Also, be aware that it is known that Ursa Major (near Polaris) can be seen from 90 degrees North to 30 degrees South.
  15. That video is ridiculous! At 50 seconds a boat crosses in front of the target boat and a second or two later the boat just appears to drop a foot or two. That is impossible on any model that I have ever seen! What follows are just three of six million videos that actually require explanation. I mean honestly now, how many multiples of miles past where the geometric horizon needs to be do we need to go before people open their eyes to see what has been right in front of them for their entire lives? Good luc
  16. Yeah, I'm the silly one, yet the 8th, and the only clearly deceptive image out if the first eight images is chosen. Makes perfect sense.
  17. Come on, Grumpy! This so obviously and PROVABLY false that I am at a loss as to why you would even come on here saying it. THIS is the first uploaded (attached) image in that topic... our perfectly flat horizon: Do you see the PERFECTLY FLAT HORIZON THAT WE ALL SEE DAILY? Second uploaded (attached) image in that topic: Third uploaded (attached) image in that topic: Fourth uploaded (attached) image in that topic: Fifth uploaded (attached) image in that topic: Sixth uploaded (attached) imag
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